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The Couple

BoruSumi (ボルスミ BoruSumi) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and Sumire Kakei.

Their Relationship

Academy Entrance Arc

Boruto and Sumire are classmates, who study and train under Shino. Sumire, as the class president, watches over and cares about her class's safety. Later, when Boruto was allowed to return to the Academy after 2 weeks suspension, Sumire commented that Boruto always stands out when he tried to take Shikadai's textbook from him, forgetting to get his own book. When Inojin rejected Boruto's friendship request, Sumire was bothered and shyly tells Inojin to stop criticizing Boruto's position as the Hokage's son, telling him later to have a good relationship between classmates.

Sumire blushes when Chocho asks why she is so concerned for Boruto.

After that, Boruto wins a fight against Iwabe and Sumire when they leave, smiles for his victory. Returning to class, Sumire is relieved that everything went well for Boruto, and Chōchō, noticing that, asks her why she's so concerned about Boruto. The question makes Sumire blush and she gives the excuse that she's the class representative.

Because Boruto smashes his father's Hokage stone face, he is sent with his classmates to help to carve the monument back to its original form. Sumire says that it's an honor to help with the Hokage Monument and says she likes manual labor. Hearing that, Boruto compliments her saying that she's worthy of her role as a delegate.

Boruto asking Sumire if she is alright.

Later, Boruto took a break with his friends, playing video games. When Sumire notices that their break lasted too long and tells them to return to work, Boruto obeyed her without any arguments. Metal Lee, continuing to carve, ruins the whole job due to nervousness and breaks Naruto's rock face another time and the mass of rocks destroys a quarter of the scaffolding. Boruto, remembering that Sumire is alone on the floor above, worries about her and asks if she's alright. She then answers she's alright.

Shortly after, Sumire, Chocho and Sarada were being followed by Magire, who seemed to have a crush on Sumire. Not only because Magire stalks Sumire, but also because he's so bold in confessing his feelings for her. Sumire hid behind Boruto, scared, holding his shoulders tightly. When Magire was about to leave the place, Boruto prevents Magire from escaping and Cho-Cho points to him saying that he should confess his feelings, which caused Boruto to blush and panic as well, thinking that he was the one who was asked to confess. When Magire proposed her, Boruto got shocked and jealous, hugging Mitsuki with his face completely red, snot coming from his nose and steam above his head.

Magire and Boruto both of them blushed when Chocho pointed at Magire to confess to Sumire.

Boruto openly showing jealousy when Magire proposed to Sumire.

Boruto threatens Magire to let go of Sumire.

Sumire politely rejects him and Magire flees. The next day, Magire left creepy confession messages for Sumire all over the Academy, prompting the boys and the girls to look after her. The girls and the boys were walking but soon were seperated by a metal wall which caused Boruto to hit the wall repeatedly, in an attempt to break it and worriedly asked Sumire if she was alright. The girls hid inside the storm room. When Sumire made it outside the room, the door was slammed close by an invisible Magire, seperating her from Sarada and Chocho, scaring her. Denki came towards Sumire, but was knocked out by Magire. Now possessed by the dark aura, he whisked her away. Boruto rushed towards Sarada and Chocho, asking where Sumire is and shortly, heard Sumire's scream from the school terrace. Boruto and his friends worriedly rushed towards the terrace.

They went up to see Magire trying to get close to Sumire. Magire threatened everyone to stay away from them, wanting to be alone with Sumire. Boruto, walked towards Magire and agreed to take him on, much to Sumire's relief. Magire turned invisible, and Boruto, along with Shikadai jumped in without any plan, annoying Sarada. Chocho, seeing the both of them struggling with Magire, yelled loudly and criticizes Magire's idea of trying to win Sumire's heart in a very creepy way. Magire was rescued from the dark aura and realized his mistake and apologized to Sumire, who forgived him right away. Boruto was lost in some trance and Sumire broke his trance, asking what's the problem. Boruto quickly replied in negative, and they left the place, with Mitsuki remarking that no problem has occured for now.

Boruto blames himself and apologizes to Sumire for not being there to save her at the water purification plant.

Shino assigned the class to visit several workplaces, to get experience. When Boruto learns that Sumire is in a hostage situation in the Water Purification Plant, he rushes to save her. Shikadai tells Boruto that they aren't sure that is the Class Rep's team which is in danger because Boruto is never shown telling Shikadai or Mitsuki that he saw the Class Rep in the Water Purification Plant yet Shikadai assumed that Sumire was the reason Boruto was acting like that. After learning her team is unharmed but Sumire is left hospitalized, Boruto rushed to the hospital. Inside the suite, Shino felt guilty for suggesting such an activity and others asked where Boruto was. Metal Lee, leaned against the suite door, saying that the Class Rep can rest properly without Boruto and the others around. At the same time, Boruto slammed open the door, causing Metal Lee to lose balance and ultimately fall down. He rushed towards Sumire worriedly and enquires if she was alright. Despite Sumire telling that she was alright and Metal Lee painfully said that he wasn't alright, he still paid no attention to him and focused on Sumire. He adamantly apologizes for not being there for her when she was attacked. Sumire politely says she doesn't blame him for what happened. He kept repeatedly apologizing and Wasabi told him that he is scaring her, which he denies but was taken away by Sarada, outside the suite. He was sitting outside the suite gloomily, despite Shikadai telling that it is not his fault.

When Inojin remarked that Sumire is the most affected whenever Boruto causes trouble, Mitsuki did feel that was right and visited Sumire in the hospital, alone. Mitsuki asked her feelings on Boruto, she replied that Boruto did cause a lot of trouble but it's a lot of fun around him always. Mitsuki enquired about her family, to which she replied that she has none, and asked Mitsuki the same.

After visiting her in the hospital, he went to Boruto's house, only to end the dinner in a bad note as Naruto left the dinner midway, when he sensed a problem. Boruto was furious, and vowed that he won't sacrifice the people close to him.

Mitsuki tells Boruto that Sumire is the culprit behind the incidents, a fact Mitsuki has known all along. Despite Mitsuki's explanation of Sumire having interacted with each victim, Boruto is not convinced of her guilt. Boruto adamantly refuses to believe it but wants to confront Sumire on the matter. When Nue is released by Sumire and begins attacking the village, Boruto attempts to rush to the scene to find Sumire but is held back by Mitsuki, who reveals his mission to kill Sumire. Mitsuki told Boruto that the person who casts the jutsu must die, meaning Sumire should die, which horrified Boruto. When being asked by Mitsuki if he would choose to save the village or Sumire, Boruto chose both without any hesitation, which caused Mitsuki to constrain Boruto with his clone and left to kill Sumire, which terrified Boruto. He yelled his name to stop him, but to no avail. Boruto manages to knock the snake down by one of his clones using Gale palm, which caused his clone to hit him as well. He activates his eye and was able to track her through a chakra trail.

Boruto confronts Sumire.

He quickly rushed off to save Sumire from Mitsuki. When Boruto saw Mitsuki pinning Sumire down to the ground with his leg, ready to kill her, Boruto ordered him to leave her and she got out of Mitsuki's hold. When Boruto asks her if she is the culprit, she admits the truth, explaining it was her mission to collect chakra from people and harvest it for Nue so she can carry out her father's wish to destroy Konoha out of revenge, which shocked him. She further elaborates that the Sumire he knew never existed. Boruto stops Sumire and Mitsuki from killing each other and his eye starts spakling and began acting wildly. When Nue was running out of chakra, Sumire offered her own chakra to him, which caused Nue to grab her and take her into his dimension. A horrified Boruto chases after her into the dimension, without even thinking twice.

When he was inside the dimesion and began searching for her, Nue jumped in and Boruto thought that Nue killed Sumire and was ready to avenge her, but was relieved when Mitsuki told that she was still alive. Boruto asks her to come back with him, which baffled her. Sumire tells him and Mitsuki her past of being taught by her father to seek revenge against the village. After a few fights between Boruto and Mitsuki vs Nue, Mitsuki says that the Gozu Tenno behind her back is valuable and doesn't care if she is killed when it is extracted. When they ran towards each other in an intention to kill one another, Boruto put his own body infront of them, causing Sumire's kunai to hit his right arm. Despite Mitsuki repeatedly telling that Sumire is the culprit he was still unconvinced that Sumire truly faked all her concern for her class mates since meeting her. Mitsuki is surprised by Boruto and adds Sumire did mention wanting to end things quickly while in the hospital.

Boruto holds Sumire's hand.

Boruto holds Sumire back.

Boruto sees the dark chakra on her disappearing and tells Sumire that she will be able to choose her own path, which makes her slowly realize who she really is. Soon enough, Boruto freed her from her negative emotions and the Gozu Tenno on her back shatters into pieces, causing her to fall down on the floor due to the drain of her negative emotions. Mitsuki and Boruto rush to escape the dimension that was currently breaking down. Boruto yelled at her, asking her to come with him, but didn't receive any response. Mitsuki took him away, which made Boruto yell her name. Sumire has visions of her mom speaking with her and combing her hair. She gasps and sees Boruto standing beside her. Sumire looks up at him tearfully and asks him why he came back to save her, he lends her a hand and looks down at her smiling, telling her that he wouldn't leave her behind. This leaves Sumire in tears. She stretched her hand, which Boruto grabbed and they sat on Nue and rushed out of the dimension. When Nue stays back, Sumire tries to go back for the beast, worried. Boruto stops her by grabbing her waist and she grimly abandons Nue.

After they came out of Nue's dimension, Boruto and Sumire fell on the ground together, and she ended up falling on top of him. Soon, Konoha shinobi along with Sai surrounded them. Sai, who could feel Sumire's pain due to having a similar past like him, offers to take care of her. A little while later as they go back to the Leaf Village, Sumire was leaving to talk to Sai who assured others that she won't be harmed. As she leaves, Boruto activates his eye and sees a small ghost wrapped around her left hand. He calls out to her, saying: "He's still there! It's faint, but it's wrapped around your left hand." Sumire unwraps her bandage and sees a small red eye in the center of her left palm, which allows Nue to see through there, meaning she is back with Nue.

Sumire is absent from school for several weeks due to weak physical health and Boruto can only think about her, wondering where she is. Shikadai and Inojin note she committed treason against the village and will have to remain in custody indefinitely. Boruto refuses to believe Sumire did anything wrong on her own will. He comes home and requests Naruto to let her free and also let her return to the academy, who tells Boruto he won't let her down and warns Boruto to stay out of adult situations, much to Boruto's dismay. When Hinata realizes that her son was in a serious conversation with her father, she realizes that Sumire is someone very important to Boruto because it was the first serious argument between the two. She calls Himawari to the kitchen to let Naruto and Boruto talk without any disturbance.

Boruto and Sumire stare at each other.

The next day, Shino informs his students they'll be assembled in new three-person teams to see how well they fit with each ofter graduation. Boruto and Mitsuki lacked a third member and Mitsuki wished Sumire was there in their group, which made Boruto shush him, as others don't know about her involvement in the incident. After completing, and winning the activity, Boruto asks where Shino has gone. Being told by Inojin that Sumire may be transferred to a different Academy or even another village and with others also wondering where she is, Boruto and begins to worry and tries to rush off to find her, protesting that; "While we're wasting time here, the Class Rep might-" (he was cut off by the arrival of Shino at the gates.) All of them were staring at him, without uttering anything. Shortly, Sumire slowly made it towards the school entrance and softly told the others that she is back. Boruto was delighted and was about to rush forward to greet her but was blocked by everyone else, who rushed forward to greet her. He stays back from the crowd but, seeing her staring at him, he returns her gaze before giving his signature grin and a thumbs up, causing her to cry with happiness.

Boruto Novel 3: Those Who Illuminate the Night of Shinobi!

In Boruto Novel 3, when Sumire looked at Boruto who was standing beside her, she saw his eyes to be shining like the sun, his hair blowing in the wind, and his voice sounded very fresh in her ears.

Boruto's reaction when Sumire treated Kagura's wound.

School Trip Arc

Boruto was tied upside down as he tried to pull prank on the principal. Sumire was looking up at him with an amused and a fearful expression. Shino planned a field trip for his class students to Kirigakure. When he asked for a volunteer to be the Field trip leader, everyone looked away, not wanting to be the field trip leader. Sarada suggested Boruto be the leader, which all of them accepted without any arguments, shocking Boruto. Sumire was about to refuse the decision and Boruto asked for her help, but she timidly looked away.

Later, in the middle of the trip, the field trip leader, Kagura was fighting some Kirigakure villagers, got injured in the process. Sumire tends to his injury and Boruto can be seen looking at them in amusement, with his mouth slightly ajar.

Graduation Exams Arc

Boruto and his friends plan on going to a camping trip to catch the Eternal Carp fish but they fail to catch even one fish. When they were eating curry near the campfire, Boruto still refused to give up and continued fishing. Sarada and Sumire followed him. Soon enough, his line got hold of the fish and Sarada helped him. When Boruto was catching the fish alongside Sarada, Sumire thanks him for whatever he has done for her and for leading her towards the right path and he also tells that the Class will be nothing without her in it. She also helped both of them catch the Eternal Carp by summoning Nue, whose chakra strengthened the line.

Sumire gives Boruto his bandanna.

Boruto and his friends attend the Genin exam, were they were put up against Anko, Shino, Konohamaru and Kakashi. The group was supposed to take the bell from Kakashi within 24 hours. Some of them were knocked unconscious by Anko and Konohamaru, while the rest were determined to help them and complete the test. Sumire gave Boruto his bandanna, and thanks him wholeheartedly for preventing her from going the evil way, for helping her find her own path and also adds that he is the reason why she is alive. He took the bandanna from her, and tied it on his forehead, having gained confidence. They successfully complete the exam, leading to everyone being happy.

Boruto Novel 5: The Last Day at the Ninja Academy!

In Novel 5, it is shown that Boruto used his own body to catch and stop the fight between Mitsuki and Sumire. Later when Mitsuki tells Sumire that they both know who the most amazing person is, Sumire nodded shyly, hinting that she is nodding shyly due to Boruto's mention, who was referred to as the amazing person.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

Sumire worried for Boruto.

Chunin Exams Arc

When Boruto was fighting Shinki, Sumire was seen extremely worried for Boruto, muttering his name softly with her fingers intertwined in anxiety.

Mitsuki Disappearance Arc

Boruto approached Sumire to see if she had known anything about Mitsuki to which she replied by telling that she doesn't know. Later, after eavesdropping the Hokage, Sumire and her team came to know of the danger Boruto and the others were. She was determined to save them and requested the Hokage to let her team and Team 5 join with him. He initially refused but seeing the loyalty they had for their friends, he immediately accepted them to join him. Sumire was relieved when she came to know that Boruto and the others were safe once she reached Iwagakure.

Jugo Arc

Nue saves Boruto

Boruto prevents Sumire from going after Nue.

Boruto pissed at Suigetsu for hurting Sumire.

Sumire stares at Boruto.

Team 7 and Team 15 were assigned with a mission to investigate random attacks in the village. When Boruto was pinned down by Jugo, Nue came to Boruto's rescue and pushed Jugo towards the water. A worried Sumire rushed towards Boruto, asking if he is alright to which he thanked her and said that Nue grew in size. When Sumire and Nue encountered Suigetsu and Karin, Nue started attacking Suigetsu, who retaliated and stopped Nue's attacks, wounding Sumire. When Boruto came to know of this, he was angry with Suigetsu and refused to forgive him. He also told Suigetsu that someone was struggling to live life the way they want to, referring to Sumire and her past, looking sadly at her unconscious form. Boruto who got separated from the team sometime later due to Jugo's attack, was saved by Nue yet again. Nue kept attacking Jugo, against Sumire's orders. When she was about to follow Nue, Boruto grabbed her wrist from behind, preventing her from going after Nue and says that they can think of a better idea. When the mission is over, Sumire is reunited with Wasabi and Namida to tell them about their decision to go to the research laboratory for scientific ninja tools. Sumire says that Boruto's words taught her to never give up on what we really want to be. She says this looking deeply at him.

Time Slip Arc

Sumire's Farewell

Sumire was given a farewell party by her friends due to her transfer to the Scientific Ninja Tools Team at Ryutan. Boruto congratulated her and asked her to do her best, to which she thanked him happily.

Ao Arc

Boruto and Sumire reunite after a long time.

Sumire confesses her feelings for Boruto to Sarada.

Sumire is revealed to be working with Katasuke at the Scientific Ninja Technology group and she was surprised to see Team 7 escorting Ao and Katasuke to the lab. She happily greets Boruto after his team escorts Ao to the location. Boruto, while trying out few Scientific Ninja Tools, injures himself when he was flying on a kite and Sumire tends to his injury by applying medical foam on the injured area. Sumire was enquiring to him about his training and others, while Boruto was determined in not using Scientific Ninja tools but stopped midway and apologized to Sumire for telling like that since she is part of the team now. Sumire smiles at him and tells that people fear unfamiliar powers and despite that, he accepted her. Sumire informs Boruto saying that soon she will transfer to the Headquarters at Konoha as Katasuke's assistant. Boruto was delighted, and asked her if she will return to the village to which she nodded happily and also promised to work hard in order to support the village. As Team 7 prepare to leave the lab to find a missing Konohamaru and Mugino, Sumire comments to Sarada how Akita has taken a liking to Boruto and asks Sarada if Boruto is popular amongst girls. Later Sumire asks Sarada if it bothers her to see Boruto with other girls, Sarada clearly states that it doesn't effect her. But, Sumire said that it does bother her which left Sarada shocked at her bold statement. Sumire asked her to take care of Boruto and the others, and happily waved him goodbye.

Kawaki Arc

Team 7 brought Kawaki to the Scientific lab at Ryutan post battle with Garou to examine him. Boruto, Sumire and Mitsuki went to the room where Kawaki was confined with some food. Sumire handed him the food, which Kawaki jerked away angrily, causing her to almost fall but ended up falling on Mitsuki's chest, who held her. Boruto got mad and swiftly grabbed Kawaki's collar and lashed out at him for doing that to her. Sumire looked at Kawaki and Boruto fighting worriedly, and she explained to Kawaki that she has no intention of harming him. He sqeezed Kawaki's should in anger and Kawaki winced. Mitsuki immediately told Boruto to stop doing so as he is just recovering and the pain might be unbearable. Boruto apologized, for losing control.

Boruto holds an unconscious Sumire.

After Kawaki and Sumire's fight, Kawaki escaped with a heavily injured right arm, caused by Nue. Sumire decided to follow him. Boruto on the other hand, was worried for her as he clearly knew that he is very dangerous and way stronger than her. As Sumire followed and spoke softly to Kawaki after she found him, she saw his dizzy nature and offered a nutrient supplying syringe. She was about to inject him but Kawaki swiftly grabbed her neck and pinned her against a fence, strangling her. Despite Sumire painfully telling that she has no intention of harming him, he didn't let her go and continued choking her. Boruto saw this, and angrily yelled at Kawaki to let go of her. Konoha policemen surrounded him and started firing at Kawaki. Kawaki managed to escape, but Sumire fell unconcious. Boruto rushed towards her and asked Mitsuki and Sarada to go ahead and pursue Kawaki. He quickly made her stand, and held her hand, putting it around his shoulder and put his other arm around her waist, to support her. Holding her, he slowly approached the Ryutan station entrance, asking Sumire to wake up quickly. Naruto and Sai rushed towards Boruto, and saw Sumire unconcious. He quickly let go of her and put his arm around her shoulder. Sumire woke up, and Boruto was relieved and asks if she was fine. Sumire explained to Naruto about Kawaki saying that he didn't want to rampage because he wanted to and also explained that he had an immensely sad face. But Boruto was still angry with him for strangling her. But Sumire told that he was just like her.

Much later, Boruto, Sumire and Kawaki watch Amado being interrogated by Naruto, Shikamaru and Sasuke, through a glass wall. When Amado was talking about Karma, Boruto looked at his mark and Sumire looked at him worriedly, sad with the fact that Boruto might eventually become Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

When Amado also told that killing Boruto is the only option to avoid the rebirth of Momoshiki, Sumire was visibly horrified. With Amado further telling more about the high chances of Boruto's death, or even becoming Momoshiki for that matter, Sumire became even more worried.

Post Kawaki's collapse, Kawaki, Sumire, Shikamaru, Katasuke and Amado went towards a basement, which was made up for hiding from attacks.

Sumire blushing when Kawaki asks her if she likes Boruto.

Sumire horrified after knowing that Boruto might become an Otsutsuki.

As Boruto was fighting Isshiki, Sumire was horrified to hear that Boruto was in danger of becoming transformed into an Ōtsutsuki through his Kāma. She also feared for Boruto when she learned he had gone to fight Isshiki along Naruto and Sasuke, but Amado assured her that Boruto's contribution to the fight, though not in power, was invaluable.

Sumire, Katasuke and Shikamaru were eagerly waiting for the arrival of Boruto and the others. Soon, Shikamaru got a news from the sensory team saying that Boruto, as well as the others are safe, which left Sumire relieved and happy.

Post-Kawaki Arc

After they returned, Sumire can be seen treating Kawaki. As she treats him, she assures him that he will not need to worry much from now and also told shyly that as he hangs out a lot with Boruto, she can learn and know more about him, blushing simultaneously. Kawaki looked at her and bluntly asks her if she likes Boruto which caught her off guard. She dropped the syringe she was holding in shock and panic, and blushed even harder, requesting Kawaki to stop saying that so bluntly and also pleaded to keep this secret between the two of them. Katasuke laughed, and told that her crush on Boruto was so obviously known to everyone.

Later, Amado and she jointly took care of Kawaki and she was growing suspicious of Amado's true intentions. She also confessed to have been really worried about both Kawaki and Boruto, which resulted in Amado asking her if she really is smart or stupid.


  • In Chapter 19 of the Boruto manga, Sumire confessed that she has romantic feelings for Boruto.
  • Boruto affectionately calls Sumire as 'Inchou', which means Class Rep and has called her by her name only once.
  • Sumire and Sarada have a girl talk. Sumire notes that her fellow Scientific Ninja colleague has taken a liking to Boruto. She then asks Sarada if she thinks he's popular among girls.
  • After Sarada clearly states that it doesn't bother her if other girls like Boruto, Sumire implies that she has feelings for him by saying that it bothers her.
  • Sumire and Boruto have shown a certain degree of concern for one another.
  • Boruto treated Sumire differently from his other classmates. He never provoked her and always treated her with respect, unlike other girls in the class.
  • Among the class girls, Sumire receives the most respect and care from Boruto.
  • Boruto is always the first person to jump in and save Sumire from any harm.
  • Boruto has never disrespected or talked back to Sumire.
  • Boruto is always protective of Sumire.
  • Boruto has a soft spot for Sumire.
  • Boruto showed jealousy when Magire proposed Sumire and when she treated Kagura's wound.
  • Boruto blushed when Chocho pointed at Magire to confess to Sumire, thinking that he was the one being asked to confess.
  • Boruto comes to Sumire's immediate attention whenever it appears she's on the verge of danger.
  • Boruto has immense faith on Sumire.
  • Boruto panicked badly when he came to know that one of the Academy students got hurt in the purification plant, thinking that it might be Sumire. Even though Shikadai assured him saying that it might or might not be Sumire, he still refused to listen to him and rushed to the hospital.
  • When Boruto slammed open the door of Sumire's hospital suite, Metal Lee, who was leaning against it, fell down. Despite Sumire telling that she is alright and Metal Lee painfully telling that he isn't, Boruto paid no attention to him and focused on Sumire.
  • Boruto blamed himself severely when he failed to save Sumire in time when there was an incident at the water purification plant.
  • When being asked by Mitsuki if Boruto will choose to save the village and his family or Sumire, Boruto chose both without any hesitation.
  • Boruto refused to let Mitsuki kill Sumire.
  • Boruto showed relief when Mitsuki told him that Sumire was still alive.
  • Boruto didn't believe Sumire was responsible for the "ghost" incidents on the grounds that she is his classmate and friend. However, when he learned the truth, he was shocked.
  • Boruto was further saddened when Sumire revealed her identity had been a facade to not arouse suspicion.
  • When Sumire went inside Nue's dimension, to give Nue the rest of her chakra, Boruto got worried and followed her into the dimension, without even thinking twice.
  • Boruto sensed Sumire's hesitation in destroying Konoha.
  • When Nue's dimension started crumbling, Boruto panicked asking her to come with him but he didn't receive any answers. Mitsuki took Boruto along with him but Boruto came back, and smiled at Sumire, telling that he wouldn't leave a classmate behind. He held her hand and picked her up.
  • Boruto changed Sumire's outlook towards life. He was the one who took her out of darkness and told her to choose her own path, instead of being a mere vessel for her father and destroy Konoha.
  • Boruto defended Sumire when she was held in custody as a criminal and wanted Naruto to use his status as Hokage to protect her and bring her back to the academy.
  • Shikadai asked Inojin to keep the rumour regarding Sumire's transfer to another academy a secret, as he knew that Boruto won't take it well if she is transferred to some other village.
  • Boruto panicked and lashed out at Inojin when he told him that Sumire might transfer to some other village.
  • Boruto gave her his smile and thumbs up as a silent approval when she returned to the academy, leaving her in tears.
  • Sumire said she wanted to repay Boruto with all her life and power during the genin exam.
  • It's possible that Sumire started to have a crush on Boruto after the end of the Academy arc.
  • During the graduation test, Sumire announces she is going to become a ninja because she wanted to repay Boruto for his support.
  • Sumire is always seen worried for Boruto whenever he is in the middle of a match, mission or a battle.
  • During the Jūgo Arc, Boruto was reminded of Sumire because of Jūgo's past. [1]
  • During the Jugo arc, Suigetsu wounded Sumire, when Nue tried to attack him. When Boruto came to know of this, he was pissed at Suigetsu and didn't forgive him for doing so.
  • Boruto was delighted when he came to know that Sumire will return to Konoha.
  • Boruto doesn't like Sumire being hurt or disrespected.
  • Sumire became very concerned when she came to know that Boruto could become an Otsutsuki.
  • When Kawaki asked Sumire if she likes Boruto, Sumire blushed and felt embarrassed, telling Kawaki to keep it a secret between the both of them.
  • Sumire is always interested in knowing about Boruto and his whereabouts.
  • Sumire always blushes when any of her classmates or others asks her if she likes Boruto. Despite being open about about her feelings for Boruto to her friends, she still prefers it be kept as a secret from Boruto himself.


  • Boruto's name means 'bolt' while Sumire's name means 'violet'.
  • Boruto's and Sumire's names have a connection, as one of the main colors of lightning bolt is violet, similar to that of Naruto's and Hinata's, as well as Minato's and Kushina's, whose names also have a connection.
  • Boruto's Jougan has a connection to Nue, which is Sumire's beast.
  • Boruto is compared to Naruto very often by the fans due to Naruto and Boruto's striking resemblance. Hinata and Sumire are also compared with each other due to their similar appearance, soft voice, shyness and the way they call Naruto and Boruto as Naruto-kun and Boruto-kun respecively.
  • Their scenes together are also somewhat similar to that of Naruto and Hinata's.
  • Boruto is older to Sumire by 2 and a half months, the same month gap as Naruto and Hinata.
  • Uzumaki members fall in love with shy and humble people, as Naruto and Kushina loved and married Hinata and Minato respectively, who are humble and shy people. Sumire is also a shy and humble individual.
  • BoruSumi is a semi-canon ship, due to Sumire's crush on Boruto.
  • In the Bonus Stat file of Volume 5, it is stated that "Where will this Honor Student's Research and Love lead Her?!" referring to Sumire as the Honor student and the love hinted here is the romantic feelings she has for Boruto, meaning that where will her research and her love for Boruto lead her.
  • Sumire always shows interest in Boruto's activities, similar to that of Hinata's interest in Naruto.
  • The OST played when Boruto and Sumire meet again post the fight in Nue's Dimesion was found to be 'Naruto and Hinata', an OST dedicated to the ship NaruHina, which is a canon ship.
  • Kishimoto in an interview with Panini mentioned that Sumire would be a good love partner for Boruto


Sumire and Sarada's conversation- Manga Chapter 19

  • Sumire: looks like Akita....has taken a liking to Boruto. Boruto pretty popular with girls?
  • Sarada: I dunno...he just seems to get along quickly with anyone.
  • Sumire: What about you, you like him..?
  • Sarada: Huh? As if....where'd that come from?
  • Sumire: Hmm...I see...well I do!

Sumire about Boruto- Chapter 2

  • That Boruto sure stands out.

Sumire blushing when Chocho asks about her concern for Boruto- Chapter 2

  • Sumire: Ah...thank goodness.
  • Chocho: Why're you so concerned?
  • Sumire: *blushes* cuz I'm the Class Rep!

Boruto's troubled expression when Magire proposed to Sumire- Chapter 7

  • Magire: The person I was watching is....Miss Sumire! Oh no!
  • Boruto: You mean the Class Rep?
  • Shikadai: So that means, the one he likes is...?
  • Sumire: What? Huh? Oh my....
  • Shikadai: But in any case, you went a little to far.
  • Magire: B-But, what was I supposed to do? I-I just wanted to breathe the same air as Miss Sumire!
  • Boruto: Y-You're kidding.
  • Magire: O-Okay, so are we done here? I'll just be on my way-
  • Boruto: We're not done here!
  • Chocho: This may be your chance. You might as well tell her how you feel right now.
  • Magire: W-What?!
  • Boruto: W-What are you saying?
  • Chocho: If you tell her how you feel right now, then I'll forgive you for what you did. And maybe even....
  • Boruto: What? You serious? You're gonna tell her?
  • Magire: I-I...I've liked you for the longest time! P-Please go out with me!
  • Boruto: He really did it!

Boruto worriedly rushes to the hospital where Sumire is admitted- Chapter 11

  • Shikadai: We don't know if it's the Class Rep and her team.
  • Boruto: Please....I just hope I make it in time!

Boruto and Sumire's conversation - Chapter 11

  • Boruto: Class Rep, you okay?!
  • Sumire: Boruto-kun.
  • Boruto: Are you okay?
  • Sumire: I’m fine!
  • Metal: I’m not okay
  • Boruto: I totally…
  • Sumire: Don’t worry about me. It’s really just a graze.
  • Boruto: I’m sorry, Class Rep! If I’d been more on the ball — !
  • Sumire: You’re not responsible for this, Boruto-kun.
  • Boruto: No, you’re wrong!
  • Wasabi: Come on. You’re scaring the Class Rep.
  • Boruto: No, I just…

Boruto to Nue- Chapter 14

  • Where'd you put the Class Rep?! Did you really eat her?! I'm not gonna lose. I'm avenging the Class Rep!

Boruto and Mitsuki's conversation after stopping his and Sumire's fight- Chapter 14

  • Boruto: I said...stop. What're you doing to your classmate?!
  • Mitsuki: Classmate? The Class Rep fooled us all just to gather intel.
  • Boruto: I refuse to believe that.

Boruto about Sumire- Chapter 14

  • On top of that, when I returned to school two weeks after my suspension...or when all the girls and boys got into a were always worried. Your face is so easy to read.

Boruto to Sumire- Chapter 14

  • Boruto: You've gone through suffering under the burden of your father's orders and you are gonna do the same thing to Nue?! You can choose your own path. All of us....Nue....and you too...
  • Sumire: I...
  • Boruto: Sumire!

Sumire and Boruto's conversation- Chapter 14

  • Sumire: Boruto, why?
  • Boruto: Like I'd ever leave behind a classmate! Let's go back, Class Rep!

Boruto and Iwabe talk about Sumire's return- Chapter 15

  • Boruto: She's definitely gonna return.
  • Iwabe: How do you know?
  • Boruto: Because the Class Rep is the Class Rep.

Boruto and Naruto's conversation regarding Sumire's return to the academy- Chapter 15

  • Boruto: Dad....there's something I wanna ask you.
  • Naruto: What is it? You rarely ask me anything.
  • Boruto: It's about a friend from my class...
  • Naruto: Oh, you mean Sumire Kakei? She got hurt and she's recuperating, right?
  • Boruto: No, not that! I know what she did, you know!
  • Hinata: Himawari, can you come help me with dinner?
  • Himawari: Okay!
  • Boruto: The Class Rep is our friend.
  • Naruto: I know that. She's in a difficult spot right now. But let me handle this. I won't let her down.
  • Boruto: Then let her return to the academy!
  • Naruto: I can't answer that right now.
  • Boruto: Why not? You are the Hokage, aren't you dad?

Shikadai to Inojin about possible transfer of Sumire - Chapter 15

  • You didn't tell Boruto about it, did you? If he finds out, something problematic will happen.

Boruto getting angry when Inojin and Shikadai talk about Sumire's possible transfer- Chapter 15

  • Inojin: The Class Rep might transfer to another school
  • Boruto: What the hell is that about?
  • Wasabi: That's the first time I'm hearing this.
  • Namida: I wonder what's going to happen to the Class Rep?
  • Shikadai: Wait, Boruto!
  • Boruto: Shut up! While we're wasting time here, the Class Rep might...
  • Denki: Oh!

Sumire to Boruto- Chapter 34

  • But thanks to you, Boruto, I was able to change.

Sumire and Boruto's conversation during the catching of Eternal Carp- Chapter 34

  • Sumire: My father made this power to curse the world...It's a power made to hurt people...But Boruto, you taught me...It's okay for me to be friends with everyone
  • Boruto: Damn right! We wouldn't have a class if you weren't in it, Class Rep!

Sumire to Boruto- Chapter 37

  • If you weren't here, I know I wouldn't be alive right now either. This time, I want to repay you, and the others, with my life and power. That's why....I am going to become a ninja!

Boruto to Suigetsu- Chapter 101

  • I haven't forgiven you for hurting the Class Rep....okay?

Boruto to Suigetsu about Sumire- Chapter 101

  • There was someone who suffered from something like that...But they're trying their hardest to live the way they want to live.

Sumire on Boruto tellling to not give up- Chapter 103

  • Boruto said we can't give up on trying to become who we want to be.

Boruto congratulating Sumire- Chapter 137

  • Boruto: I hope you do well over there, Class Rep!
  • Sumire: Thank you, Boruto-kun!

Boruto and Sumire's conversation- Chapter 183

  • Boruto: I never want to cheat again by using Scientific Ninja tools....oh, sorry! You're part of the Scientific Ninja Tool team now, Class Rep.
  • Sumire: It's alright. People reject and fear unfamiliar powers. Just like with Nue. Despite that, you and Miss Akita accepted us.

Kawaki and Sumire's conversation- Manga Chapter 56

  • Sumire:'re always hanging out with Boruto. So I can ask you about him too.
  • Kawaki: Wait a sec. Do you like Boruto or something?
  • Sumire: A-Aww Kawaki! D-Don't say it so bluntly!! L-Let's keep it our little secret, okay?!

Among the Fans

NaruHina and BoruSumi

BoruSumi is a relatively popular ship. It is Boruto's second most popular ship after BoruSara and Sumire's most popular ship. They seemed to have attracted many fans due to their constant respect and support for each other. Many have drawn a comparison of BoruSumi's dynamics to NaruHina, as they are vaguely similar to each other. Many NaruHina fans got attracted to this ship and their support for this ship is due to the similarities in theirs and NaruHina's relationship. Not only their scenes are similar to that of NaruHina's but also their personalities match both Naruto and Hinata's personalities due to which their fanbase is almost full of NaruHina supporters.

Its rival pairings are BoruSara, KawaSumi, MitsuSumi, BoruMitsu and SaraSumi, and it is a companion to MitsuSara and KawaSara

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