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The Couple

ChoMei (チョメイ) is the term used to refer the romatic relationship of Chōjurō and Mei Terumi.

Their Relationship

They made their first appearance together during the Five Kage Summit, when Mei had to attend the meeting with Chojuro as one of her two bodyguards. He was shown to have feelings for Mei, as he was seen blushing and saying that he wanted "to protect that beautiful smile of hers." She was shown to also have a soft side for him, smiling at him.

During their trip, they stayed at an inn. Ao, one of her other bodyguards, had told Chojuro to order the food for them, but Chojuro had told Ao that there were so many choices to decide from, so he never really chose one. Ao had gotten upset at Chojuro, but Mei had reassured him that everything was going to be okay.

Chojuro had also said that he might be sick, with Mei pushing her forehead up against his to feel his temperature, with Chojuro slightly blushing. She had told him that he might've had a slight fever, with Ao annoyed at them both.

During the Shinobi World War Arc, Mei's team had decided to go up against Black Zetsu. Zetsu had used his branches to attack the team, one heading for Mei. It was shown that Chojuro had cut the branches, saving Mei.


  • Chojuro has a slight crush on the Mizukage, blushing slightly when she is near him.
  • Mei respects Chojuro and is proud of him for being a part of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

Among the Fans

ChoMei isn't a popular pairing, but could be shipped due to Chojuro's slight crush on Mei and her own beliefs on Chojuro's self-confidence. It could also be shipped due to when Mei was taking his temperature, using her own forehead as a thermometer. Their rival couple are SasuMei.