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In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 there is a friendship mission including Lee and Gaara once you've maxed at least one of their relationships. Lee is about to leave Suna but Gaara calls him back to apologize for what happened at the Chunin Exams, except Lee is instead thankful about it. Gaara is surprised and mentions that he thinks Lee and his personality is 'wonderful'. [1]

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth

In chapter seven, Team Guy is sent to the Sand Village for a mission. When Lee attempts to greet Gaara, he is ignored by the latter, much to his shock. When Gaara explains that there mission was to aid the Sand in ridding their village of bandits, Lee gives Gaara a determined look, causing Tenten to wonder if Lee would cooperate. Later, Lee and Gaara stand next to each other, preparing to fight the bandits. Lee declares that he will beat more opponents than Gaara, and then whirls around Gaara's sand, leaving several afterimages, though he soon falls flat on his face. Later in the battle, Gaara's sand attck accidentaly hits Lee, yet Gaara stayed perfectly calm and apologizes. Lee tells Gaara that he is fine, but is in reality, rather injured. Gaara orders Lee to stand back with his wound, but Lee decides to keep on going, shocking Gaara to the extent he will go. Lee also reveals that he does not hate Gaara for what he did during the Chunin Exams. Though he was injured so badly he had to quit being a ninja for a period of time, but Lee reveals that the reason he does not want to lose against Gaara is not because he carries a grudge against him, but because he was only following his ninja way. Lee revealed that he wanted to prove that hard work can beat the ways of a genius. Lee's Leaf Hurricane and Gaara's Desert Storm were combined to create the Leaf Sand Storm. While saying their goodbies, Lee tells Gaara that he will surpass him with hard work someday and suggests they dual again. Gaara smiles and agrees, saying that it was a promise.