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In the second half of episode 6, Tenten notices how much Lee's continuous losses in the sports festival are getting to him. Tenten is a little embarrassed by the idea, but she imagines that joining the cheering squad to help motivate Lee would put him in a better mood. 

When Tenten imagines joining the cheerleaders, she imagines herself and Hinata cheering together in cute, blue cheerleader uniforms. In her imagination, she and Hinata hug each other and cry happily when Lee manages to win.

In the first half of episode 42, in one of Lee's skits, Hinata and Tenten are star-crossed lovers going on dates, having to keep their relationship a secret from Hinata's father. When Hinata's father discovers the relationship, he orders them to break up, and Hinata runs away in tears. She is captured by gang members, and Tenten teams up with Hinata's father to defeat them and rescue her. Hinata runs into Tenten's arms in a tearful embrace under the streetlights, and Hinata's father decides not to get between them.