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KakaGai (カカガイ KakaGai) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy. The pairing is also known as GaiKaka (ガイカカ GaiKaka).                                                                        

Their Relationship


Guy and Kakashi meet for the first time.

As children, Kakashi and Might Guy took the entrance exam for Konoha's Ninja Academy. Kakashi and Guy can be seen walking next to each other as they leave with their entrance exam forms. Guy glances at Kakashi.

When Guy checks the list of acceptances after the test, he saw that his name was not on there, but one name catches his attention: Kakashi Hatake. Guy sits in awed silence while Kakashi walks by behind him.

While they were leaving the school premises, Guy and his father passed by Kakashi and his father, Sakumo. Sakumo greeted Guy and his father, and Kakashi tried to stop him from saying anything else. Sakumo asked Guy to be friends with Kakashi while they attended school together, prompting Kakashi to point out that Guy had unsurprisingly failed the entrance exam due to having no skill in ninjutsu. Sakumo felt embarrassed for his accidental rudeness, but Guy's father, Duy, just laughed.

Kakashi folded his arms and stared at Duy, telling him that this was no laughing matter. Sakumo told Kakashi not to be rude, but Kakashi pointed out that Sakumo's earlier remark had been much ruder. Kakashi goes on to say that Guy was practically setting himself up for failure anyway, by trying out for the ninja academy while he had no ninjutsu skill in the first place. Kakashi cut himself off and decided not to say anymore about that, telling his dad that they should hurry up and get to the academy orientation already.

While Kakashi was passing by Guy, Guy smiled. He asked the boy if he was Kakashi Hatake and looked back at him, happily thanking him for "cheering Guy on," much to Kakashi's confusion. Sakumo noticed how bruised his hands and feet were and realized how serious Guy was about training.

Sakumo tells Kakashi that Guy is a hard worker and may surpass him one day despite failing the entrance exam. If nothing else, the boy would become an excellent rival for Kakashi. Kakashi is skeptical, but he calls out and asks Guy for his name. Guy grins, poses excitedly, and introduces himself as Might Guy, the man who will become stronger than everyone else.

"I can't believe you couldn't return a single punch after what they said about your father."

Shortly later, Guy is being beaten up by two adult chunin who he picked a fight with for insulting his father. Kakashi suddenly runs over and saves Guy, easily taking down both men despite Guy not even being able to land a punch. After Kakashi has knocked them both out, he belittles Guy for letting them talk down on his father and walks away, leaving Guy in tears as he watches Kakashi and Sakumo go.

When Guy is accepted into the ninja school as an alternate, he ends up paying a lot of attention to Kakashi and his accomplishments, feeling both motivated and dejected from how amazing Kakashi naturally is at everything. He realizes there truly are geniuses in the world. Although he rarely notices Kakashi spare him any attention, Guy notices that Kakashi also doesn't outright laugh at him like the rest of their peers do when Guy messes up. Still, every time he sees how much stronger Kakashi is, Guy is newly motivated to try even harder.

Kakashi stops and stares as Guy trains.

There are times when it seems Kakashi goes out of his way to notice Guy as well, such as when Guy is training his taijutsu in the school yard, but otherwise Kakashi seems to ignore him. He notices when Guy is noticeably improving in his training.

Guy was disappointed in himself and dedicated himself to training to prove that hard work could beat genius. However, Guy sees the huge gap between his skills and Kakashi's and finds way to put off ever properly competing with him, despite his father Duy insisting that Kakashi will be a perfect rival for him. The feeling of not wanting to challenge Kakashi motivates him to improve his stamina and taijutsu so much that even Kakashi notices his training. Guy grew even more reluctant to face Kakashi when he learned that Kakashi, the genius, trains just as hard as he does, but he finally makes a promise to himself to face Kakashi in an official challenge after Guy runs 5000 laps around the academy. Now he was motivated by the desire the challenge Kakashi face on, wanting more than anything to be able to run side by side with Kakashi and show that they're equals.

Guy and Kakashi compete in Taijutsu.

Guy reintroduces himself to Kakashi and suggests they become rivals since both are "elites" —Kakashi through lineage, Guy through hard work and determination. Kakashi declines and leaves, complaining that Guy is in the way of his reading, but Guy persistently pursues the possibility until Kakashi finally agrees.

They compete in weapons and combat, and Kakashi beats Guy in all of them. Kakashi admits Guy has enough to brag about when it comes to taijutsu, but he's still beneath Kakashi and he's still just scum.


Guy tearfully begs him to give him another chance, and Kakashi sighs and relents, seeming to feel bad for Guy. Guy is so happy that his eyes sparkle and a smile spreads across his face. Kakashi finally agrees to Rock-Paper-Scissors, which the two play for a while as the sun sets behind them.

Kakashi and Guy eventually graduate from the academy, but are put on different teams. Kakashi's team is Rin and Obito, and Guy's team consists of Ebisu and Genma.

While Guy is rapidly improving as a ninja, he begins to notice that his father stays at the same level and begins to feel somewhat disappointed and embarrassed about it in front of his teammates. In one of their friendlier moments, Guy talks to Kakashi about his worries, wondering how his father could embarrass himself like that over and over in the name of youth. Guy couldn't understand how that could be considered youth. Kakashi replied by saying that Guy's dad had been like that this whole time, and that was the way he had raised Guy, so Kakashi considered Duy the coolest shinobi around.

Kakashi praises Guy's father for the way he's raised Guy.

Kakashi and Guy both lose their fathers while they're young, Kakashi to suicide and Guy to the eigth gate. Although in different ways, both resolve to live by what they learned from their fathers.

Kakashi enters the chunin exam with his team at the age of six, as does Guy with his team. Kakashi watches Guy's match with Obito and is frustrated with his teammate when he loses to Guy.

They compete against each other in the second round and in the tournament, where Guy loses to Kakashi again despite defeating Kakashi's teammate, Obito. Guy fails to become a chunin like Kakashi did. When Guy does finally manage to become a chunin at the age of eleven, Kakashi soon thereafter becomes a jonin at age 12.

When Kakashi became a jonin, Guy and his former classmates gathered up to put together a secret celebration to congratulate him.

Kakashi and Guy continued to do a number of challenges throughout the years. At first, Kakashi holds the lead, but over the years Guy manages to catch up and the difference remains around one point.

Kakashi and Guy were together the night the Nine Tails attacked. At the time, Kakashi is suggesting that they do another round of rock-paper-scissors as today's match, and Guy is arguing that he wants an exciting challenge for once. Kakashi notices the change in the air before the Nine Tails attacks, but both of them are forced to wait outside the village and unable to help.

Guy is aware of the losses that Kakashi faces throughout the years and tries to help him from falling too far into darkness in the small ways that he can. Guy continues to try to challenge Kakashi even after Kakashi joins the Anbu, and he also continues to try to invite Kakashi to come bang out in general, but Kakashi often ignores him at these times. Guy asks to join the Anbu to support Kakashi as his "partner," but is denied due to lacking the proper darkness.

Guy sees what Kakashi's job in Anbu entails.

During an Anbu mission, Guy witnesses Kakashi and Itachi assassinate a group of ninja that Guy had thought he was simply supposed to obtain a scroll from. Kakashi scolds Guy for calling his name during an Anbu mission, but later apologizes for what Guy had to see.

Guy never stops believing that there is still light inside of Kakashi.

Guy suggests to the Third Hokage that Kakashi be withdrawn from the Anbu and employed as a teacher instead after seeing that the darkness and depression looming over Kakashi has only gotten worse. Guy claims that Kakashi has a natural passion and kindness that is being hidden away by the darkness he has to work through.

Hiruzen eventually takes Guy's advice and enrolls three teams under Kakashi, the third of which is Naruto Team 7 and finally passes Kakashi's strict bell test. Kakashi gets this team a year after Guy already has his own team of genin. Guy is relieved that his friend has officially taken on a team of genin.

Part I

Chunin Exams

Guy's first official introduction into the story is when he appears from a cloud of smoke to scold Lee for starting a fight with Sasuke.

Kakashi's flashback about Guy.

Aware that Team 7 are Kakashi's students, he asks Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke how Kakashi is doing now and introduces himself as Kakashi's "eternal rival," much to their disbelief. Guy claims to know Kakashi very well and says that he is stronger than Kakashi, with their current score at 50-49 in Guy's favor.

Team 7 doesn't seem to believe his claim of rivalry, but even Sasuke is amazed at Guy's speed and wonders if this man really is superior to their leader. After his moment with Lee is interrupted, Guy tells the kids to hurry along to the exam's first stage, then departs.

Before the chunin exams begin, in a chapter 39 flashback, Kakashi thinks about how Guy was present when Kakashi and the other rookies were deciding to enter their teams into the chunin exams.

Guy seems uncertain about Kakashi's decision and agrees with Iruka that it is too soon, explaining that he waited a full year before enrolling Team Guy into the exam. Guy reminds Kakashi that this exam won't be easy and accuses him of being too eager. Guy thinks that Kakashi's students should be allowed more time to enjoy their youth and hone their skills, like Guy allowed for his own students.

In response, Kakashi scoffs. With a shrug, Kakashi smugly tells Guy that Team 7 will surpass Team Guy in now time. Hiruzen puts an end to the discussion there, and Kakashi gets in the last word, tells Guy not to put on damper on this. Guy silently, angrily glares back at Kakashi, and the flashback ends.

Kakashi ignored Guy.

Back in the present, although Kakashi had told Guy that Kakashi's students were too easygoing, yet had enough potential to surpass Guy's students, Kakashi wonders if his words will actually hold true or if the fearless students on his team might be shaken and fearful by the prospect of the exam after all, like Guy had said. His worries are quickly laid to rest when he hears Naruto loudly declare that he will beat everyone. Kakashi smiles.

Guy and Kakashi are shown together later, reviewing the results and seeing that both their teams made it through the forest successfully. Among the instructors standing before the teams that passed, Kakashi and Guy are right next to each other.

Guy congratulates Kakashi, noting that his team doesn't seem to be doing too badly despite everything and attributing their success to luck. However, since the next round would be testing their individual skills, Guy warns Kakashi that Team Guy will far outperform Team 7 and stand in the way of them progressing any further in the exams.

Guy, fired up by how hip and cool Kakashi is.

Guy grins and says that although it must be a bittersweet feeling, Kakashi's heartbreak at this news is just a part of youth. After he says the taunt, Guy smirks and looks over at Kakashi to see his response.

Far from being visibly heartbroken or threatened, Kakashi turns towards him with a confused greeting and asks if Guy said anything, apparently either not having noticed Guy or having ignored Guy's boasts.

Guy is visibly shocked and taken aback, reacting with animated surprise and annoyance at the way Kakashi brushed off his taunts. However, he is also admittedly amazed by Kakashi's "cool, hip, avant-garde" reactions, which gets him all the more fired up to beat Kakashi. Guy's students, who seem to have heard all about their eternal rivalry, see the exchange. Tenten thinks to herself that Kakashi wins in terms of looks, while Lee thinks to himself that Guy is the most radiant sensei standing up there.

Kakashi and Guy turn their attention back to the Hokage as Hiruzen explains the purpose of the exams and surveys the crowd.

Kakashi and Guy stand together as they listen to Hiruzen's speech.

During the preliminary one-on-one tournaments before the finals, Guy and his team can be seen standing with Kakashi on the upper levels to watch the matches. Although Guy repeatedly tries to compare Kakashi's team of genin to his own, Kakashi usually responds by dismissively acting like he did not hear Guy, although their deeper history is occasionally hinted at through their exchanges.

They exchange comments about several of the fights and techniques during the tournament. Throughout the matches, Guy gets fired up by Kakashi's "hip" and "cool" responses to him. Kakashi and Guy repeatedly allude to the fact that they have known each other since the were at least as young as their students are.

During Sasuke vs Yoroi, Guy and Kakashi are both shocked when they recognize that Sasuke is using the Dancing Leaf Shadow taijutsu. When Kakashi comes down to catch Sasuke after the match, Kakashi notes to himself that he recognized Sasuke's taijutsu as being exactly like Guy's. He realizes that Sasuke must have copied Lee's taijutsu during their earlier match.

Kakashi chuckles and waves at Guy.

Guy thinks to himself that Sasuke reminds him of Kakashi when he was a kid, since Sasuke copying that Hidden Lotus taijutsu, even with the sharingan, must have required a huge amount of skill.

During Sakura vs Ino, when asked by Naruto why Sakura and Ino are so worked up over their match, Kakashi remarks that rivalry is a peculiar thing. As he says this, he glances pointedly at Guy until Guy looks back at him. Kakashi smiles, chuckles, and waves, privately showing that he does acknowledge Guy as his rival, despite seeming to ignore him at other times throughout the arc.

Guy is simply confused by the gesture and chalks it up as another one of Kakashi's frustratingly cool, nonsensical actions. It makes him think about the fact that Kakashi has been his rival from youth.

During Temari vs Tenten, Kakashi is noticeably unperturbed by Guy and Lee loudly cheering next to them, unlike Naruto, who complains that they're too noisy.

Guy notices Kakashi staring and winks at him.

When Kiba vs Naruto is announced, Lee is dejected, sulking about how he wanted to be chosen next and muttering a self rule to himself in hopes that the next match would be him instead. Kakashi curiously stares at Lee. Then, Kakashi glances from Lee to Guy, reflecting on how similar Lee is to Guy when he was Lee's age.

Guy notices Kakashi staring at him again and glances back. This time, Guy grins, winks, and holds a thumb up to Kakashi in response, making Kakashi sweat drop.

During Hinata vs Neji, Kakashi and Guy are surprised by Naruto's outburst and stare at him when he cheers Hinata on. While the match continues, Kakashi and Guy explain about the Hyuga clan and the Byakugan to Naruto and Sakura. When Guy explains that Strong Fist inflicts broken bones, while Gentle Fists causes internal damage, Kakashi casually adds that since the internal organs can be trained, Gentle Fist can be especially deadly.

Although the jonin feel pity for Hinata, both Kakashi and Guy realize early on that the match will go to Neji. They are surprised at Hinata's continued tenacity, but jolt into alertness after Hayate has called the match but Neji and Hinata's tension remains high.

Kakashi and Guy step in to hold Neji back.

When Neji charges forward with killing intent, Kakashi and Guy go down to stop the Neji from killing Hinata, along with the other jonin. Guy holds Neji back by wrapping an arm around him from behind, while Kakashi grabs Neji's arm. Kakashi and Guy continue to hold onto Neji for a little longer, even after the other jonin have let him go to attend to Hinata.

Both have identical relieved reactions when Lee stops Naruto from starting a fight with Neji, and surprised reactions when Naruto swears his blood oath to defeat him. They return to the upper level together and wait for the arena to be cleared for the next match.

When Hayate announces that the next round will begin soon, Guy assures Lee that he will get to fight next. Uncharacteristically, Lee disagrees, pouts, and turns away childishly, visibly shocking both Guy and Kakashi. Lee sulks, complaining that he's been waiting for so long, he might as well go last at this point. The screen shows the next match as Lee vs Gaara, and Lee punches the air with joy, celebrating that his reverse psychology worked. Kakashi watches as Lee and Guy exchange enthusiasm. Guy advises Lee that the gourd on Gaara's back looks suspicious and that Lee won't have time to read his notes during a match, something that Kakashi is surprised has to be pointed out for Lee at all.

Kakashi stares at Guy and thinks that he's old-fashioned.

During Lee vs Gaara, Guy calls out that Lee can take his leg weights off. Kakashi stares at Guy and thinks about how old-fashioned it is for him to use leg weights for training. Kakashi thinks that it's very typical of Guy and even old fashioned to use a method like that to build his strength and speed. When Lee drops the weights and it is revealed that they are extremely heavy, Kakashi instead thinks to himself that the training is a bit extreme and lightly thinks that Guy is just too much. Kakashi is shocked and remarks that it's still very in character for Guy, even though it's a bit much.

Throughout the match, Guy boasts about Lee's skills and Kakashi marvels at how well Guy has taught Lee. Lee kicks Gaara up into the air to set up a lotus attack, and Kakashi watches attentively. Guy closes his eyes and prays that this move will work, because he knows how much it of a strain it puts on Lee's body to even use it once. At that moment, Kakashi notices something.

Lee performs the hidden lotus and drives Gaara into the ground, and at first, from Gaara's lifeless body, it seems that he has won. Guy cheers with pride, but Kakashi makes a grim expression beside him. It is revealed that Lee's attack only hit an empty husk of sand.

Kakashi was the only one to notice when Gaara evaded Lee's attack.

Stunned, Guy asks how that could be possible and when it could have happened. Kakashi explains to Guy that Gaara used the substitution jutsu when Lee winced from the pain, and that Guy missed the moment it happened because he closed his eyes to pray. Guy grimaces and turns his attention back to the arena.

Sakura asks why Lee isn't dodging anymore, and Kakashi glances at Guy as Guy explains that Lee literally can't dodge at the moment. Kakashi elaborates for Guy, explaining that the Lotus is a double-edged attack that harms the user as well. He explains the mechanics of the Lotus technique and why it is dangerous enough to be considered a forbidden jutsu. He explains to Sakura that the hidden techniques that Lee are using are so painful and strenuous that Lee won't even be able to move and pointedly ends his explanation with a pointed remark, "Isn't that so... Guy?"

As Guy watches Lee struggle in the fight, Guy recalls the first time he met Lee.

Kakashi first points out Lee's resemblance to a younger Guy.

A flashback shows that Kakashi and Guy were scoping out the young students of the academy before they had been assigned their teams. Kakashi and Guy notice a young Rock Lee who is made fun of by the other students for being a "Hot-Blooded Loser" with no skill in ninjutsu, genjutsu, or taijutsu. He has big goofy eyebrows and an odd way of speaking —a kid very reminiscent of Guy from his younger years. Guy chuckles to himself and notes that he's heard about this hot-blooded loser kid before.

Kakashi shrugs and makes a pointed remark to Guy that the young boy reminds him of someone he knows, particularly their eyebrows, clearly referring to Guy himself. Guy just smiles down at the boy in response to Kakashi's comparison.

In the present, Guy mentions that the Leaf's Lotus blossoms twice, and Kakashi understands the meaning behind that saying right away. In disbelief, Kakashi ascertains what Guy means, and Guy affirms that it's exactly what Kakashi assumes. Kakashi narrows his eyes in a glare as Guy confirms that Lee can open the 8 inner gates and use the Hidden Lotus. Kakashi asks specifically how many gates Lee can currently open, and Guy answers five.

Kakashi lifts his headband to use his sharingan and looks back towards Lee as he and Guy continue to explain the inner gates to Sakura and Neji. When Kakashi mentions that the final gate causes the user to die, Kakashi expresses his disappointment in Guy for teaching his student such a dangerously self-destructive technique, regardless of whatever Lee means to Guy or what Guy's personal feelings were in this matter. Openly furious, Kakashi tells Guy that he's misjudged him and lost respect in him for this.

Kakashi criticizes Guy to teaching Lee the Inner Gates.

Guy glares and shoots back that Kakashi could never understand the work that Lee, and by extension Guy, had to put in to fight toe-to-toe with everyone else and prove themselves. Guy tells Kakashi that Lee had something he was willing to put his life on the line to prove, so Guy gave him the tools to do so. Guy refuses to say that he was wrong in teaching the technique to Lee, despite Kakashi's open disapproval.

Lee opens the Gate of Life, Kakashi stares in shock, and Guy smiles slightly. Kakashi says that Lee is about to make his move, but is surprised Guy says that it's not time yet. Lee proceeds to open the Gate of Pain and Gate of Limit as well, all five gates he can open.

They both keep watching Lee's match, Kakashi tracking it with his sharingan. Kakashi is amazed every time Lee still manages to get up, since Kakashi knows how much pain Lee must be in and can literally see Lee's muscle's tearing. Kakashi is equally shocked and amazed by the moves that Gaara uses to counter. Guy and Kakashi think that the Hidden Lotus will be enough to end the match, but both are surprised to notice the gourd turning into a cushion of sand and softening Gaara's landing. Guy steps in and stops Gaara's final attack before he can kill Lee. Kakashi says that the moment Guy jumped in, Lee officially lost the match.

Kakashi gives Guy a look of sympathy after Lee's debilitating defeat.

Kakashi and Guy notice when Lee stands back up behind Guy after the match has ended, and at first they think that Lee still wants to fight, despite everything. Guy assures Lee that he doesn't have to fight anymore, but is stunned to tears when he sees that Lee can't even hear him. Kakashi has a look of pity on his face when he also realizes that Lee is still unconscious and is standing purely on muscle memory and instinct, even after all that. Kakashi lowers his headband to cover his sharingan.

Kakashi keeps Sakura from rushing down after Guy when Lee loses the match, but is unable to stop Naruto from running down.

Kakashi apologizes and sympathizes with Guy.

One of the medics takes Guy aside to talk to him, and Kakashi has a noticeable sad and pitying expression as he looks at Guy. Kakashi himself goes down to cover Naruto's mouth when Naruto yells at the medic. They all sadly watch as Lee is carried away on a stretch, then Guy turns away, eyes downturned.

Seeing how crushed Guy is, Kakashi goes to Guy and consoles him after he overhears the extent of Lee's injuries and sees the lengths Lee is willing to go to. Guy frowns, unable to even turn to face Kakashi.

Kakashi admits that he sees Guy's perspective and may have done the same in his situation and laments the situation about Lee. Kakashi regrets being so harsh in his judgement and admits that he was out of line earlier. When that fails to get a response, Kakashi simply urges Guy to leave the arena with him now that Lee's fight is done, or they would hold up the next fight. Guy complies.

Kakashi whispers to Guy about the number of ANBU stationed in the stadium.

During the Finals, both Guy and Kakashi arrive just after Shikimaru's match, separately but both because they were escorting their respective students.

After leaving Sasuke in the arena, Kakashi walks straight to the place where Guy is standing in the stadium. Kakashi greets Guy first and then Lee when he arrives, asking how Lee's body is doing. Guy smiles and returns the greeting.

Kakashi and Guy discuss how the ANBU guards are spread out for the event. Kakashi looks around and counts the ANBU guards he sees among the crowd, noting that there only seven of them, two platoons, an unusually small amount to guard such a large venue. He whispers his concerns about this to Guy. Guy hypothesizes that there must be something else that the ANBU are being utilized for, situated elsewhere in the village to anticipate enemy attacks. Before they can discuss the matter further, Guy tells Kakashi that Sasuke's match is about to begin.

Kakashi and Guy watching from the stands.

Kakashi and Guy watch the matches together from the audience. Guy agrees that the matter of having so few ANBU as security is something they'll have to keep in the back of their minds, but for now, they needed to pay attention to this match. Guy says that he plans on assessing exactly what kind of training Kakashi gave Sasuke and judging his skills as a teacher, as Kakashi's eternal rival. Despite the fact that they had just been having a serious discussion, Kakashi apparently ignores that remark, once again feigning ignorance and asking Guy if he said something. Guy laments how cool and avant-garde Kakashi always seems to be.

As they watch the match, Kakashi explains his training methods for Sasuke to Guy. Kakashi had Sasuke train his taijutsu based on what Sasuke had copied from Lee, but Guy wonders why Kakashi would focus on taijutsu when he saw how that wasn't enough for Lee when he fought Gaara.

Guy criticizes Kakashi for teaching Sasuke chidori, so Kakashi reminds Guy that Kakashi disapproved of Lee learning the gates.

During Sasuke's battle with Gaara, Guy recognizes Sasuke's chidori as one of Kakashi's signature moves. He realizes that the reason Kakashi trained Sasuke's taijutsu was so he would be fast enough to use this technique. Kakashi admits with a smile that Guy has it right.

Guy goes on to describe Chidori, a Lightning Edge that can cut a lightning bolt in half. He explains its technique and uses in detail. Guy criticizes Kakashi for teaching Sasuke a dangerous move like Chidori and having him copy Lee's risky taijutsu, but Kakashi argues that he has no right to talk after the incident with Lee. To demonstrate his point, Kakashi smiles and bends down to ask Lee what he thinks. Lee does not respond.

Kakashi and Guy are both taken by surprise when they suddenly see Shukaku's arm and Gaara's partial transformation come out of Gaara's protective layer of sand after Sasuke manages to break through it. Then, both jonin notice the sudden genjutsu that takes place over the stadium.

Konoha Crush

Kakashi and Guy stand back-to-back as they fend off the invading Sound Ninja.

Guy and Kakashi confirm to each other what the situation is.

Both are able to notice Kabuto's genjutsu before they're put under its effects. They both dispel the genjutsu together and team up to fend off invading Sound Village attackers and protect their students and the rest of the audience. They stand back to back while they fight and comment on their current situation to each other.

Kakashi and Guy stand together and face down the enemies while they assess what's going on.

They notice that the nine ANBU guards were actually with the enemy. In fact, Kakashi notices that a large number of enemy ninja are starting to appear. Guy tells Kakashi that there's more to this attack than that, and points out the barrier and the intruder currently holding their Third Hokage hostage. Kakashi looks over where Guy told him to. They notice that the one inside the barrier with the third Hokage is Orochimaru, but neither is able to leave their fight to go after him. 

Kakashi is worried, but he has to focus on protecting the audience and his students first. He tells Guy to let the ANBU take care of the Hokage, assuring him that the Hokage would not be easy to take down anyway.

They agree to leave defending the Hokage to the ANBU. 

They manage to eliminate almost all of the invaders in the stadium, even making a competition out of it to see who could defeat the most opponents. Kakashi and Guy hold their ground and fight back to back, easily fighting in sync with each other in their unofficial competition of it, which Guy declares he is winning when he is on his twenty-third and Kakashi is on his twenty-second. Kakashi acts uninterested, and Guy marvels at how cool his rival's response is yet again. 

Both react when they hear the sound of a kunai stabbing into flesh and look towards the barrier again, but it turns out that Orochimaru has only stabbed himself to stay awake.

Guy creates an opening in the wall by punching that Sound Ninja through it, and Kakashi sends Pakkun to guide his students and chase after Gaara while Kakashi and Guy hold down the fort. Guy is unsure about sending a ground of young genin after Gaara, but Kakashi assures him that he has faith in his students to succeed as long as they don't get in too deep.

Kakashi and Guy see Hiruzen's corpse.

Kakashi, Guy, and the other jonin keep standing their ground as they fight in the stadium, tired and covered in blood. Guy is shocked at how much has gone into this invasion, as both sound ninja and sand ninja were attacking them from all sides. Kakashi tells him that that's why they call it a war.

Guy, Genma and Kakashi stand and face Baki and Kabuto together on the field. 

Kakashi and Guy notice when the barrier falls and the ninja that were maintaining it begin to fan out. Guy asks Kakashi if they should follow them, but Kakashi tells Guy to wait and avoid falling into a trap. Guy says he knows that it could be a trap, but as a Hidden Leaf ninja, he still doesn't want to just let his enemies escape like this. Kakashi just glares at Kabuto and asks if he's only here to observe the fallout. Kabuto is surprised that Kakashi was able to tell it was him.

Kakashi glares as Kabuto and Baki disappear.

The third Hokage ultimately dies during his confrontation with Orochimaru, despite their efforts. Kakashi and Guy, along with the other ninja, discover Hiruzen's dead body after the invading ninja have retreated. Kakashi and Guy stand right next to each other and sadly look down on the corpse of their Hokage.

Kakashi and Guy attend the Third Hokage's funeral after the invasion.

Search for Tsunade

Guy repels Kisame and rescues Kakashi, Asuma, and Kurenai.

Kakashi is barely maintaining consciousness while he stands against Itachi and Kisame. Although he himself is hardly in a condition to protect them, he tells Kurenai and Asuma to still keep their eyes closed and stay behind hin, because there's little else they can do against Itachi's Sharingan. Kakashi tries to keep holding out.

When Kakashi is about to be killed by Kisame after falling victim to Itachi's genjutsu, Guy arrives just in time to intercept Kisame's attack and intimidate Itachi and Kisame. Guy stands between Kakashi and their enemies protectively, announcing his arrival as the Leaf's Blue Beast.

Seeing Guy arrive, Kakashi finally loses consciousness and starts to sink into the water. Guy turns his back to Itachi and Kisame in order to kneel down and lift a fainted Kakashi out of the water. He totes him over his shoulder and gently passed him off to Kurenai, who he asks to take Kakashi for medical attention.

Guy then orders Kurenai and Asuma to open their eyes and act as his backup in the fight, explaining that Guy is adept in fighting Sharingan users from the years of fighting he's done against Kakashi. Guy reveals that he is capable of following an opponent's movements without looking at their face or upper body directly, a feat that Kurenai and Asuma both say that only Guy is capable of.

Kakashi won't wake up after Itachi's genjutsu.

Itachi warns Kisame not to underestimate Guy, so Itachi and Kisame flee. Guy carries Kakashi back to his bed and watches over him together with Asuma and Kurenai, but he does not wake up.

Guy remains in Kakashi's room watching over him until Aoba accidentally lets Sasuke know that Itachi is in the village. Guy finally leaves Kakashi's side to chase after Sasuke and keep him from facing Itachi.

He arrives too late, as Itachi and Kisame have already left and taken down Sasuke in a fight. When Jiraiya mentions that Sasuke is dazed from Itachi's genjutsu, Guy wonders to himself if Itachi used the same jutsu on Sasuke if he had used on Kakashi.

Deeply concerned, Guy mentions to Naruto and Jiraiya that he is worried about Kakashi, since he is still in a coma from the incident and they are not sure when he will wake up. He tells them that they need the legendary Tsunade to come and heal him for Kakashi to regain consciousness. Guy's spirits are lifted when Naruto promises to bring Tsunade back, and he is so overjoyed by the news that he gifts Naruto one of his signature green jumpsuits.

Sasuke Recovery Mission

Guy is in the room, anstily fiddling with the curtains while Tsunade is healing Kakashi and scolding him for losing to two rogue ninja. Once Kakashi is awake, Guy tells Tsunade to ignore "that idiot" and takes Tsunade to have a look at Lee's injuries.

A flashback shows Lee, Tenten, and Neji watching one of the many competitions between Kakashi and Guy, where they would break their 48-48 tie.

Kakashi takes the lead 49-48.

Kakashi arrives 17 minutes and 32 seconds late to their scheduled challenge, reading his book and seeming bored. With very animated gestures, Guy suggests they have a taijutsu battle, a 100-meter dash, a snorkeling competition, or even an eating competition, but since it is Kakashi's turn to choose the challenge, he chooses Rock-Paper-Scissors, much to Guy's disappointment. However, Guy gets his vigor and excitement back quickly.

Guy swears he will beat Kakashi all the same and pull ahead this time, or Guy would walk around the village 500 times on his hands. Kakashi listlessly notes that it's yet again one of his odd self-rules.

Guy loses the match but makes good on his promise, even though Lee points out that Kakashi isn't watching him do it. Guy explains that he follows his self-rules in hopes of beating Kakashi next time, not for show.

Part II

Kazekage Rescue Mission

Kakashi recalls Guy's advice.

Feeling a premonition that makes her worry about Kakashi's team, Tsunade decides that she needs to send reinforcements to backup Kakashi's team as soon as she can. She immediately decides to choose Team Guy for the task, and has Shizune locate Guy and his students as soon as they return from their mission.

Tsunade and Shizune send them to Sunagakure to provide backup to Team Kakashi. Despite Suna being three days away from Konoha, Guy is confident that his team will get there to Kakashi in one day, while Lee claims they could make the trip in half a day, much to the exasperation of Tenten and Neji.

Meanwhile, after Kakashi had sent out his ninken to search for the scent of the Akatsuki and find their hideout, he sends Pakkun to give that intel to Team Guy, who were in route from the Leaf Village to the Sand Village, and thus were already closer to the location of the hideout in the Land of Rivers. Pakkun calls out to Team Guy, and Guy recognizes Pakkun immediately. Pakkun informs them of their situation and Kakashi's orders.

Guy happily agrees, so they follow Pakkun to the hideout as he gives them more details.

In a flashback, Kakashi is shown asking Guy how he fought Itachi. With a smile, Guy looked back at Kakashi and said there was only one say to counter his visual jutsu. He passes Guy's advice onto Team 7, telling them to only watch Itachi's feet and to avoid making eye contact with him.

Team Kakashi meets up with Team Guy.

Pakkun guides Guy and his team to the base, and his team arrives first but sees a seal placed on it. Instead of trying to break in, Guy notes that won't be necessary and looks back. Guy grins and tells Kakashi that he's late, which Kakashi apologizes for as he finally arrives, explaining that they ran into some trouble on the way there. Guy asks Kakashi if he's ready to start, and Kakashi says that he is. Their teams stand together and get ready to handle the barrier. Now that they've regrouped, Guy tries and fails to brute force his way through the barrier to get inside. After that failed attempt, he and Kakashi agree that they have to figure out the type of barrier and disarm it. Kakashi deducts that it's a Five-Seal Barrier. Kakashi explains to Guy and the others how they have to go about removing each of the seals' tags simultaneously.

Lee's frequency hurts everyone's ears, especially Kakashi's and Guy's.

Guy takes out wireless radio sets from his backpack and hands them out to everyone in the group. Guy says his team is faster than Kakashi's, so they'll remove the other four tags and keep in touch. Kakashi nods in agreement. Kakashi asks for the frequency, and they all set their radios.

Lee sets his too high, so when Lee speaks into his at first, everyone in the group reels back in pain at the sharp noise. Kakashi and Guy almost fall over from the shock of it.

Guy makes his team put their hands in for an enthusiastic cheer before they scatter. Naruto admires their enthusiasm and tries to do the same with his own team, but Kakashi and Sakura adamantly refuse.

Once everyone is in position, Guy calls in to ask Kakashi for the signal to start.

Kakashi and Team Guy remove the five seals together, setting off a trap. Kakashi calls Guy and asks for immediate backup to face Deidara, but Team Guy is delayed in fighting off clones of themselves that were created in the trap. Guy tells Kakashi that they'll need a little more time, unfortunately. Kakashi decides he can't afford to waste too much time waiting for them.

Team Guy is finally able to defeat the clones and starts heading back. Guy tries to contact Kakashi to let him know they're coming, but just as Guy had suspected, the radios aren't connecting to his for some reason. Guy has Neji use his byakugan to check out the situation with Kakashi's group. Neji answers that Kakashi and his team have retrieved Gaara's body and are currently fighting a member of the Akatsuki.

Guy and his team are able to intercept Deidara before he can run away.

During Deidara's suicide bomb attack, Kakashi saves Team Guy using Kamui. Kakashi collapses from exertion, but Guy smiles fondly at him and remarks that he would expect nothing less from his rival. The others are confused, so Kakashi quickly explains that he sent the explosion to another dimension with his mangekyo sharingan.

Kakashi can be seen kneeling tiredly behind Guy when they all regroup. Kakashi and Guy observe the nature of Chiyo's revival jutsu together, and Chiyo subsequent death from using the jutsu.

Kakashi indicates that he trusts Guy, and Guy assures Baki that he can get Kakashi back to Konoha.

With Gaara alive and safe, everyone is able to return to the kazekage's office in the Sand Village, although Kakashi needs assistance from Guy to get there and remain standing. Together, everyone walks back to the village in a large procession, and it greeted by a crowd of Gaara's grateful citizens. Naruto bashfully says that he didn't do much when addressed, and Guy and Kakashi just look at him, Guy with a grin of pride of Kakashi with a tired expression in his one visible eye.

As soon as they get to Gaara's office, they inform the sand ninja that they will have to be departing soon, much to their surprise.

Kakashi says that he feels uneasy, having been away from the Leaf Village for so long when the Akatsuki have already begun making their moves, so he is looking forward to returning. Guy smiles proudly beside him.

Baki begins to tell Kakashi that he can't possibly return to the village in his current condition, but Kakashi cuts him off and tells him not to worry. Kakashi casts a glance towards Guy and pointedly says that he has allies who he can fully rely on. Guy winks and voices his agreement, saying that Baki could just leave the job of getting Kakashi back to the Leaf Village to him. Kakashi explains that he will fill Tsunade in on the full report regarding the Akatsuki later, but for now, a basic report has been sent to the Leaf Village informing them of the mission's success. Tsunade and Shizune read over the report, noting that Kakashi and Guy's joint teams have succeeded, and discuss why their team was perfect for this job.

Kakashi and Guy mourn Chiyo together.

Both Kakashi and Guy are present at Chiyo's funeral later. Kakashi leans against Guy's shoulder for support, and Guy nods along solemnly when Kakashi tells everyone to pay their final respects to her grave. They begin to walk away when they're done, but pause and look back, noticing that both Naruto and Sakura are lingering at the grave. Lee calls out to the two of them, and Sakura and Naruto follow after the rest.

Kakashi is still leaning against Guy as they watch Gaara and Naruto shake hands and bid each other farewell. Both look happy to see it, although Kakashi is also visibly drained from the whole ordeal.

After the mission, Kakashi is still too exhausted to walk back to Konoha on his own. At first, Guy happily helps him walk by draping his arm over his shoulder to act as a crutch and support his weight. Guy smiles as he watches Gaara and Naruto say their goodbyes, while Kakashi tiredly stares, still draped against Guy for support.

First and second place back to Konoha.

Tenten and the others cajole the two for being so slow, making Guy frustrated. Kakashi sheepishly thanks Guy for his help and explains that he's simply too exhausted to move faster after overusing his sharingan during the fights.

Suddenly, Guy throws Kakashi into the air and catches him on his back, then gives Kakashi a piggyback all the way back to Konoha, allowing them to be the first and second ones to arrive. Lee arrives shortly after. Guy spins around and somehow makes Kakashi point his fingers down at Lee mockingly while Guy brags that Lee came in third, because Kakashi was second place and lucky enough to be getting a ride from the first place winner. Guy tells Kakashi that he's a very lucky guy to have a friend like Guy.

Kakashi has all but fainted at this point.

Guy makes sure that all the students have arrived, then says that they should all go deliver a proper mission report in person to the Hokage. Sakura points out that Kakashi has fainted, so everyone decides to take Kakashi to the hospital, first and foremost. Guy carried Kakashi to the hospital, and they all wait around the bed for him to wake up.

When Kakashi finally wakes up, he tiredly notes that he has found himself stuck in the hospital yet again.

Tsunade and Shizune come to Kakashi's hospital room and tell Team Kakashi and Team Guy to both rest for now, saying that the mission report could wait.

Kakashi and Guy attend Asuma's funeral.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission

Guy and Kakashi are next to each other while they attend Asuma's funeral.

Both look remorseful as they mourn their old friend's passing away, and Guy is even crying.

Pain's Assault

Team Guy is out of the village on a mission during Pain's invasion. Shortly after Kakashi has died, Guy is shown with his team while they're on a break. Guy stares into the distance with a frown and seems to sense that something is wrong, noticing the flight pattern of the birds all of a sudden. He tells his team that they need to head to the village right away, but they don't arrive until Naruto has already finished his business with Pain.

Kakashi and Guy, together with the village, welcome Naruto back.

Guy can be seen standing right next to Kakashi with a grin while everyone welcomes back Naruto.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Countdown

In a flashback, on the night of the Nine Tail's attack on Konoha, a younger Kakashi and Guy are seen together walking through the village. Guy challenges Kakashi is a rivalry rematch, and Kakashi smiles and humors him, but says that they have a long mission coming up, so they should keep it to something simple like Rock-Paper-Scissors again.

Guy is strongly against yet another Rock-Paper-Scissors match and demands better of his rival, something more exciting, but Kakashi shrugs it off.

Kakashi senses the Nine Tails.

Kakashi suddenly stops and notices an ominous feeling present in the air: the Nine Tails. Guy fails to notice the ominous chakra and shoots back that the only ominous feeling is coming from Kakashi being so cold and closed off.

Later in the same flashback, Kakashi and Guy are shown waiting together, safe outside the village, during the attack of the ninetails. Both look somewhat anxious about being prevented from doing anything during this crisis.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation

Guy assists Kakashi and the others during the start of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Both are assigned to the third division, the Short and Mid-Range Battle Division. Kakashi prepares to lead the division while an exhausted Guy is being healed by Sakura.

Kakashi notices the signal flare Saji sends, so he informs his division that the Commando unit has signaled for them. Guy nods his agreement and his squad goes to provide backup.

Kakashi and Guy fight the revived Seven Swordsmen of the Mist.

Guy and Kakashi come to another squad’s aid with fighting Haku and Zabuza, then the rest of the 7 swordsmen. Since they have been revived through the reanimation jutsu, they cannot be killed and must be sealed.

When they face the reanimated Zabuza and Haku, Kakashi warns Guy about Zabuza's silent killing methods. Kakashi orders his squad to take a defensive position, since the visibility is going to be low, and he, Sakura, Lee, and Guy stand back-to-back as the mist appears. Kakashi warns Guy to stay on his guard.

Kakashi and Guy caught in the mist.

Guy notes how strong the mist is, and Kakashi warns him that they'll just kill each other if they try to fight in it. Guy asks Kakashi if he has a plan to deal with the mist, then. Kakashi answers that he's preparing the plan at the moment, so Guy leaves it up to him.

Meanwhile, Naruto leaves his training chambers and, feeling suspicious of the others and wanting answers as to what is going on outside, uses the sensory powers of his sage mode to finally discern the situation. He is able to sense Kakashi and Guy working together in their fight with the revived swordsmen and finally learns about the war going on.

Naruto senses Kakashi and Guy's struggle.

Kakashi and Guy continue to fight the revived enemy ninja and provide backup to the sealing teams. While they're fighting, suddenly they notice a large wave of wave humanoid creatures running towards them en masse, which Kakashi and Guy remark are the enemy reinforcements that have been transforming into fakes of their ninjas. 

Guy says things are about to get wild now that the Zetsu have arrived, so they should aim to destroy them all here and now. 

Before they can begin, Naruto suddenly appears before them, surprising Guy and Kakashi. Naruto announces that reinforcements may have arrived for the Zetsu, but reinforcements have arrived for their side as well, namely, Naruto is here are the reinforcements. With Naruto there, everyone is newly inspired, and charges in to continue the fight. 

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax

Kakashi and Guy arrive together to protect Naruto.

Guy and Kakashi work together in well-coordinated attacks to assist Naruto and Killer B in their fight against Tobi.

Just as Tobi is about to touch Naruto, Guy bursts in with a would-be lethal Severe Leaf Whirlwind aimed at Tobi's head, forcing Tobi to phase through. This gives Kakashi enough time to pry Naruto up and drag him away through Tobi before he can touch anything again. As soon as Kakashi has carried Naruto away, Guy leaps after them.

Together, Guy and Kakashi announce with presence as a Sharingan user and Konoha's Noble Blue Beast and tell Tobi that it won't be so easy to get to Naruto with them around to protect him.

Naruto explains the situation and the powers their enemies have, but Guy tells him to slow down so it would be easier to understand. Kakashi reiterates Naruto's explanation, and Guy proudly compliments Kakashi’s deductive skills, apparently understanding it much better from Kakashi than from Naruto.

Kakashi warns Guy and Naruto that the five-tails is coming their way, so Guy breaks the rocks stuck on Naruto's back before they continue.

Kakashi notices one of the tailed beasts try to attack Tobi. Guy asks why Tobi stopped the beast's power, and Kakashi realizes that Tobi may not be able to fully control them all. Guy and Kakashi discuss why Tobi is bottling up the Tailed Beasts' powers and decide they need to confirm which junchuriki have which of Pain's jutsu.

Guy complains that he can't remember people's and tailed beasts' faces well, but they attack the jinchuriki together, warning Naruto when some attacks are coming his way. 

Guy and Kakashi both notice that Tobi and the beasts aren't using any of Pain's jutsu at all. Kakashi and Guy agree that it must require too much chakra for them to perform. Guy suspects that Tobi is being cautious and not using Pain's abilities because Kakashi and Guy know how to get around them. 

Since they have figured that out, Tobi sends more beasts after them to make it a harder fight. Kakashi and Guy are knocked back, but both land on their feet. 

Kakashi warns Guy to avoid coming into contact with the Six Tails' corrosive attacks. 

Guy warns Kakashi not to use a visual jutsu, and Kakashi warns Guy not to open the eighth gate.

Upon seeing Naruto nearly get swallowed by the four-tails, Guy tells Kakashi they have to find a way to get back to Naruto and help him. Kakashi points out their need to escape their own peril before they can do that. They're cornered and surrounded by the tailed beasts' attacks.  

They decide to guard each others' backs again, so they stand back to back and take on the oncoming waves of enemies together until they're able to wrap it up and get back to supporting Naruto. Kakashi and a shadow clone of his use Lightning Chain, and Guy uses Morning Peacock on the first wave of attacks, then they announce to each other and both sides are preparing another wave of attacks already.   

Kakashi and Guy keep up their fight. The Tailed Beasts team up against the two and prepare multiple Tailed Beast Bombs, far too many for them to dodge. Guy tells Kakashi the situation is bad, and Kakashi tells Guy not to move so he can blast the bombs away with his Kamui. Guy argues that there are too many of them for a visual jutsu to handle it alone, and suggests that Guy should open the Eighth Gate to deal with them instead. Kakashi calls that plan idiotic, since Guy will die if he even tries that.  

Before they're hit by the bombs, Naruto reappears in his new transformed state, saving Kakashi and Guy and leaving them in awe. 

Seeing Naruto's sudden transformation and prowess, Guy suddenly remarks that Naruto has grown so much that it makes Guy feel old and feeble. Kakashi is surprised by Guy's sudden negativity. Kakashi tries to cheer Guy up and awkwardly tells him the springtime of their youth is far from over, claiming they have a lot of work left, and as long as they're still there—

Kakashi tries to cheer up Guy.

Guy interrupts in protest, begging Kakashi not to make him feel even older. Kakashi says that that's the Guy he knows.

They continue the fight. Naruto mocks the masked Tobi to try to provoke him into revealing his true identity, prompting Kakashi to cajole Naruto for trying to provoke his opponent while Guy cheers Naruto on excitedly. 

Kakashi calls out to Guy as he attacks the Gedo Statue’s hands. Guy calls out in return and attacks the Gedo Statue’s feet. 

Kakashi and Guy are surprised to hear Kurama's voice coming out of Naruto, but listen attentively when Kurama explains that he is Naruto's friend and ally now and what their current situation is. When Kakashi remarks on that, Tobi mocks Kakashi's habit of speaking so freely, saying that his life of regrets comes from that bad trait of his. Kakashi is stunned to silence at that remark, so Guy glares and asks Tobi who exactly he is. Tobi says that since Guy doesn't remember faces in the first place, there was no point in even answering that question from him. Kakashi continues to stare at the masked man in pensive silence. 

Later, after Tobi explains his plan for the Infinite Tsukiyomi, Guy says that dreams must come to an end eventually, and Kakashi agrees. Guy and Kakashi help formulate a battle plan for Naruto to take on Tobi. Since they should avoid direct attacks when fighting Tobi, Guy takes out his nunchucks while Kakashi and Naruto prepare their jutsu.

Guy, Naruto, and Kakashi rush Tobi to try to hit him with an attack and keep him too preoccupied to touch them. Guy admires Kakashi's skills during the fight. Guy asks Kakashi if he is alright after using Kamui, but Kakashi assures him that he is. They're only able to stall, but then Kakashi and Guy notice the crack in Tobi's mask and discuss what it must have come from. Guy assumes that it means that Naruto's attack got through after all, and praises Naruto for his guts and efficiency. Kakashi cuts in and explains that he didn't see Naruto's attack make contact with Tobi. Naruto and Guy ask Kakashi to elaborate on that.

Kakashi, Guy, and Naruto prepare to use Kakashi's plan against Tobi.

Kakashi has an idea and requests the help of Guy, Naruto, and Killer Bee to test it out.

Kakashi, Naruto, and Guy all jump onto the eight-tailed beast's hand and are thrown towards Tobi. Naruto and Kakashi jump out of the way while Guy crushes a large boulder with his nunchucks. The debris from the boulder falls directly onto Tobi, who phases through it without moving. Guy takes the opportunity to rush Tobi with a flurry of attacks from his nunchucks since he would not be able to absorb anything until the debris stopped falling. At the first chance he gets, Tobi grabs the nunchucks and begins to pull them in. Guy ducks so Naruto can come in and attack with a Rasengan while Tobi is solid. Tobi phases through and reaches towards Naruto. Just then, Kakashi uses kamui on the Rasengan, and somehow, this leads to Tobi being hit by it even while he is phasing.

Guy is impressed with Kakashi's assessment and plan, so he compliments Kakashi’s jutsu analysis skills and asks for a summary of how the plan worked. Kakashi explains the connection between his and Tobi’s eyes. Guy begins to ask why they're connected and wonders if Tobi could be Obito, but instead of voicing that possibility, he asks Kakashi if he is alright again.

Guy gets Kakashi to focus on the battle at hand.

Guy calls out to an inattentive Kakashi, who is deep in thought about Tobi's identity and the connection between their eyes. Tobi talks down to Kakashi, and Guy is visibly concerned for Kakashi the entire time.

Guy finally gets Kakashi's attention and reminds him that they have to keep up constant distractions in order to launch a counterattack against Tobi, even though Guy is able to empathize with how Kakashi must be feeling now. Guy mentions that Kakashi is always ahead of him in their matches, so he knows something like this shouldn't be enough to throw Kakashi off his game. Guy's speech gets through to Kakashi, who appreciates how strong Naruto has become, so he calls on Guy to come with him to back up Naruto. Guy happily obliges as they move in to attack.

Kakashi uses his Kamui in a combination attack to help Naruto trick Tobi into being hit, then collapses. Guy calls out to Kakashi in concern when he sees Kakashi hit the ground. Guy kneels down and stands Kakashi up, supporting him with an arm over his shoulder.

A flashback is shown in which Obito's time as a young ninja and Kakashi's teammate is shown.

When Obito arrives at the academy to take the entrance exam, he is already late. Guy and Kakashi are seen walking out next to each other with their entrance papers for the ninja academy. Guy glances at Kakashi when Kakashi shrugs at Obito.

Later, at the chunin exams, Team Choza (Guy's Team) participated in the chunin exams along with Team Minato (Kakashi's and Obito's team). Kakashi and Guy both pass the written exam. In the forest part of the exam, the two teams go against each other directly. As soon as they get the signal to begin the fight, Guy rushes forward and seems to be running straight at Kakashi. Obito jumps in the way to counter with a fire jutsu, but chokes on a piece of candy, leaving him wide open to a kick from Guy.

Kakashi and Guy clash during the chunin exam tournaments.

In the one-on-one tournaments, Guy is able to soundly defeat Obito in his first match. His second match is a much more even match against Kakashi, which Guy eventually loses. Kakashi passes the exam and becomes a chunin, but Guy fails.

Back in the present, when Tobi is unmasked by Naruto's attack, Guy and Kakashi recognize him as Obito, who was supposed to have died during the last war. Kakashi and Guy explain to Naruto who Obito is. Obito pointedly reminds Kakashi that he broke his promise and let Rin die, which is what led Obito to giving up on this reality altogether. Guy is again visibly concerned and repeatedly looks over at Kakashi with a sympathetic frown. Guy and Naruto tell Kakashi that what matters right now is fighting for the present and the world they love, so they have to keep going, but this time Kakashi is not very stirred by the rallying cry. Kakashi keeps his head down in guilt.

Suddenly, Madara reappears. Kakashi, Guy, and Naruto are surprised. Madara takes on Naruto, leaving Obito to handle Guy and Kakashi by himself.

Guy tries to help Kakashi work through the shock of seeing his presumed-dead former teammate and continue the fight, but Guy has entrust the fight against Obito to Kakashi while Guy fights Madara. Guy calls out to Kakashi as he's about to be hit by a blast.

Kakashi supporting an exhausted Guy, just like Guy had done for Kakashi before.

Kakashi and Guy both see the arrival of Madara and the Ten-Tails. Kakashi and Guy are both motivated by Naruto's declaration that he will protect his friends, a declaration that mirror's Kakashi's own resolve. Kakashi uses Chidori to destroy Obito's shiriken, while Guy uses Hirudora to attack Obito.

After Kakashi confronts Obito, both he and Guy, along with Naruto and Bee, are exhausted and low on chakra. Kakashi puts Guy's arm over his shoulder and helps support him when he isn't able to be fully healed during the fight with the ten tails.

They stand behind Naruto and try to figure out their next move while Madara and Obito stare them down. When reinforcements arrive, Kakashi helps Guy walk over to Lee and Sakura to get healed, then Kakashi goes to join the fray again.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki

Guy happily praises Kakashi for becoming a genin.

When Naruto is talking to Obito about his past, a flashback is shown in which Kakashi first graduates from the exam and earns his genin headband.

Outside, a crowd of curious academy students wait eagerly to see the results, including Guy, Asuma, and Kurenai. Guy is shown among the front of the crowd of kids waiting for him to exit, and when he sees that Kakashi has passed, Guy smiles and nods vigorously, saying something that is not voiced. Kakashi seems to be looking in Guy's general direction.

In the present, Guy is walking with Tenten and Lee and trying to be pumped for battle, but he is still very clearly exhausted from his earlier fights and has to lean on Lee to stand. Guy notices Gaara and Sakura passing them by, and more importantly, he notices that Kakashi still has yet to pass them. Guy senses that something is wrong at Kakashi's location, something big enough to make Guy's blood boil. He is still not fully healed, but he tells Tenten and Lee that he needs to get back to Kakashi as soon as possible. After a setback, Guy rushes to find Kakashi.

Kakashi, Obito, and Guy in their youth.

Meanwhile, at Kakashi's location, Kakashi remembers his past and how difficult working together with others used to be. A flashback shows a young Guy jumping in and challenging Kakashi to a match while Kakashi was already having an argument with Obito about how missions should be carried out. Kakashi was annoyed with both Guy and Obito, wondering how he ended up with classmates like this. Guy just grins and takes it in stride, as usual, until Rin runs by and takes Kakashi and Obito by the hands, leading them away while Guy stares after them in surprise.

Back in the present, Kakashi implements a plan that ends up leaving him wide open to taking Madara's attack on his own after Obito has warped away. As the smoke clears, it is revealed that Guy had appeared just in time to save Kakashi from Madara's attack. Kakashi remarks that Guy has actually come at just the right moment for once. Minato is thankful that Guy has rescued Kakashi in his place.

Guy asks Kakashi if he is alright, then asks who the man they're facing is, since Guy can't recognize Madara at first. Kakashi confirms that the man is Madara.

Guy arrives "on time" for once.

When Minato and Gaara rejoin them, Kakashi explains that he's fine thanks to Guy.

Kakashi explains that Madara is immune to everything except for senjutsu and taijutsu, and in Minato's state, senjutsu is not an option anymore. Guy smiles smugly and jumps in front of everybody.

Guy attacks with the 7th Gate and Hirudora. This barely even manages to stagger Madara, but leaves Guy laying in the rubble the attack left behind. Kakashi prepares to throw one of Minato's kunai in the path of Madara's truth-seeking orb to protect Guy, but Lee rescues Guy before Kakashi can. Kakashi asks if Guy is alright, and Guy explains that he only broke his arm and some ribs, so he is still fine.

Since Guy's 7th gate enhanced taijutsu has failed, Kakashi laments that they're out of options if even Guy's taijutsu isn't enough. Guy disagrees. Guy reminds Kakashi that he still has more he can do, and it's too soon to throw away hope when his youth isn't over yet. Kakashi stares at Guy as Guy explains that it's important to believe something is possible before you set out to do it, even if the odds are against you —just like when Guy challenged Kakashi.

Kakashi's eyes widen as he remembers Guy challenging him when they were kids and finally realizes that Guy is alluding to.

Guy decides to attack with the final gate despite everyone's protests that he doesn't have to go so far. The condition his father set for this gate was that it had to be used in order to protect something truly precious, so precious that Guy would die for it in the same way that Duy died for Guy using the eighth gate. Guy is ready to use it to protect Kakashi, Lee, and the future of Konoha, emphasizing how serious he is about this decision. Guy talks about how important it is to rush forward and try, even if you don't want to and aren't sure you can win, and looks back on his rivalry with Kakashi as an example.

Guy remembers his early years, back when he still had his father and he and Kakashi were just starting the academy. The things that pushed him forward then were his desire to become equals with the genius Kakashi, and the unfaltering belief that Duy always had in Guy. He remembers the exact moment when Duy opened the final gate to protect Guy. It was Guy's turn now.

Guy opens the Gate of Death to protect Kakashi, Lee, and the others.

Kakashi is shocked and protests Guy's decision, but to no avail. Kakashi is so stunned that he keeps asking Guy if this is what he really wants to do.

Throughout the fight, Kakashi trembles in shock and amazement and calls out to Guy in worry multiple times.

Kakashi explains the eight gates to Gaara when he asks. Gaara begins to ask Lee how he feels about his mentor's impending death, but Lee assures everyone that he can't disrespect Guy's decision by feeling pity for him. Kakashi is silent.

Kakashi, Gaara, Lee, and Minato provide support while Guy fights Madara in the 8th Gate, combining their efforts to help Guy's attacks make it past Madara's truth-seeking orbs. Lee throws Minato's kunai, Minato teleports to block Madara's truth seeking orbs, Gaara uses his sand to move Kakashi into close enough range to aim, and Kakashi uses Kamui to make space for Guy's punch to reach Madara through the barrier. Guy finally lands a direct hit on Madara and sends him flying, but although Madara is hurt to the point of coughing up blood, he survives and even laughs.

Kakashi and the others are stunned.

Guy decides to use the last option he has left: Night Guy.

Seeing Guy use Night Guy and burst into the fight with immense new power, Kakashi remembers when he first met Guy. He remembers talking down to the failure who couldn't use ninjutsu or genjutsu but was still foolish enough to try for a spot in the academy anyway. He remembers the way Guy grinned and looked completely unbothered by Kakashi's blunt remarks. He remembers the bruises on Guy's hands and feet. 

Kakashi remembers his father's warning that Guy would surpass Kakashi one day. Seeing the power of Night Guy, Kakashi remarks in awe that Guy really has become stronger than Kakashi.  

Kakashi has to brace himself for the shock wave released when Guy unleashes his final attack. They almost succeed in taking him down together with Night Guy, but Madara manages to regenerate from the damage and Guy is left to turn to ashes in the wake of the 8th gate before Naruto heals him and saves his life. 

After Guy's final attack, Kakashi looks around frantically and wonders what became of Guy. He sees Naruto carrying him to Lee, although Kakashi is going blind from his Sharingan at this point, so it's unclear if Kakashi could see what was happening with Guy clearly or not.


Kakashi and Guy discuss retirement.

Kakashi and Guy share a house in an unknown location, likely due to Guy's disability.

Now that Kakashi has passed the torch onto Naruto, Guy asks Kakashi if he thinks he should be there helping Naruto. Kakashi answers that he has plenty of faith in Naruto and that he and Guy should let the new generation take the reigns now.

Kakashi and Guy reminisce about the old days, and Kakashi invites Guy on a trip with him to visit all the places he has fond memories in. Guy remembers the first place that he and Kakashi ever fought at.

Later, Mirai tells her mother that she is going on a mission as an escort for Kakashi and Guy, and they'll be away for 2-3 days. This leads directly into the events of the Konoha Shinden novel.

Blank Period

Kakashi Hiden: Lightning in the Icy Sky

A year after the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, Konoha is given the job of providing security for the Tobishachimaru's maiden voyage.

In chapter 1, Kakashi mentions that Team Guy is stationed at guards at a prison. He also thinks about how Guy had wanted to be chosen for the mission aboard the Tobishachimaru. Kakashi thinks to himself that Guy shouldn't try a mission like that when his leg is broken beyond repair, but knowing Guy, he would even take the voyage while he's in his wheelchair. Kakashi suspects Guy's interest in the mission had more to do with Guy's curiosity about a flying ship than it had to do with anything else.

In chapter 2, Guy has Lee sneak him aboard the flight, even though he was in a wheelchair now.

Kakashi spots a hooded figure sneaking off the ship, which turns out to be Lee. Realizing what Lee's done, Kakashi sneaks onto the ship and finds Guy in the engine room.

When Kakashi catches him, Kakashi sighs and demands an explanation from Guy. Kakashi recalls the extent of Guy's injuries, despite his progress in rehabilitation.

Guy claims that he isn't really interested in flying, he just wants to show that he's still able to be a capable ninja in spite of the injuries he received during the war. Kakashi sees right through that excuse, especially because Guy is a very clumsy liar who clearly is just eager to be one of the very first people to fly in the sky.

However, Kakashi is not surprised by Guy's determination, since he had known not even the broken leg would discourage Guy. Kakashi asks Guy how he planned to do this when he knew being on ships made him motion sick. Guy figures that a ship that sails through the air would be different than a ship that sails through the sea, but Kakashi can already tell that Guy is starting to get queasy from the ship.

Still, Kakashi goes on to remind Guy that this flight and the ship are both supposed to be national secrets, only a select few ninja were chosen to board and guard the plane, and Guy and Kakashi are not among those ninja. Guy argues that since the ship is secret, then that mean it technically doesn't exist on the record. And since it doesn't exist, Guy and Kakashi couldn't be trying to sneak onto a nonexistent ship and stealing nonexistent records. Kakashi is at a loss for how to deal with this sort of logic. Guy just laughs.

Since both Kakashi and Guy are stowaways on the flight, they try to find a place to stay and ride out the duration of the trip. Guy asks about how Lee is doing. Then, Guy tells Kakashi to push his wheelchair for him so they can go sightseeing through the ship together.

Before they can do much looking around, they notice ninja on the ship that aren't from the Hidden Leaf Village. Kakashi and Guy hide their presence and watch from above to see what they're up to. When the ninja go elsewhere, Kakashi and Guy exchange glances before going to investigate what they had done. They discover a kunai with explosive tags. Suddenly, they hear a scream from the dining room lounge.

In chapter 3, now that they are aware that enemy ninja seem to be planning something, Kakashi and Guy decide to investigate to get to the bottom of it. Kakashi pushes Guy's wheelchair along the high scaffolding through the storehouse. The entire time, Guy complains that Kakashi is going too slowly. Guy claims that if his legs weren't out of commission, he would have caught the enemy ninja and forced the info out of them by now.

Kakashi sarcastically tells Guy that all the cajoling is making Kakashi feel just great. Guy, apparently not understanding the sarcasm, cheers Kakashi on and tells Kakashi that if he gets his hot blood boiling, he'll be able to save everyone and feel even greater.

Kakashi and Guy infiltrate the ship's ventilation ducts so they can move through the ship and do reconnaissance to get a better understanding of the situation. Kakashi helps lift Guy up and push him into the air vents, leaving Guy's wheelchair behind. Guy crawls ahead in front of Kakashi, and Kakashi marvels at how well he can go with only the use of his arms. Kakashi remembers with some amazement that Guy trained his arms just as diligently as he had trained his legs. Kakashi admits to himself that Guy's stubbornness actually makes Kakashi feel better.

Just then, Guy stops abruptly, making Kakashi slam his face right into Guy's butt. Guy shushes Kakashi before he can voice his complaint about Guy's sudden stop. Through a vent, they can see the enemy ninja, as well as three konoha ninja that are being held hostage.

Kakashi and Guy learn that the Tobishachimaru has hijacked by the Ryuha Armament Alliance. The Alliance orders Konoha to release their leader from the Blood Prison, or else they will kill the hostages on the flight and blow up the ship.

Guy says that he and Kakashi should go aide them, but Kakashi asks Guy what exactly he could do with a broken leg. Instead, Kakashi suggests they stay back and listen for a while to get a better feel of the situation, although Kakashi himself would rather jump into action and help his allies too. They can't do anything as they watch the three Leaf ninja be frozen solid by an Ice Release jutsu.

In chapter 4, when the ship hijackers call in their demands, Lee admits to Tsunade, Shikamaru, and the others that Kakashi and Guy are on the ship. Ino uses her Mind-Body Transmission Technique to contact Kakashi and Guy.

In chapter 5, there are only twenty minutes until hijackers will kill the first hostage, and all Guy and Kakashi have been able to do is wait in the ducts and keep an eye on the situation. Kakashi and Guy continue through the ducts while they try to decide on a plan. Pressed for time, Guy asks Kakashi what he thinks they should do. Kakashi warns Guy that one wrong move could make the hijackers blow up the ship and kill everyone with them, so they have to be cautious, but Kakashi is considering trusting Guy with a task since he can crawl.

Suddenly, Guy's motion-sickness acts up and Guy retches, revealing their location to Armament Alliance. Ice shards are sent at them from all directions, forcing Kakashi and Guy to become separated as they narrowly dodge the projectiles. Kakashi asks Guy if he's alright, and Guy asks him what just happened. They notice that the icicle daggers are still pursuing them through the vents, so Kakashi leads Guy to the pilothouse.

Kakashi falls out of the vent and comes face to face with the hijackers. Kakashi confronts them and tries to rescue the hostages. Although Kakashi manages to defeat and neutralize some of the ninja hijackers, their leader, Rahyo, responds to this by freezing two of his hostages to death. He says he'll go back to waiting the ten remaining minutes if Kakashi surrenders. With no other option, Kakashi lets himself be captured and tied up.

Meanwhile, Guy helps Kakashi's ninken locate and gather the explosive tags around the ship.

Kakashi is forced to watch yet another hostage be killed, and is frustrated with himself for being so powerless in this situation. He wonders if Guy at least managed to escape safetly. It is then that he is contacted by Ino.

Kakashi asks Ino if she was able to contact Guy and whether or not he was alright. Ino informs him that Guy has succeeded in finding all the explosive tags and that they have a plan. Kakashi sees Guy hiding in the vents. Guy gives Kakashi a thumbs up and a smile, which Kakashi thinks is unnecessary right now given the situation. Guy ducks back into darkness when they hear the leader approaching.

Guy sets off an explosion in another part of the ship to create a distraction and buy enough time for Kakashi and the hostages to escape. Kakashi rolls his eyes when he realizes that it was Guy who set it off.

However, although the explosion manages to temporarily disrupt the ship's path and cause a fire, the hijackers quickly stabilize the ship and put out the fire. The enemy's leader grabs Kakashi and demands answers. Kakashi tells Rahyo to look up.

Seeing that Kakashi was in a pinch, Guy was already falling from the ceiling and aiming an axe kick down at the enemy.

Kakashi has a flashback where he recalls when Guy had been discharged from the hospital after the war.

It was a windy, rainy day. Kakashi had been watching over the figure of a zealous Guy training all by himself. Angry with his right leg for not moving like he wanted it to, Guy yelled to himself and sobbed tears of vexation over and over again. But even while he cried, he never stopped training hard.

And Kakashi remembers that he never cried in front of Lee. Whenever Guy was with Lee, he smiled and laughed with a "Nice Guy Pose" and imparted his wisdom and encouragement onto his student.

Kakashi inwardly thinks to himself that he had underestimated Guy a little bit.

Back in the present, Guy's kick lands with explosive force, so powerful that the ship's hull trembled and the enemy was sent right through the floor. The ship's plumbing was the only thing that stopped Rahyo from being sent so far that he would have fallen through the ship and out into the sky.

Guy turns to Kakashi and coolly tells him that he's kept Kakashi waiting. Guy strikes a Nice Guy Pose and tries to encourage the passengers, but he's still clearly in pain from his leg after landing that attack. He is in the middle of tearfully trying to reassure them that since he has arrived, everything will be alright, when he is hit with another bout of seasickness and doubles over to retch again.

Kakashi calls out, warning Guy to watch out because there is an enemy coming in behind him. Confused, Guy looks up at Kakashi, accidentally headbutting the enemy with so much force that he's knocked away. Guy remembers his situation and forgets about the pain in his leg, readying himself to face the ninja that surround him. Guy tries to play it cool and act like he meant to headbutt that guy. He takes a confident stance, hopping on his good leg, putting his hands on his hips, and puffing his chest out.

Kakashi calls Guy out on his obvious rouse, since Guy's face is still pale from seasickness. Kakashi tells Guy to hurry up and cut the restrains on Kakashi. As Guy steps towards Kakashi's side, the floorboards suddenly explode from a giant fist punching upwards.

In chapter 6, Guy angrily rants at Rahyo, saying that no matter how hard people like Guy and the passengers work and do their best, annoying guys like Rahyo would still pop up out of nowhere and be called geniuses for it. Guy shoots a meaningful glance over at Kakashi when he makes that remark.

Guy goes on to say that he will overcome that and keep working hard, and vows to become so great that even those geniuses will have to look up to him. He pointed to Kakashi and said that right now, he would make an example of this genius who will have to look up to him and marvel at his greatness.

Kakashi wonders what Guy is up to at a time like this.

Guy declares that he'll take down Rahyo, so the passengers don't have to be afraid or resent the world for their situations. Guy promises to take on all of the passenger's worries with the full power of Youth. Kakashi notes that Guy usually gets drunk on his own words, but this time Guy is clearly overcome with emotions. Rahyo begins his attack, telling Guy to take on his punches instead of the passengers' worries.

Concerned for Guy, Kakashi calls out that this isn't the time for Guy to be drunk on his own words. Rahyo takes the chance to attack Guy while he's distracted and aims a punch right through his abdomen. However, by the time the punch had reached the space, Guy had already vanished from it, reappearing behind Rahyo and unleashing a Konoha Whirlwind kick on him from behind.

Guy's kick meets Rahyo's punch with tremendous force. Kakashi gulps, feeling tense as he watches the fight between them.

Guy fights Rahyo, displaying amazing speed despite being in a cast. He dodges Rahyo's ice attacks and manages to land some kicks on Rahyo, but kicking with the cast on hurts Guy as well, something he has trouble hiding. Even Kakashi can feel the force of Rahyo's chakra as he readies his next attack.

Guy takes out his Soshuga nun-chucks to continue the fight, spinning them around himself skillfully, amazing both Rahyo and Kakashi. Kakashi happily notes that Rahyo is hesitant to attack while Guy is spinning the nunchucks like that.

Suddenly, Guy stops swinging the nunchucks. Kakashi and Rahyo wonder what's wrong. Guy doubles over and begins to vomit again. Watching his own nun-chucks swinging around so quickly while Guy is already flying had triggered Guy's motion-sickness.

Guy turns towards Kakashi in anguish, tearing up as he moans about how sick he feels and how much pain his leg is in. Kakashi is horrified that Guy has been enduring both of those pains.

Angered by all of this, Rahyo steps forward and attacks Guy's leg, making Guy grimace in even more pain. Rahyo aims his next attack at Guy's head. Luckily, Guy's seasickness causes his body to convulse, sending his cast-covered leg up into an accidental kick that sent Rahyo flying.

Guy is more surprised than anyone, but seeing that he has apparently made a new move, Guy scrambles and names his attack Seasickness Fist, getting back up and hopping on one leg. Kakashi is bemused by it at first, thinking that Guy really does whatever he wants.

At first, Kakashi thinks it's just a stroke of luck that his so-called Seasickness Fist manages to dodge Rahyo's incoming blow with a well-timed crouch in nausea. However, Guy is able to parry like that again, and again, and again. Kakashi is soon impressed that Guy has actually managed to master the so-called Fists of Seasickness and is putting up quite a fight against Rahyo.

Guy continues to use Seasickness Fist taking on Rahyo well enough to buy enough time for Pakkun to arrive. Pakkun begins to chew through Kakashi's restraints.

Guy's fight with Rahyo carries on. Guy overshoots one of his punches, giving Rahyo the opening he needs to land a powerful hit and knock Guy into the air. The breath is knocked out of Guy's lungs, and the contents are knocked out of Guy's stomach —Guy vomits directly onto Rahyo. Guy meekly apologizes, but Rahyo is already getting more and more furious by every second this fight goes on.

Fueled by rage, a storm of Rahyo's blows manage to hit Guy, again and again, clearly in quick succession and with the goal to cause as much pain as possible. Mercilessly, endlessly, Rahyo beats Guy with everything he has.

Worried, Kakashi calls out for Guy and yanks apart the binds that Pakkun has finally finished chewing through. He thanks Pakkun for his help and promises to give him a treat later for his trouble.

Worried about Guy, Kakashi prepares to join the fight and help him. Kakashi rushed out of the collapsed Guy's shadow and attacks with a sudden Lightning Release: Purple Electricity. Kakashi's attack is unable to properly connect, because Kakashi has to leap back to dodge an Ice Release attack that intercepted him.

In chapter 7, Guy manages to get back up and rescue the passengers from a stray attack. He resumes his intense battle against Rahyo.

Rahyo struggles to even land a hit on Guy. Kakashi tries to join Guy in his fight once Kakashi is free, but he is interrupted by Rahyo's sibling, who creates a large hole in the ship that starts sucking out their hostages. Guy is also pulled into the strong winds and screams as he begins to fall away.

Kakashi calls out to Guy and reaches out to him, catching Guy's hand. Since Kakashi's fingers are broken, he's unable to exert the force he needs to pull Guy in against the powerful wind currents. Cursing his own weakness, Kakashi instead grabs into a cable from the ship and holds onto it as tightly as he can, leaving himself and Guy danging from the ship by a thread. The strong winds blow Kakashi and Guy against the hull of the ship again and again.

Guy pleads for Kakashi to let him go and save himself, but Kakashi refuses. Even as Guy swears that he'll survive with the power of youth somehow, and even as Kakashi's grip begins to weaken, Kakashi refuses to let go of Guy.

Kakashi finally loses his grip and they start to fall.

In chapter 8, Kakashi and Guy fall through the air towards the ground far below them. Kakashi's gaze meets Guy's as they fall. They accept the fact that they're going to die together, nodding to each other in resignation to death.

Kakashi begins to reflect on what that would mean, when suddenly they and all the falling hostages are rescued by Sai. Sai takes Guy and the hostages to safety, and Kakashi returns to the ship.

In chapter 9, Guy goes back to Konoha and tries to come up with a plausible explanation for why he was on the ship. Tsunade is furious, but the transmission from the ship cuts their conversation shot. Guy is silent as Tsunade makes her decision in regards to Rahyo's demands.

In chapter 13, as Kakashi thinks about everyone he wants to protect and face as the Hokage, Guy is one of the faces that he envisions. Kakashi thinks to himself that he is proud to be part of the leaf village and have wonderful companions like Guy and the others. If those companions needed him, then Kakashi would be there for them. If those companions were sad, then Kakashi wanted to be there and take on their collective sorrow. And if those companions wanted to trust him as their Hokage, then he would be honored.

He finally decides to stop pushing off his inauguration.

In the epilogue, a few months later, after Kakashi has been officially named Hokage and the matter with the ship has been settled, Kakashi sees Guy training with Lee. Guy teases Kakashi about the letter Guy saw him receive, but Kakashi denies that it means anything like what Guy is implying.

Guy promises that even though a man like that is the Hokage now, Guy will continue to assist Kakashi properly, no matter what.

The Last: Naruto the Movie

Kakashi and Guy during The Last.

Guy is by Hokage Kakashi's side while he organizes Kakashi's defenses against the moon while meteors are falling towards the hidden villages.

They supervise the squad of taijutsu users that use the Gates to destroy the meteor that falls towards them. Kakashi orders the taijutsu users, led by Lee, to use Crane Wing Formation. When the taijutsu squad fails to completely destroy the meteor, the rest of the meteor hurtles towards the village. Kakashi and Guy are both surprised to see Sasuke suddenly appear and annihilate the remaining half of it. Kakashi and Guy look around in awe, Kakashi saying Sasuke's name and Guy remarking that the meteors seem to be disappearing.

Their attention is drawn away from the meteor to Izumo and Kotetsu when Izumo alerts them that something is wrong with Hiashi.

Both look to Ino as she updates them on the situation. Kakashi and Guy are both on edge and confused over what could be happening on the moon, when Ino tells Kakashi that the kage are convening to make a decision.

Kakashi and Guy remain near each other as they watch the moon and wait out the situation. Both are visibly relieved when they see that Naruto and Hinata have succeeded and are returning home safely.

Sakura Hiden: Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze

In chapter eight, Kakashi woefully shakes his head and laments that Sasuke has stolen his thunder. To lighten the mood, he playfully banters that they should try not do such pointlessly exhausting activities, and mentions that they were something that Guy would do. Everyone laughs.

Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding

When Lee sees Guy doing incredible, nigh-impossible physical feats in his wheelchair, Lee gets worried and rushes over to ask why his sensei was pushing himself so much. Guy reassures Lee, mentioning how happy Guy is that Kakashi still treats him as a capable shinobi of Konoha. Kakashi's belief and support in Guy is part of what has helped motivate Guy to continue testing his limits against the impossible and proving himself, by doing things such as jumping without getting up from his wheelchair.

Kakashi reacts to Guy's chosen wedding gift.

After Guy and Lee energetically zoom around in excitement, Hokage Kakashi later receives a complaint about the two noisy men screaming.

Guy is present among the crowd when Hokage Kakashi announces that everyone must pick out a gift for Naruto's upcoming wedding. Guy nods along in agreement with Kakashi's plan.

Later, Kakashi is looking over the wedding gifts that the guests for Naruto's and Hinata's weddings are going to send in. Kakashi is openly disgruntled over Guy's (and Lee's) choice of dumbbells and jumpsuits as wedding gifts. He leans towards having Guy, Lee, and Konohamaru on duty at the wedding reception.

Ultimately, everyone is able to attend the wedding. Kakashi is happy to look over the crowd there, which includes a smiling Guy with his two remaining students.

New Era

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

Kakashi complains that Naruto is interrupting his R & R with Guy.

While relaxing at a bathhouse, Kakashi suddenly is contacted by Naruto on the phone regarding the issue in Konoha. Kakashi reminds Naruto that he is currently on vacation, seeming annoyed to be contacted in the middle of his rest and relaxation. Although Kakashi acknowledges the seriousness of the situation, he still does not even consider cutting his vacation short to return to the village yet.

This arc occurs at the same time as Steam Ninja Scrolls, so the vacation Kakashi is referring to is the one he is currently taking with Guy.

In fact, the novel reveals that Guy is right beside Kakashi during this conversation, anxiously waiting for Kakashi to finish his phone call so that the two of them could bath together.

Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls

Fifteen Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, on the day of Naruto's Five Kage Summit, Kakashi and Guy go on a vacation to tour hot springs throughout the world, escorted by Mirai.

In the prologue, while the tension in the village is high due to preparations for the Five Kage Summit, Guy and Kakashi are in the corner of the village, planning to carry out their secret plan: a hot springs trip.

Kakashi thinks that old-timers like himself and Guy shouldn't butt in while Naruto is putting together the summit, and a trip with just the two of them spending time in hotsprings would be enjoyable, so he was the one to suggest the trip to his childhood friend. Guy is on board with the plan, but worries that Kakashi won't be allowed to just leave the village on a whim, since he was a former Hokage. Thus, Mirai would be joining them as their escort and their trip will be documented as an official mission to get around the political problems that could arise from a former Kage freely traveling into other countries.

In chapter 1, the three depart and inspect the border between the Land of Fire and the Land of Hot Water. Kakashi leisurely pushes Guy's wheelchair forward and the two discuss birds and the weather while they remember their past together. Kakashi remembers training that Guy did before with spikes, back when he had been trying to get Kakashi to pay attention to him and join in, and said he would always remember the way Guy looked when he fell onto those spikes from being reckless. He is reminded of the sight because the birds they were watching impaled their prey in a similar manner.

Kakashi and Guy traveling together.

Guy blushes and tells him to forget that part already.

Guy and Kakashi give Mirai a confused look when they notice how on edge she has been for the whole walk.

They arrive in a town in the Land of Fire where they'll be spending the night. Guy invites Kakashi to play a target-throwing game with him, and to his surprise, Kakashi agrees to play rather easily. Guy tells him that he's much more agreeable all of a sudden, and Kakashi laughs and blames his old age.

Kakashi and Guy play a target-throwing game together and both manage to miss all of their targets. Guy comes out lamenting it as another draw, and Kakashi smiles and agrees. Kakashi and Guy both say that they could have hit the targets if they had been playing with real kunai instead of the shop's toys, and both of them are back to smiling at each other.

Kakashi's wallet is then stolen by a pair of pickpockets, and Guy calls for her to go after them. But when Mirai retrieves it and comes back, Kakashi and Guy are already laughing it off, having another thoughtless, casual conversation with each other. Guy says that if he was in his prime, he could have taken down thousands of pickpockets with his bare fists, and Kakashi reminds him that he can't just attack people before they do anything. Guy laughs and admits that Kakashi has a good point.

Mirai scolds them both for letting the pickpockets get away in the first place and tells them they should have used more force. Kakashi says that he's not Guy, so he wouldn't just crush someone's bones without warning, and Guy says that even he wouldn't go that far. They explain to Mirai that the wallet the pickpockets stole was a decoy and they have to keep a low profile anyway, so they couldn't do anything too flashy. Guy and Kakashi go back to having fun in the crowd.

Guy smiles and even cries tears of joy as he watches Kakashi tearfully gush over places he recognizes from his Makeout Paradise novels. Guy tells Mirai that Kakashi has always wanted to come see the places from his books, and he had never had the chance until now. While Kakashi is sightseeing scenes from the film adaptation of Makeout Paradise, Mirai asks Guy what the books are about, and Guy is too embarrassed to answer. Instead, Guy recommends that she read the exercise book that he wrote himself. When Kakashi comes back, he notices Guy's book and reminds Guy that an exercise regiment as extreme as the one he wrote would kill anyone aside from Lee. Mirai can't help but smile when she sees how fond and open they are with each other, even when they argue.

Later that night, Guy steals tempura off of Kakashi's plate, and Kakashi reveals to Mirai that he lets him do it all the time. Kakashi dislikes tempura, and even though Guy's getting too old to have a diet like that, Guy has always eaten Kakashi's tempura for him.

Kakashi goes on to explain that he's not actually so careless and weak that an amateur could pickpocket him, but he had to keep a low profile for their mission, so he had let it happen. However, he has to admit that his failure to hit any targets during the game was more a result of him and Guy getting too heated in their attempt to compete with each other. In the end, Kakashi says he had fun, peaceful day with Guy. He watches Guy eat from outside the room until he and Mirai go to finish dinner with him.

In chapter 2, Kakashi is pushing Guy's wheelchair along a dilapidated mountain path. Kakashi tells Mirai they should take a break, and when Guy sees how tired she is, Guy cheers her on and tells her to have more youthful energy. He starts to lament his own waning strength and wishes he had trained more when he was younger, but Kakashi wearily cuts in and mutters that if Guy had trained any more than he already did, he would have died back then. Guy ignores the remark and tells Mirai to train her physical strength to its limits. Kakashi whispers to Mirai (but still loud enough for Guy to hear) that since Guy is a beast of physical strength, it was fine for Mirai to only half-listen to his encouragement.

Kakashi concludes with a laugh that spiritual strength is more important than physical strength anyway. Guy laughs back and says that spiritual strength without physical strength is meaningless.

Kakashi notes that all ninja train to have a certain level of physical strength, so spiritual strength is what makes the difference in the field. Guy says it's just the opposite.

Kakashi and Guy argue over whether physical or spiritual energy is more important, both with calm tones, smiling faces, and a tense atmosphere behind their words. They try to get Mirai to pick a side, but they notice how dark it's gotten, so Guy and Kakashi drop the issue for now and head to town to hit a hot springs, and the tension between them temporarily vanishes.

Kakashi, Mirai, and Guy on their Hot Springs Vacation/Mission.

The three come across the Quarrel Festival, where a village is torn between arguments about whether cats or dogs are better. Kakashi and Guy jointly explain the history and politics of the town and of the festival. Kakashi and Guy agree that they want to watch the festival.

As a ninken user, Kakashi is bias towards dogs. Guy gleefully argues for cats just to be on the opposite side of Kakashi. Guy didn't care about the argument between Kiba and Tamaki, but he bluntly admitted that felt that should still get in Kakashi's way as his eternal rival.

The Quarrel Festival becomes an uproarious argument between the cat faction and the dog faction, so Mirai pulls Kakashi away from the crowd, separating the two of them from Guy. When Mirai goes back, Kakashi asks for her to find Guy for him. After some shenanigans, Kakashi and Mirai retrieve a burnt Guy from the hot springs, and Kakashi is pleased that all went well.

The chapter ends in a metaphor for how people so diametrically opposed can still be together, such as Tamaki and Kiba or Kakashi and Guy. Kakashi and Guy say that as long as they have both physical strength and spiritual strength, they'll be able to make it through anything. At the end of the day, Kakashi and Guy understand each other perfectly.

In chapter 3, since Kakashi had promised to keep an eye on Guy, Mirai goes to take a soak in the Hot Springs now that they've arrived in the Land of Hot Water. Meanwhile, Guy hangs around near Kakashi while he talks to Naruto on the phone, because Guy apparently doesn't want to be in their room alone. Once Kakashi is finished talking to Naruto, he begins to push Guy's wheelchair and says they can go to the hot springs now. Guy stops him short and issues a challenge: a game of ping-pong.

And so, Kakashi and Guy have a passionate ping-pong competition. Guy excitedly does a few practice swings and tells Kakashi not to hold back, come at him anytime. While Guy was boasting and distracted, Kakashi started, easily scoring the first point. Guy complains that it was unfair to start while Guy was still doing practice swings, and Kakashi reminds Guy that Guy himself had told Kakashi to start at any time he wanted to.

Finally, they decided to start over the game, and this time Guy was paying more attention, but still being as animated and boisterous as ever. When the two of them got serious, the ball flew at high speeds back and forth, and neither of the two ninja gave an inch.

Guy ended the match eventually, covered in sweat and saying that they had gone on for long enough. He looked to Mirai for the score, but she had lost track of the points a while ago. Guy is shocked and crestfallen at the news, and even more so when Kakashi announced that the victory was Kakashi's by one point.

Guy dejectedly pretends he doesn't hear Kakashi and laments that it will have to go down as a tie. Kakashi tries again to tell Guy that Kakashi had beaten him by a point, and Guy repeats again that it was a draw, making Kakashi remark that Guy is clearly doing this on purpose. Kakashi follows after Guy and they head to the hot springs.

When they come out of the hot springs, Guy is still lamenting their earlier "draw," and Kakashi is still trying to argue that it was actually his win. They continue arguing while Kakashi pushed Guy back towards their room. On their way back, Tenten shocks Guy with a sudden prank, and Guy is so scared that he hits his head and faints. Kakashi doesn't even flinch, but he does scold Tenten for setting a bad example. He complains that Guy has always been so sensitive about these things. Kakashi carried Guy the rest of the way back to their room and pushed the wheelchair along with them.

While Guy was apparently terrified the entire night about the ghosts haunting their room, Kakashi slept soundly right next to Guy, completely unperturbed. Guy is still jittery and shaken the next morning, muttering "I saw it," again and again. Kakashi pointedly informs Mirai that Guy has been scared like that since yesterday, but otherwise Kakashi remains silent on the matter.

Mirai tries to apologize for the prank, but Guy explains that he was scared because of a male, armored ghost that had stood over him all night while Kakashi was sleeping soundly beside him, so it couldn't have been her doing or Tenten's prank. But Kakashi just lets out carefree laughter and asked why Guy and Mirai looked so pale and afraid now. Kakashi's nerves of steel were somehow scarier to Guy and Mirai than the armored ghost had been.

In chapter 4, Kakashi and Guy are dumbstruck to find a huge, mountain-sized rock in the place where the next hot springs on their trip was supposed to be. Guy laments that in the past, he could have easily destroyed such a huge rock, and Kakashi relents that it's simply impossible. Guy and Kakashi exchange glances when a group of Hot Water Ninja drinking in the village call them over to talk, but ultimately agreed to join them. Guy and Kakashi drink some sake. Guy ends up getting red-faced and drunk much faster than Kakashi did. Kakashi, who still seemed practically sober despite the fact that he had somehow been drinking without revealing his face, promised to keep an eye on Guy so Mirai could go back to look at the rock. Kakashi stayed with Guy until Guy passed out from drinking. Then, Kakashi goes over to Mirai and observes the large rock with her. When Mirai asks about Guy, Kakashi unusually complains that Guy and everyone else has already passed out.

The following day, Kakashi and Guy pass the time while they wait on a certain ninja to arrive as reinforcements. They both join the drinking Hot Water ninja again, although Guy is still complaining about his hangover from before. Kakashi comes back later to talk to Mirai and give the ninja something, then returns to Guy's side just before Guy starts convulsing from his hangover.

Later, Guy is the first to join in to help push the huge rock out of the way, and Kakashi joins him and the others, saying he'll get serious for the first time in a while. After the rock was finally moved and the trio can depart from the town, Kakashi pushes Guy's wheelchair and they begin on their way. Kakashi appears pale and Guy still feels weary from his drunkenness.

In chapter 5, Guy and Kakashi have apparently already gone to sleep by the time Mirai goes out. She is backed into a corner, trying to think of a way to save hostages, when suddenly the group of Jashinists who took them are being taken out by, what one Jashinist describes as, "a recklessly strong man". Kakashi appears and electrocutes that one with a Raikiri, then immediately clarifies that he is not the recklessly strong man that they had been referring to. That, he explains calmly, is Guy, who is fighting the others deeper in the cave. The sound of the enemy ninja screaming in terror and Guy's hot-blooded attacks could be heard all throughout the cave, until Guy finally emerged with a smile and his Good Guy Pose, explaining that all of the hostages were okay.

Kakashi tells Guy that he is counting on him to restrain the remaining enemies, then gives Guy a thumbs-up in return. Guy confidently promises to handle it.

When the backup from the Hot Water Village ninja shows up to arrest the jashinists, they also arrest Guy, assuming he is one of them as they wheel him out of the cave. Guy takes it in stride and rejoins Kakashi and Mirai shortly, thinking of exciting and dangerous ways to make the downward trek of a mountainside more doable in his wheelchair. Mirai took his chair by the handles and simply pushed him before he tried any of those ideas. Guy suggests that they all take a mixed bath together in the hot springs when they get back to wash off the sweat, but Kakashi and the others all unanimously decline that idea.

In the epilogue, Kakashi is on the phone with Naruto when he hears a wheelchair approaching from the corridors --"his best friend, Might Guy." Seeing that Guy had been waiting for him, Kakashi ends the phone call short, smiling and telling Naruto that he had a nice vacation.

Kakashi hangs up and asks Guy what the problem is. Guy says that they have to depart before sunset, or Mirai will be angry with them. Guy admits that he wants to stay one more night, though. Kakashi agrees, and even adds that he wants to visit his hometown hot springs with Guy for the first time in a while. Guy is hesitant to accept because Mirai would probably still be angry.

Kakashi and Guy begin going down the hallway to return to Mirai. Guy says that Mirai is actually doing fine at the moment, despite their earlier incident. Kakashi suddenly has the urge to talk about the Jashinists they had arrested, specifically their leader who conned the sick and the mourning out of their money with his fake, lofty promises. Guy was absolutely revolted by what the man had done, but Kakashi continued, saying that if he had been in the position of those people, and that man had offered him a hot spring that could cure any and all injuries, even Kakashi himself might have fallen for it and gotten his hopes up. His heart would have trembled for the chance at such a thing. Not for himself, though.

Kakashi notes that he understands how Mirai's strong wish to see her father could lead her to almost fall into the man's trap, because Kakashi would have done the same if he was convinced there was a way to heal Guy's leg.

Guy laughs heartily and asks Kakashi why he was still worried about Guy and his injuries after all these years, but Kakashi's admission is both meek and serious. He honestly wished there was some way to heal Guy's leg again, be it a magic hot spring or anything else.

Guy cut Kakashi off before he could go on. Looking Kakashi right in the eyes, Guy replies that Kakashi doesn't need to have such thoughts, since Guy is just happy to be alive and to still be Kakashi's friend. He tells Kakashi not to worry so much about the other things like Guy's leg. Whether he can use one leg or two, all he wants is to remain by Kakashi's side. Guy's only wish is to be able to keep living and being Kakashi's best friend, and he is still more than capable of accomplishing that much.

Guy's expression and his words were so gentle and sincere that all Kakashi could do was nod quietly in response.

Mirai called out to them then. Kakashi admitted that even if they left now, it would get dark before they could arrive back in Konoha. Mirai produced a rewritten road map for them, with the added plans to stop at another inn for the night and return to Konoha the following day. Guy and Kakashi are both pleased with the revision, and say they'll leave it to Mirai to keep watching their backs on the way.

Kakashi and Guy at the chunin exams.

Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai get to stay one extra night and relax together before they depart for home.

Boruto the Movie Novelization

Kakashi and Guy are sitting behind Shikimaru while he gives the opening speech at the chunin exams. Both of them are described as living legends who could take on entire nations single-handedly.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

Just like they were in the original series' chunin exams, Kakashi and Guy are right next to each other as they watch the new generations's chunin exams from the stands. In the movie, they are joined by Konohamaru and Iruka.

In the corresponding episode of Boruto, they are joined by Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon instead of Konohamaru and Iruka.

Konoha Shinden: Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc

Kakashi and Guy, wearing pleasant expressions, discuss the weather and happily await their vacation together.

This arc serves as an adaptation of the Steam Ninja Scrolls novel with some changes, the most obvious being the timeline. The trip no longer takes place during the Sarada Uchiha arc, and is instead placed immediately after the Jugo arc so that time could remain linear in the Boruto anime, which had already covered the Sarada Uchiha arc in episodes 17-24. The adaptation also cuts out the prologue of the novel where Kakashi and Gai discuss the trip in the first place.

Kakashi and Guy are introduced when, to Mirai's shock and horror, the two of them are waiting at the edge of the village gate in civilian clothes with huge backpacks. Mirai thinks to herself that their bags are way too full for such a short mission, and that they don't look like ninja at all, but Kakashi and Guy just pleasant converse with one another. Guy remarks that the weather is so nice today, and Kakashi happily agrees, holding onto the handles of Guy's wheelchair so they can depart soon.

Kakashi and Guy tell Mirai to change her clothes.

While Mirai is internally freaking out about Kakashi's and Guy's lazy, un-ninja-like appearances, Guy, with a serious expression, asks Mirai if she has perhaps forgotten that the three of them are supposed to be Shinobi. Mirai is clearly stunned by the question, so Kakashi elaborates. He explains that the three of them are supposed blend in with the civilians while on this trip, so Mirai cannot wear her chunin vest, leaf uniform, and headband so openly. She would stand out too much.

Mirai frowns and apologizes. In the next scene, she has also changed into a casual travel outfit.

Kakashi stares at Guy while he walks on his hands beside the wheelchair.

Guy walks on his hands and Kakashi sits in Guy's chair, staring at Guy and being pushed along by Mirai. Guy lectures Mirai on the importance of being able to blend into the masses. Mirai thinks to herself that most civilians probably do not walk around on their hands like that.

Kakashi voices her concerns, asking Guy if he doesn't think he's standing out too much as it is. Guy grins and notes that he'll probably stand out no matter what he does.

Guy returns to his wheelchair and the three of them continue their stroll.

They come across a bull-headed shrike on the way. Kakashi fondly remarks that it brings back memories. Guy asks him what the bird reminds him of.

Kakashi and Guy smile fondly at each other, despite the teasing about shrikes.

Kakashi asks Guy if he still remembers the time he tried to do one-handed push-ups over a post that had been driven into the ground. Glancing off the to side, Kakashi says that he recalls when Guy's hand slipped and he fell, belly-first, onto the post like the prey of a shrike, and vomited. Ever since then, whenever Kakashi sees a bull-headed shrike, he remembers Guy all bent over that post.

Guy makes a grumpy face and asks Kakashi to please forget about that. He soon returns to grinning up at Kakashi, though. Kakashi returns the look fondly.

Mirai "protects" Kakashi and Guy.

Mirai, meanwhile, awkwardly walks beside them, unsure of what to make of this idle conversation during what she thought would be an action-packed, higher-than-S-rank mission. Mirai tries to convince herself that their absent-minded talk is just another part of their skill as ninjas blending in as hapless civilians. She thinks about how their backpacks are proof of that, since it keeps their hands free and allows them to be prepared to pull out a weapon and fight at any moment. However, she quickly remembers that Guy is carrying his backpack in his hands on his lap since he is in a wheelchair, so this obviously cannot be the case for him.

She tells herself that Guy is simply an exception to the rule.

Even so, Mirai decides to remain vigilant, since anyone else who has a backpack could be doing it for the same reason and might be another ninja in disguise waiting to attack. Mirai notices an old man walking in their direction wearing a backpack and using a walking cane, which she suspects might be a secret hidden sword.

She quickly darts out in front of Kakashi and Guy and holds out her arm in front him them protectively, making the two of them stop in her tracks. She keeps her defensive pose and stands stock-still, sweating nervously as she watches the old man pass them by.

In perfect sync with each other, Kakashi and Guy turn and watch the old man pass by, both nodding at him in greeting. He nods back amicably.

Guy points out that Mirai's ears are burning.

Once the old man is gone, Kakashi asks Mirai why she has such a scary expression in her face. Embarrassed, Mirai turns around, saying it was nothing. Kakashi asked if she had suspected that old man of being an enemy ninja, but Mirai denies this, claiming she was just making sure that no one would jump out of a nearby patch of plants and attack them.

Kakashi and Guy look over at the grassy area she was referring to, but Kakashi says that such a thing is highly unlikely.

Even more embarrassed, Mirai's ears turn red in a blush, something that Guy teasingly points out. Mirai denies this, becoming increasingly more flustered. Mirai tries to calm down and steel her nerves to focus on her mission properly.

Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai look over the next time, towards "Hallowed Ground."

Kakashi and Guy continue on. Guy looks up at Kakashi and asks him if he knows where the "hallowed ground" is. Kakashi answers that yes, he made sure to double-check. Hearing them mention hallowed ground, Mirai gets excited, feeling sure that this truly was an S-rank mission.

They stop at the edge of a cliff that overlooks the nearby town. Guy asks if this is the place, and Kakashi answers that it is. Mirai smiles in anticipation.

They arrive in the town, noticeably filled with couples, and the first thing Kakashi and Guy do it play a carnival game together, trying to use a shop's plastic kunai to knock down a Kurama doll. Although they both manage to hit the target, neither come close to knocking it down with the tiny toy knifes.

Guy scoffs and laments that this is yet another draw. Kakashi takes out his wallet and excitedly declares that they'll just try one more time. When they finally leave, Kakashi laments that they were probably doomed to fail from the start, working with such small rubber kunai. Guy smiles and nods while Kakashi pushes his chair, saying that it was a nice challenge between friends even if it was only a draw. As enthusiastic as ever, Kakashi points forward and says they'll just have to try again at the next shop. Kakashi assents, sounding just as enthusiastic as Guy.

Kakashi and Guy, after having failed to win the toy.

Mirai trails out after them, asking incredulously if they really plan to do this again.

While Guy is still grinning and point, and Kakashi is still staring fondly at Guy, a man suddenly saunters over and attempts to pickpocket Kakashi's wallet. Kakashi grabs the man by the arm and firmly holds him in place while he asks Mirai to call over a security guard. However, the man twists out of Kakashi's grasp and throws the wallet over to his partner in crime, so Mirai has to give chase.

When Mirai returns, she sees Kakashi and Guy smiling. Guy laughs and tells Kakashi that Guy must have gotten old now, because in his prime, he could have easily punched hundreds of pickpockets before they would even have a chance to steal from him. He punches the air to demonstrate.

A pickpocket steals Kakashi's wallet.

Hands on his hips, Kakashi reminds Guy that he shouldn't be punching anyone before they do anything wrong in the first place. Guy laughs again and admits that Kakashi has a good point. Kakashi laughs along with him. The two of them just laugh together for a while.

Fed up with the ordeal, Mirai snaps and yells at the two of them for being so careless and carefree when they had just been pickpocketed by a criminal. Guy's grin drops and he glances over at Mirai, then smiles at her. Mirai continues scolding them, saying that although she was sorry for allowing the pickpockets to get close in the first place, the two of them should have been more aware of their surroundings, and Kakashi should have done more than just grab his arm. Returning the wallet, Mirai yells that Kakashi should have broken the pickpocket's arm, at least.

Kakashi argues that he wouldn't do something as extreme as that out of nowhere in a situation like this. After all, he wasn't Guy. Guy adds that he also wouldn't have gone that far, given the circumstances. Mirai begins to scold them again, calling Kakashi "Lord Sixth," prompting Kakashi to remind her that they are supposed to be undercover civilians, so addressing him as the hokage was counterproductive. Guy smiles and glances at Kakashi, agreeing that calling him by that title was like announcing to the whole world who they really were.

Kakashi and Guy laughing together while Mirai stares in confusion.

Mirai backtracks and apologizes to Kakashi and Guy. Kakashi tosses her his wallet and tells her to open it up. Mirai catches it and looks inside, only to find a piece of paper that says, "Too bad. Let's not do bad things, shall we?" in Kakashi's handwriting. Mirai is dumbfounded.

Kakashi points and explains that the wallet was just a decoy in the first place. Guy smiles and nods, looking up at Kakashi and commending him for being so well prepared so that they wouldn't have any worries on this trip. Kakashi praises Mirai's earnestness, but reminds her that there are solutions to problems that don't have to involve power and force. Kakashi smiles and says that's just how it is.

Mirai chuckles nervously, admitting that she might have gone a little overboard. Mirai says that a petty thief is nothing compared to what they'll face on this S-rank mission, anyway.

"Hallowed Ground."

Suddenly, Kakashi stops and stares with intense focus, fixated on "the tree in question" that lies on "the hallowed ground." Kakashi cries tears of pure joy. Just as joyful and enthusiastic, Guy grins widely and blushes, his eyes sparkling as he, too, stares at the tree. Mirai is simply confused yet again.

They venture out to the tree and stare up at it in wonder. Mirai asks if this is the so-called hallowed ground, and Guy says it apparently is. Mirai takes a defensive pose, as if she is ready to fight.

Kakashi suddenly turns towards the two of them, passionately calling out both of their names. Guy and Mirai respond affirmatively. Kakashi cheers and dances around in excitement, declaring to the two of them that he was finally at the place where the Icha Icha Paradise movie was filmed. Guy shakes, crying tears of joy for his rival's happiness, while Mirai is confused again.

Kakashi continues to gush about how happy he is and how it has always been his dream to come here, and Guy continues to cry and gush as well, saying how happy he is to be able to see Kakashi finally realize his long standing dream. Guy explains to Mirai that Icha Icha Paradise has been Kakashi's favorite book ever since he was young.

Mirai wants to read Icha Icha.

Curious about what sort of book could make two grown shinobi cry, Mirai asks them what Icha Icha Paradise is about.

Kakashi and Guy both abruptly stop celebrating and look shocked and embarrassed by the question.

Guy tries to come up with a way to answer her, but is unable to find the words, instead awkward blushing and covering his face with his hands. Kakashi remains stock still with a horrified expression on his face. Mirai fidgets, saying that since the book is so famous and apparently so amazing that Kakashi holds it such high regard, she would like to read it as well.

In unison, Kakashi and Guy turn towards her and declare that it was much too early for her to read the book. Mirai is taken aback, but smiles and says that that makes her want to read it even more.

A commemorative photo.

Guy hands her a copy of the exercise book he wrote, saying that this book would be much more appropriate for her and bragging about the accompanying video, starring himself, Rock Lee, and Metal Lee in 24-hour exercises. Mirai says that following a regimen like that is impossible, but Guy insists she take the book and quickly changes the subject, saying they should all take a commemorative photo there. Kakashi is happy to agree, and Mirai goes along with it.

Kakashi calls out "Icha Icha Paradise!" while they take their photo, Kakashi holding up his book and Mirai holding up hers.

The trio return to the village, and Mirai tells Kakashi and Guy that since they had been so excited to reach the "hallowed ground," Mirai had mistakenly assumed it would be related to their mission as some sort of secret code or something. Since it was not, she asks Guy and Kakashi to please get refocused so they can carry out their mission properly now.

However, Kakashi seems to ignore the suggestion. He says they should spend the night in that village and rest, since it was getting late. Guy emphatically agrees and says that a nice, hot soak is just what they need in order to wash away their fatigue. After all, Guy says, they are on vacation.

Mirai is stunned.

Guy goes on, saying Kakashi has it rough as a former kage. He couldn't have left the village for this vacation unless they made it look like a mission on paper. Mirai asks what this means for the S-rank mission she thought she was getting, but Kakashi explains that this is nothing like that. Kakashi says that he had thought it was odd how pumped up she was about all this. Mirai is devastated.

Mirai learns that this is a vacation.

They check into an inn and retire for the night. Kakashi and Guy get a room together, and after they soak in the hotsprings and change into yukata, they share a dinner. Mirai watches through a telescope from outside, eating food pills. It's cold and lonely, but in her mind, it was the only way for her to still at least act like this was a proper mission.

Inside, Kakashi and Guy enjoy their dinner together. Guy smiles and laughs and talks, sticking up his thumb and crying tears of joy, apparently loving the food that much. Kakashi smiles back, pulling down his mask to eat with Guy, although the angle and speed prevents Mirai from seeing Kakashi's face when he does so.

While they are eating, Mirai notices that Guy steals and eats tempura straight off of Kakashi's plate, something Kakashi doesn't even react to or seem to notice.

Suddenly, Kakashi looks out directly in the direction where Mirai is spying on them from. Mirai blinks is surprise, and when she looks back, Kakashi has vanished completely from the room. He appears next to her on the branch, shocking her into falling to the ground. Kakashi expresses concern for her and tell her that she should loosen up and join them for dinner instead of eating food pills outside in the cold.

Mirai's view of Kakashi and Guy's dinner.

Kakashi and Mirai have a short heart-to-heart conversation. When Mirai asks about the tempura, Kakashi explains that he did, in fact, notice Guy taking it. Kakashi dislikes tempura, and Guy has been eating them for him for years now, even though at this age Guy complains about indigestion. Kakashi smiles and says that Guy is very nice.

Mirai asks if they were pretending earlier when they failed to win the target game, and Kakashi explains that they really couldn't knock down the doll with the toy shuriken. Kakashi also explains that the reason they were trying so hard to win the doll was because Guy had suggested it to Kakashi, as a gift for Mirai and a way to get her to lighten up a bit.

Touched, Mirai finally decides to try to make the most of this vacation and relax. She expresses disappointment that they'll only have two days for this vacation. Kakashi corrects her, saying he was pretty sure he had put in the mission briefing that this trip would actually be about twenty days long. Shocked and embarrassed, Mirai says she must have gotten it confused. She goes to the bathhouse, but finds that they are closed at the moment since it has gotten so late. Kakashi jokingly tells Mirai that she is a bit of an airhead.

With that out of the way, Kakashi waves and returns to his room, where Guy has already fallen asleep.

The following day, the three continue their journey. Kakashi leisurely pushes a smiling Guy through the forest along the path. He glances to Mirai, who is sighing dejectedly.

Kakashi and Guy discuss what Mirai needs to overcome her predicament: mental strength or stamina.

Kakashi asks Mirai what the problem was, and Guy looks concerned as well. Mirai nervous turns around to face them and assures them that it is nothing, she was just worried about underpacking for such a long mission and upset that she had never gotten the chance to bathe at the last inn.

Kakashi tells Mirai that for a problem like that, she would simply need to call upon her mental strength and get over it. Any long mission would require her to suffer through a little thing like that. Guy disagrees, telling Kakashi that mental strength was not everything and that it was a problem for Kakashi to always thing that way. Instead, Guy suggests, Mirai should rely on her physical stamina. Guy suggests to Mirai that she takes a dip in a nearby river like Guy used to when he was her age.

Mirai blushes and exclaims that there's no way she could do something like that, and that times have changed since Guy was a kid. Mirai goes on to complain about her unruly hair, which Kakashi notes that she inherited from Kurenai. Mirai says that she inherited everything from her mom. Kakashi stares at her pensively, but says they can discuss that in more detail once they reach town.

Guy tells Kakashi that he wants to get in the hot springs together first.

Guy points and announces that they've finally arrived at the Hot Springs district at the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Steam. Kakashi tells Mirai that she can take her bath once they reach the town. Smiling, Mirai is suddenly motivated and says they should hurry up and get there. Kakashi laughs to himself, saying that she is quite self-serving, but Guy cuts in and agrees, saying he wants to hurry so that Guy and Kakashi can use the hot springs first. Kakashi complies, and the three of them continue on their path.

When they arrive, they see that a festival is currently going on, with people in dog masks or cat masks everywhere.

Kakashi remarks that it's weird to see this place so loud and lively, as he heard it was supposed to be a quiet town. Kakashi and Guy glance around curiously, wondering if they'll be able to find an inn here. Guy notices a poster for the festival, but doesn't see any name on it. Kakashi bends down and takes a look at the poster with Guy. Kakashi suddenly realizes what festival this must be: the "Cat and Dog Festival" or the "Dog and Cat Festival." Mirai asks why there are two different names for the festival. Kakashi tells her that this town is situated directly on the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Steam, bisecting the town. Although the town is usually peaceful, on the day of this festival, everyone takes a side and tensions flare.

The trio notices the festival and the strange posters.

The three of them go to the hot springs, which are split into the Dog Hot Springs and the Cat Hot Springs.

Kakashi begins to tell Mirai the legend of how the Dog Hot Springs were discovered, changing his voice to sound like a feeble old man reminiscing in order to really get into it. Once, long ago, a traveler met a dog in these woods, and the dog told him to dig. There, he find a hot springs. The town flourished, and the dog was worshiped as a messenger from the Dog God. The Hot Springs were named Dog Hot Springs, and they lived happily ever after.

Kakashi begins to tell the story of the Cat Hot Springs, but Guy cuts him off and says that he would like to tell this one. Kakashi complies.

Putting on similar dramatics to Kakashi (also the visuals accompanying their tales were in very different art styles), Guy tells the legend of how, long ago, a traveler met a cat in these woods. Mirai stops him and asks if this was about to be the exact same story that Kakashi told. Guy admits it is, and asks Mirai how she know. Mirai says she could just tell.

Mirai doesn't want to hear the same story twice.

Kakashi responds that there is actually more to the legend than that, saying that there was apparently a third god: the god of destruction, Nenu (a mixture of Inu (dog) and Neko (cat)). The name is so ridiculous that Mirai dismisses it outright.

Kakashi and Guy finish their explanations, saying that the citizens here either worship the Cat God or the Dog God, which was why the festival had two names. They look around and notice that even foreigners have come to celebrate, taking the sides of either cats or dogs. Guy says that this is a fighting festival, where burly mean clash with their shrines, and excitedly says he wants to get a closer look at it. Kakashi fondly says that Guy has enjoyed this sort of thing ever since he was little. Kakashi and Guy head further into the crowd, smiling at each other. Mirai has to chase after them.

When Mirai finally catches up, she scolds them for running off on their own, but they are preoccupied staring up at something. Mirai follows their line of sight and sees Kiba leading the dog faction.

Kakashi and Guy stroll through town.

Kakashi asks Kiba what he's doing all the way out here, and Tamaki says that he's just letting all the attention go to his head. Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai realized that Kiba and Tamaki are apparently de-facto leaders of the dog and cat sides respectively, and are currently in a heated lover's quarrel, much to their exacerbation. They watch as Kiba and Tamaki part ways, together with the crowd, after declaring war on each other.

Kakashi and Guy agree that neither dogs nor cats would want to get involved in their master's lover's quarrels like this. Mirai says they should do something to settle this down.

Kakashi says that this is a private matter between Kiba and Tamaki, and Guy says that they don't have to see eye-to-eye to be in love with each other. Kakashi starts to walk away, pushing Guy with him, and Mirai is stunned.

"You don't always have to see eye-to-eye when you're in love."

The three of them are surprised to find that there isn't a single inn or hot spring they can go in at the moment, since everyone in town is so embroiled into the debate now that Tamaki and Kiba are the leaders of it. Kakashi and Guy lament that if it continues like this, they won't be able to find an inn at all. Mirai exclaims that if that happens, she will have to go another day without getting to take her bath. She quickly backtracks and instead pretends to be motivated to do something as a bodyguard, asking if clearing up this squabble would count as part of her mission.

Smiling pleasantly, Kakashi agrees to see things her way, since this could technically be seen as part of her duty as a bodyguard. Guy agrees as well, saying that this is an important mission for a young shinobi to take on with all their might.

Tensions between cat-lovers and dog-lovers flare.

Mirai runs off, saying that she'll handle this mission. Kakashi and Guy stare, calling after her. They glance at each other and note that she has left already.

Despite Mirai's best efforts, the tensions between Kiba and Tamaki only continue to flare even more, culminating in an all-out showdown where Tamaki and Kiba stand on their respective side's shrine. Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai watch. Kakashi says that since they're that angry, they probably won't be willing to listen to each other now, and will probably fight until everything is destroyed.

This gives Mirai an idea.

Kakashi and Guy see "Nenu".

She borrows a lighter from Guy, runs over to throw it between Tamaki and Kiba, and uses a combination of genjutsu and fire-style ninjutsu to create Nenu. Nenu orders the villagers to cease their fight or he will rain down his destruction. Guy, mistaking it for a real god of destruction, performs a dynamic entry, breaking the illusion and breaking the division between the cat and dog hotsprings. The village rejoices and feels like they have all been brought together by Nenu's messenger of destruction. Kakashi stand back and watches it all with a knowing look on his face.

Now that the tensions have finally stopped, Mirai, Kakashi, and Guy are able to take a soak in the hot springs. Guy sleeps afterwords, and Kakashi has another heart-to-heart conversation with Mirai, explaining to her that she takes after both Kurenai and Asuma. Kakashi looks over at Guy and says that Guy's hot-blooded attitude can really come in handy at times. Kakashi then leaves to go back to the hot springs.

After a few days of traveling, Tenten meets them at a hot springs in the Land of Steam to deliver more clothes to Mirai. The two girls soak in the hot springs together and discuss the trip so far. Tenten notes that things are going well with the two sensei, but Mirai says she's not sure if she is on the same wavelength as those two are.

Suddenly, Guy falls out of his bed, alone in his room, and screams in terror that a ghost has appeared. Mirai and Tenten rush to see what has happened, but can't get any more information out of him, as he has passed out. Tenten notes that there is nothing they can really do for now, since Guy is unconscious and Kakashi has disappeared somewhere.

Kakashi watched over Guy until he regains consciousness.

Kakashi suddenly appears behind them, shining a flashlight in in face to be scary, and the two girls are startled. When asked where he's been, Kakashi winks and says that he bought some hot spring bean jam buns. Mirai scolds Kakashi for going off without informing his bodyguard, and Kakashi halfheartedly apologizes. Changing the subject, Kakashi mentions that he heard from an employee that Guy had collapsed while he was away. Kakashi makes a pensive expression and asks them what happened to make Guy faint.

Mirai explains that they don't know for certain, since all Guy could do was mutter "It appeared," apparently referring to the ghost. Tenten and Mirai get into an argument over whether ghosts exist or not. Tenten argues that it's more fun if they do, while Mirai is adamant about saying they do not. While they're arguing, Kakashi pulls a bean jam bun out of his bag and mentions that the ones he had bought earlier were all gone before he knew it. Kakashi says that he had thought Guy had simply eaten all of them, but Guy had insisted that he did not. Tenten and Kakashi agree that while Guy is a weirdo, he is neither a prankster nor a liar.

Tenten and Mirai go off to get more information, while Kakashi stays behind and watches over Guy.

Kakashi accuses Guy of eating the bean jam buns.

When Mirai and Tenten return, Kakashi calls them over and informs them that Guy is awake. Kakashi looks back at Guy, who sits up from his bed and grins, offering everyone a tired thumbs-up.

Guy insists that he did not see a ghost, even as Tenten taunts him about it. Tenten lists the occurrences that she believes must point to the presence of a ghost, including the disappearance of Kakashi's buns. Guy tells Tenten that she's being illogical, although he is still clearly shaken.

Kakashi shoves a bun in Guy's face and accuses him of being the one who ate them after all. Guy retaliates with a kick, swearing that he didn't, but also swearing that a ghost didn't. Both of them easily managed to dodge the other's respective hit.

Guy insists that he did not eat the buns while Tenten teases him about the ghost.

Balancing on his hands, Guy changes the subject and invites Kakashi to play a game of ping-pong with him. Kakashi asks why, and Guy simply says that he wants to play with Kakashi because there is a ping-pong table in the rec room. Guy grins and walks upside-down towards Kakashi.

Kakashi glances away and says that he had been planning to go a soak in the hot springs. Guy says he can take a soak anytime, but the ping-pong game had to be right now. Kakashi attempts to compromise, saying that he will just take a quick soak, and Guy could wait for him in their room, but Guy is vehemently against that. Tenten teases him for not wanting to be alone, but Guy puts on a brave face and hand-walks out of the room. Kakashi gives in and follows after him.

The two come back to the room to ask Mirai to be the referee for their match, since Tenten has run off somewhere. Mirai concedes after some prodding from Guy.

Kakashi and Guy play ping-pong.

In the rec room, Guy excitedly practices his swing, boasting and telling Kakashi that he is ready for the match to start anytime. While Guy is still warming up, Kakashi takes the chance to start, easily scoring a point on Guy while he is to distracted to block the ball. Mirai blankly calls the point.

Guy refutes it, calling Kakashi a coward for aiming while he was still warming up. Kakashi reminds him that Guy said he was ready to start anytime. Guy says that one does not count and that they are starting for real now. Kakashi complies, and the two begin their game, volleying the ball back and forth.

Kakashi and Guy argue over who won.

The ball hits the ground on Kakashi's side, and Guy asks Mirai to decide who got the point for that. Kakashi says that he thinks it was Kakashi's point, but Guy says he only wants to hear what the referee has to say. Mirai admits that she hadn't been paying attention and couldn't tell who got the point. Guy looks dejected at first, but quickly perks up, saying that this would be another draw between them.

Kakashi tries to argue that he still thinks the point should go to him, but Guy maintains that this was a draw.

Kakashi gives up, saying that now that the game is over, they should go to the hot springs.

Guy demands Kakashi pay attention to him, and Kakashi smiles.

Guy calls for Kakashi to wait and suggests that the two of them go to communal baths together instead. Kakashi says the outdoor baths at their inn will be good enough, but Guy quietly begins to say that they're actually haunted. Changing the subject from that, Guy continues to insist that they go somewhere else together, just the two of them. Kakashi finally relents, and Guy happily begins on his way.

Kakashi stays behind for a moment to have another talk with Mirai about Asuma.

Guy rolls back and asks Kakashi why he wasn't coming with him already. Kakashi smiles at Guy and says again that he is coming. Kakashi tells Mirai that they should solve the mystery about ghosts soon, earning a smile from Mirai and another impatient call from Guy. Kakashi and Guy walk off to go to the baths together, and Mirai chuckles to herself as she watches them go.

Kakashi and Guy return from the baths.

When they return, Kakashi is pushing Guy along in his wheelchair. The two glance at Mirai, who is staring intently at a statue outside their room.

Kakashi asks Mirai what she's doing, and she answers that she is preparing to catch the ghost, although no one knows where Tenten is. Kakashi asks Guy if he is ready when Mirai says she is about to show everyone the ghost. Guy nervously respond to Kakashi, and they both watch Mirai with rapt attention. Kakashi smells smoke, and Guy feels a red liquid drop onto his neck from the ceiling.

Tenten's prank.

Suddenly, Tenten drops down, dressed as a ghost and covered in fake blood, startling Guy so much that he falls out of his wheelchair and faints. Meanwhile, Tatsumi comes out from underneath the statue.

Guy is taken back to his and Kakashi's room, where he remains unconscious and pale. The others discuss the current arrangement and decide that Tatsumi will be traveling with them. Kakashi asks Tenten why she leapt out pretending to be a ghost, and when Tenten answers that she found it amusing to see Guy put on such a brave face, Kakashi responds with a tired, "Yare yare."

Kakashi sleeps soundly while Guy is terrified of the ghost.

The next morning, every is ready to depart from the inn. Guy sit quietly in his wheelchair, still clearly shaken, while Kakashi reads a magazine behind him. Tenten tease Guy, asking why he is so frightened, and Guy shakily says that he just wants to leave the inn quickly and get away from the malicious armored ghost. Tenten is confused, since her costume did not have any armor.

Guy describes the ghastly armor warrior that appeared in his room in the middle of the night, having a flashback to being terrified of it while Kakashi slept soundly beside him.

Kakashi cheers for them to continue their trip.

Guy was helpless to watch as the ghost wandered over to Mirai's room. Mirai reveals that she had removed the exorcism wards in the room after mistaking them for trash, leading almost everyone to freak out at the realization that the ghost was apparently very real. Kakashi, however, remains unbothered.

The others ask him if he was able to sleep last night, and Kakashi happily replies that he slept great.

Full of energy, Kakashi raises a fist in the air and declares that they'll continue their journey. Mirai worries for his mental health if he was able to sleep through such a thing and be so cheerful the next day.

Guy jumps out of his wheelchair to get a headstart on Kakashi.

They continue their journey on a forest path out of the way. Mirai asks if there is really going to be a hot springs in a place like this, but Kakashi keeps pushing Guy along, assuring everyone that he checked. He says that the upcoming hot spring is described as a secret, hidden spot on his hot springs list that they definitely had to visit, at least once.

When he says that they'll be arriving soon, Mirai takes out her map and notes that there is apparently a small hot springs village beyond this hill.

"It's a mountain..."

Excitedly, Guy grins and hops out of his chair, landing on his hands, and starts hand walking ahead. He calls to Kakashi, saying that Guy would be the first to get to soak in the secret hot springs. Kakashi is surprised, but throws Guy's wheelchair behind him so that he can quickly chase after Guy. Mirai grabs the wheelchair and runs after the two of them, with Tatsumi trailing behind her.

However, when they arrive, the four of them are shocked to see a huge rock in the place of a hot springs. Guy and Kakashi say to each other that it is a mountain, but Mirai cuts in that it is definitely not a mountain.

While they're staring at the rock, an old woman from the village comes up to them and asks if they had come for a visit to the hot springs. She explains that about a month ago, that giant boulder fell down from the mountains and crushed everything, although no one was hurt.

Kakashi and Guy drink with the villagers.

Kakashi notes that it was lucky that the village was so small and relatively unpopulated, which was probably the reason for the lack of casualties. Guy laments that if he were 20 years younger, moving a large boulder like this would be easy.

Noticing them, other villagers call out to the group and invite them to come eat and drink with them, apologizing for disappointing them after they had come all this way for the secret hot springs.

Everyone gives Choji a hand.

The villager pours a glass of alcohol for Kakashi and for Guy, who are both happy to accept his offer. Kakashi drinks his discreetly, somehow managing to down the whole glass without moving his mask. The villagers are shocked and amazing, but Guy is motivated, saying that he would not lose this drinking contest to Kakashi.

Guy downs his own glass of alcohol, quickly becoming drunk. He falls asleep in his chair with a happy expression on his face.

The villagers complain that they can't move the boulder themselves despite their efforts, and they can't enlist ninja from their land because there is a case involving missing girls that requires their shinobis' attention. They joke that even if they called for ninja from the Land of Fire, no one would come, and even if they did, it would be some nobody with no authority or power. Mirai sees the irony in saying this when Kakashi, the former hokage, is sitting right there.

The hot spring is restored.

Later, after Choji has arrived and is trying to move the boulder, Mirai runs in to lend a hand with whatever leverage she can provide. Guy quickly follows suit, and Kakashi follows Guy. The three of them work together to use a piece of wood as a levy until they all finally manage to dislodge the boulder. With that out of the way, Choji is finally able to shove it back to the top of the mountain and out of the way.

Kakashi, Guy, and Mirai are amazed, but wonder where the hot spring itself is. A geyser of water gushes out from the now unclogged spring, spraying everyone. They are relieved to see the village's livelihood return. Guy and Kakashi listen while Mirai talks to Choji about Asuma.

Kakashi and Guy sleep close together.

Later that night, Tatsumi invites Mirai to sneak out with her to a secret Resurrection Hot Springs where they will be able to see their loved ones again: for Mirai, her father, and for Tatsumi, her mother. At first, Mirai turns Tatsumi down because Mirai is still on duty to guard Kakashi and Guy, so she can't sneak out and abandon her post, even for something like this.

After they finish soaking, Mirai goes to the room that Kakashi and Guy are sharing and peeks in on them.

The two of them are asleep, with their futons pushed together so close that they overlap. Guy's snoring can be heard. Mirai frowns pensively as she watches them, then evidently decides that it will be okay as long as she is back before they wake up. She goes to meets up with Tatsumi and sneak out of the village. On the way, for a while, Mirai and Tatsumi recall Kakashi and Guy's lighter antics to each other as a way to ease Tatsumi's fears.

Guy tells Kakashi that this is a competition.

At the "Resurrection Hot Springs," after saving everyone from falling into a trap, Mirai is forced to fight a mind-controlled Tatsumi. Unwilling to hurt her, Mirai is trapped being forcibly held down my Tatsumi and trying in vain to reason with her, until, suddenly, the sound of a fight can be heard outside the doors to cave room.

Ryuki's underlings frantically inform Ryuki that there are two men who have come and are taking down all their forces: "a masked dude with messed up hair" and "a man with strong, distinct features". From the descriptions alone, Mirai realizes that it must be Kakashi and Guy.

The underlings are kicked through the door and hit the wall, and from behind them, Kakashi and Guy are finally revealed. Guy grins and quips that he's sorry for being so strong and distinct. He then turns to Kakashi and tells him that that was the fifth guard that Guy took down, while Kakashi had only taken down two so far.

Kakashi mocks Ryuki.

Kakashi glances at Guy and asks if this is supposed to be a competition, which Guy affirms. Guy grins and says that they compete because they're rivals, after all. Kakashi concedes and says that since this is a competition with Guy, he'll have to start getting serious. Kakashi looks around the room and spots Ryuki, then immediately throws a kunai at him, hitting him right in the hand and forcing him to drop the doll that he is using to control Tatsumi. Tatsumi is freed.

Kakashi taunts Ryuki, saying that they're too old to be playing with dolls at this age. Ryuki escapes using a chemical smokescreen.

Kakashi points out where Ryuki has run off to.

Mirai looks around to see where it went, and Guy and Kakashi call out and point her in the right direction, where Ryuki is running down a corridor. Mirai asks Guy and Kakashi to handle things there while she goes after Ryuki herself.

Kakashi and Guy are able to join her a little later, after she has already put Ryuki under a genjutsu.

Guy begins to ask Kakashi something about Ryuki, but Kakashi shushes him and they watch the confrontation without interfering for now.

They watch nervously as Ryuki sends out dozens of spikes and prepares to attack Mirai, but Mirai prepares an attack and flares her chakra. At that moment, Kakashi can see the spirit of his old friend Asuma in Mirai. She defeats Ryuki with ease.

Kakashi shushes Guy while they watch Mirai's fight with Ryuki.

Guy smiles proudly and asks Kakashi if he saw what Guy just saw. Kakashi says it was impressive.

With the threat of Ryuki dealt with, everyone leaves the cave. Mirai watches over Tatsumi until she regains consciousness, and meanwhile, Kakashi and Guy watch over the two girls.

Kakashi says that it seems that this case has been closed, and Guy is pleased to hear it.

Kakashi goes on to say that if there is a hot spring that can heal Guy's leg, then... but Guy cuts him off, asking if Kakashi is really still worried about Guy after all this time. Guy smiles and says that it's been over 10 years since he fought Madara and got the injury.

Kakashi and Guy watch Mirai and Tatsumi catch up.

Guy assures Kakashi that it's okay now. He values things like being alive, being able to talk to Kakashi, and being able to be by Kakashi's side much more than he valued his legs. He is happy that Kakashi is always by his side now, and says that he couldn't possible ask for anything more than that.

Kakashi looks away from Guy and closes his eyes pensively.

Guy continues, saying that the "King" they had sworn to protect has finally been passed on to the next generation of shinobi. Looking at Mirai and Tatsumi, Guy says that the future looks bright. After everything that Kakashi and Guy had been through together, and after everything Kakashi had given the village as a Hokage and as a person, Guy thinks that the only thing that truly matters is that they were at each other's sides for all of it.

Guy tells Kakashi that he's happy to have been by his side, and that he recognizes how much Kakashi has given to the village. Kakashi thanks Guy.

Kakashi glances at Guy against before blinking and looking away, offering Guy a quiet thank you to express his gratitude that Guy has been with him for so long.

Afterwards, Kakashi and Guy smile beside Mirai as she waves Tatsumi off. Mirai tells Tatsumi not to be fooled by any more weirdos. Kakashi mentions that Ryuki himself may have been fooled into believing in that ritual he was using, since he based it on some pretty sketchy documents. The jutsu itself had been fashioned from some common types of already existing jutsu. Guy explains that a sect members said he was only imitating ceremonies written in various Jashin documents he found. Kakashi doubts that the documents were accurate in the first place.

Mirai learns the true goal of the mission.

The three of them head back to Konoha, Kakashi pushing Guy while Mirai walks beside them. Mirai says that it sure was an odd coincidence that they came across Jashin followers while she was traveling with them. Kakashi tells her that it actually wasn't a coincidence at all. From the beginning, Kakashi and Guy's mission had been to investigate the case of the missing girls in the Land of Steam. Guy reiterates the point, explaining that they worked together with the Land of Steam, along with Kiba, Tenten, and Choji, to gather intel and complete the mission. Kakashi pointedly adds that someone was having too much fun gathering intel.

In frustration, Mirai yells that they should have told her about their real mission from the start. Kakashi disagrees, He explains that while it was Kakashi and Guy's mission to investigate about the girls' disappearances, Mirai's sole mission was to guard Kakashi and Guy. He adds that if she had known about their mission, she would have given them away by being so sharply on her guard hunting for the criminals. Mirai begins to argue that she would not have, but quickly admits that Kakashi is probably correct.

Kakashi and Guy leave the mission report to Mirai.

As they approach the village, Kakashi and Guy continue to fill Mirai in on the specific details and recount what she already knows. Noticing that they're only now telling her every minute detail, Mirai suspiciously asks if they're trying to push off the responsibility of writing the mission report onto her. Kakashi smiles and says he's busted, and Guy cheerfully tells Mirai that he's looking forward to reading her report. Mirai dejectedly cries that she knew that's what they were doing.

Boruto runs up to greet them as they approach the village gates, and Kakashi and Guy smile and watch the exchange between Mirai and Boruto.

Kakashi and Guy attend the Fourth Shinobi World War memorial together.

Ao Arc

In Boruto episode 178, Kakashi and Guy can be seen right next to each other attending the memorial for the Fourth Shinobi World War along with the rest of their comrades, wearing their black funeral garb in front of the memorial plaque. They stand behind Tsunade and listen while she gives her speech honoring the lives lost and offering her condolences. They pay their respects.


  • Guy thinks Kakashi is cool and skilled.[1] Kakashi thinks Guy is reliable and has a strong spirit and endless tenacity.[2]
  • Kakashi very strongly does not want Guy to die or to lose Guy in general.[3] At times, he shows more concern for Guy's physical wellbeing than Guy does himself.[4]
  • Guy cares deeply about Kakashi's happiness and mental health,[5] and is relatively in tune with Kakashi's emotions, recognizing when Kakashi is upset or closing himself off[6] and even crying tears of joy when Kakashi is happy[7].
  • Although Guy and Kakashi both consider the other frustrating and obnoxious at times,[8] they clearly have a mutual respect, concern, and admiration for each other[9] and generally enjoy each other's company.[10]
  • Both Guy and Kakashi have shown a willingness to die for[11] or with the other.[12]
  • They know each other's strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes better than any other character has been shown to know either of them.[13]
  • Kakashi has made Guy blush.[14]
  • Kakashi and Guy have seen each other's penises, and Kakashi has rammed his face into Guy's butt.[15] Although Guy saw Kakashi's on accident, he was extremely impressed, and Guy let Kakashi look down Guy's jumpsuit of his own volition to see Guy's.[16]
  • Kakashi usually refers to Guy as "Guy," but sometimes refers to him as "Guy-kun" with an honorific.[17] Guy usually refers to Kakashi as "Kakashi," but often calls him terms of endearment such as "Rival," "my eternal rival," "partner," or "man of destiny."
  • Kakashi's signature technique, Chidori, earned the nickname Raikiri (Lightning Blade) after he used the jutsu to slice lightning in half to protect Guy.[18]
  • They have gone to festivals together, apparently since they were young.[19]
  • Although Kakashi acts cool and indifferent, he has shown that he is competitive, particularly when it comes to Guy, so he has some level of investment in their "rivalry".[20] There are even times when he is very clearly enjoying the competition, possibly just as much as Guy.[21]
  • At times, Kakashi has been shown to go along with (in his own way) or otherwise encourage or enable Guy's antics and enjoy his company.[22] At other times, he keeps an eye on Guy to make sure he doesn't do anything too crazy.[23]
  • Guy has repeatedly said that the reason he has been able to become as strong as he is, is because he had a rival like Kakashi.
  • Kakashi and Guy know each other well enough to explain each others' techniques perfectly.[24] In fact, they are very familiar with each others' battle strategies, personality, and general quirks.[25]
  • Kakashi and Guy know each other well enough that they can see past the others' facades and recognize things about the other that are not immediately obvious. Guy correctly asserts that despite Kakashi's aloof demeanor, he is passionate deep down and can understand what is on Kakashi's mind throughout the war.[26] Kakashi can tell when Guy is lying or putting on airs.[27]
  • Guy is the only close acquaintance from Kakashi's early childhood who has remained alive with him throughout the duration of Kakashi's entire life. For a while after the death of Kakashi's team, Guy served as one of Kakashi's only remaining positive relationships, which Kakashi appreciates.[28]
  • When Kakashi is overwhelmed by emotions and stress at important times, Guy has been shown to be able to snap him out of it or to support him well.[29]
  • Kakashi's acknowledgement is very important to Guy. Guy said that it made him happy and motivated him that Kakashi still treated Guy like a shinobi after he retired after the war.[30]
  • Although their personalities and dispositions appear to be polar opposite, there are a number of parallels between them.
    • Guy has a serious side to him[31] and Kakashi has a silly side.[32] They're comfortable enough with each other that they have shown these sides to each other before, with Kakashi letting loose and having fun with Guy and Guy showing a crack in his positive attitude and laying out his troubles to Kakashi. In fact, Kakashi is the only character who Guy seemed willing to confide in about certain issues, such as his concerns about Duy or worries about feeling old.[33]
      • When they are both older and retired after the war, the similarities in their personalities become even more pronounced, as Guy becomes more laidback, Kakashi becomes more excitable and happy, and both of them become even more open and comfortable with being vulnerable and silly together.[34]
    • Both were raised and trained by single fathers. Both lost those fathers and were disillusioned with decisions and ideals of their disgraced fathers for a while, before reconciling with their fathers' memories and ideas and living on to carry them out: in Guy's case, the springtime of youth; in Kakashi's case, valuing comrades above all else, even above the mission at hand. [35]
    • During the Third Great Ninja War, both Kakashi and Guy's teams found themselves up against a much older, stronger threat while their jonin teachers were not with them. Guy's team had to face the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, while Kakashi's team had to face jonin from Iwagakure. In both cases, Kakashi and Guy ended up losing someone precious to them who sacrificed themselves so that Kakashi and Guy could run away: Obito Uchiha and Might Duy, respectively.
    • They both have the same resolve to protect their friends and their students.
    • Kakashi and Guy both have self-destructive tendencies, something they have each called the other out on, which they have also both pointed out the hypocrisy of. They both ultimately gave their lives in sacrifice to protect the younger generation and the village, and both were given another chance at life afterwards despite that.
    • Neither of them have a reaction to the "Sexy Transformation Jutsu".[36]
    • They both passed on a dangerous technique to one of their students through intense, dangerous training, something they each hypocritically criticized the other for.[37]
    • Guy has even said that Kakashi trains just as hard as he does.[38]
    • Both are willing to self-sacrifice for the sake of protecting others, something they each criticize and worry about the other for.
    • On a lighter note, both have a habit of smiling and holding up their thumbs in a reassuring pose. Kakashi did not do this when he was younger, so he might have picked it up from Guy.
    • In the New Era, they each have a member of the newer generation who is a huge fan of theirs. Metal Lee idolizes Guy, and Houki Taketori idolizes Kakashi. The ways Guy and Kakashi each go out of their way to interact with and encourage their fan are very similar.[39]
    • Kakashi has also spoken of youth admirably.[40]
  • Kakashi and Guy's differences balance each other out and compliment each other well throughout the series.
    • Kakashi has admitted that Guy's hotblooded nature and way of thinking can come in handy.[41] Guy has admitted that Kakashi's analytical, cool nature is admirable.[42]
    • Because of Kakashi and Guy having different specialties and weaknesses, they are each well suited to save and protect the other in situations that exploit one of the other's weakness.[43]
    • Kakashi has always disliked tempura, so Guy has been eating them for him for years, a habit that continues well into the New Era.[44]
    • Guy has stated that two people don't need to always see eye-to-eye to be in love.[45]
    • Kakashi specializes in ninjutsu and strategy, and Guy specializes in taijutsu and reflexes. Guy defers to Kakashi for strategy, and Kakashi knows how to best utilize Guy's skill set, making their teamwork in the field impeccable.[46] Despite Kakashi's initial dismissal of Guy for only having talent in taijutsu and lacking skill in ninjutsu and genjutsu, Kakashi later acknowledges that taijutsu is a vital skill for ninjas to use, especially when ninjutsu and genjutsu haven't been an option for him.[47] Kakashi also relied on Guy's advice when fighting Itachi.[48]
  • Guy and Kakashi each embody what the other values. Guy is loyal to a fault, and has gone against orders or broken rules in order to protect and help his comrades or students,[49] which is something that Kakashi constantly espouses the importance of. Kakashi is a very hard worker and trains tirelessly to overcome his limits,[50] something that Guy constantly espouses the importance of.
  • Guy has said that he likes Kakashi's spiky hair. Kakashi lets Guy play with it without complaint.[51]
  • Kakashi and Guy both seem to have taken notice of each other even before they formally introduced themselves in front of the academy, since Kakashi recognized Guy specifically as the boy who failed the exam for lacking skill with ninjutsu and Guy clearly recalled Kakashi's name already.[52]
  • When they were children, although Kakashi bluntly pointed out Guy's weak points, he did not laugh at him like his other classmates did. Kakashi has been part of Guy's inspiration to get stronger ever since they met, both because Guy wants Kakashi's acknowledgement and because Guy wants to prove to himself that he can equal someone as amazing as Kakashi.[53]
  • Both of their fathers encouraged them to be rivals with each other and knew they would become close in the future.[54]
  • They have been shown throughout the series to have an intense but friendly rivalry since early childhood. Going deeper however, Guy has been emotional support for Kakashi through the roughest parts of his childhood. For example, when Kakashi grew colder in the ANBU, gaining the nickname "friend-killer Kakashi", he first attempted to join ANBU in order to keep an eye on Kakashi, then requested Hiruzen remove Kakashi in order to prevent Kakashi from declining further.
  • Guy was aware of the losses Kakashi experienced during and after the Third Shinobi World War and tried to help him deal with them more than any of Kakashi's other friends, even when Kakashi actively pushed him away.[55]
  • Guy and Kakashi have had over 100 competitions (some ended as draws and were not added to their score), with the score remaining roughly even between the two, demonstrating that they're equals.[56]
  • Despite acknowledging each other as rivals and quipping with each other from time to time, Kakashi's and Guy's rivalry is sillier and more laid back than most of the rivalries in the series, and they have no ill will or animosity towards each other in general. They see each other as close friends and equals and have never been shown to try to fight to the death. Instead, their rivalry consists of competitions such as:
    • Seeing who can take down more enemies[57]
    • Rock-Paper-Scissors [58]
    • Races[59]
    • Eating competitions[60]
    • Taijutsu battles[61]
    • Weapons proficiency[62]
    • Ping-Pong[63]
  • They have comedic arguments or playful jabs at each other sometimes, and rarely are hurt by the other with them in their adult lives.[64] At the times when it does seem to have gone too far, they have always been shown to be willing to apologize or reconcile.[65]
  • Their summons seem to know the other well, and vice versa. For example, Pakkun and the ninken know Guy, and Guy knows them well enough to recognize them, and Kakashi recognizes Guy's SOS tortoise.[66]
  • Both Kakashi and Guy have improved in strength and technique as a result of their rivalry. Guy developed techniques for countering the Sharingan[67] and Kakashi improved his taijutsu, even performing the primary lotus and unlocking the first gate.[68]
  • Guy has repeatedly rescued Kakashi, and Kakashi has repeatedly rescued Guy, ever since childhood. [69] In fact, there are times when Guy has seemingly been able to sense when Kakashi was in grave danger.[70] They have also each physically supported or carried the other when they were hurt or exhausted. [71]
  • The two have worked together numerous times throughout the series. Even outside of missions or fights, they are frequently shown together. There are times when Kakashi goes out of his way to be next to Guy, and vice versa.[72]
  • Guy and Kakashi have both tried to cheer the other up when they were feeling sad.[73]
  • At funerals and memorials, Kakashi and Guy are often right beside each other for moral support.[74]
  • Guy implied that he was willing to open the 8th gate to protect Kakashi from the Tail Beasts Bombs[75], meaning that Kakashi is someone Guy considers "precious enough to give his life for," as Duy said when teaching him the Gates. Ultimately, Guy opens the 8th gate to protect Kakashi, Lee, and the future of Konoha.[76]
  • Kakashi and Guy implicitly trust each other enough to fight back to back, and have done so multiple times during the series.[77]
  • Kakashi considers Guy one of his closest friends. They are fond of each other[78], work well together in the field and on missions[79], trust each other completely[80], can understand what the other is thinking without anything being said[81], and are concerned for each other's well-being[82].
  • When Kakashi trips during the war, Guy drops everything, turns around, and kneels by his side to attend to him. He rubs his back sympathetically and helps Kakashi back to his feet.[83]
  • When Tobi is revealed to be Obito, Guy immediately realizes the psychological effect that will have on Kakashi, and repeatedly is shown asking if Kakashi is okay and looking over to Kakashi in concern after the reveal. He tries to keep Kakashi grounded and focused on the fight even while Obito taunts them.[84]
  • Kakashi became openly emotional when he realized that Guy was opening the Gate of Death. Kakashi's eyes widened, his body and voice shook, he repeatedly called out Guy's name throughout the fight, and he thought back to the first time he ever met Guy.[85]
  • Kakashi respects Guy's tenacity and ability, and he acknowledges that Guy has surpassed him during the fight against Madara.[86]
  • In the Kakashi Hiden, set during the blank period, Kakashi recalls having watched over Guy and seeing him at his weakest and his strongest after he was discharged from the hospital after the war, and Kakashi admires the strength Guy had to always smile and encourage Lee even though Kakashi had seen Guy when he was crying on his own.[87]
  • After the debilitating injuries Guy suffered in the war, Kakashi being there for Guy and still treating Guy as a strong shinobi were large motivating factors in helping Guy get his confidence and vigor back.[88]
  • In the final chapter epilogue, the major characters are shown several years after the war to show where their lives have taken them. Most of them were shown with their families or their significant others. Kakashi is shown planning a vacation with Guy, sitting together in a house that does not look like either of the apartments they had during Shippuden.[89]
    • Similarly, during the end credits of Boruto the Movie, the major characters are each shown with their families or significant others. Kakashi is again shown with Guy.[90]
  • It is implied that Kakashi was there for Guy, to some extent, during his physical rehabilitation after the war, since Kakashi can personally recall that Guy did squats and pushups "like a maniac" all day and remembers watching Guy break down alone after his discharge from the hospital. Those tremulous emotions are that Guy had refused to show to Lee or Tenten, who he put on a brave face for.[91]
  • Guy lives with Kakashi as of the Boruto Era.[92]
  • Kakashi and Guy have both explicitly told the other that they are happy that they have been by each other's side for so long, and strongly wish to remain by the other's side for the rest of their lives.[93]
  • Kakashi fondly holds his lifetime memories of Guy close and has been shown looking back at them multiple times, and Guy does the same with his memories of Kakashi.[94]
  • Kakashi has been shown to be fine with taking his mask off in front of Guy.[95]
  • After Kakashi retires from being Hokage, he invites Guy to go with him to visit places they have fond memories in and have a hot springs tour. He says it'll be fun with the two of them together. This turns out to have doubled as a mission, so Kakashi still trusts Guy as his backup and still acknowledges that he is "ridiculously strong" after the war.[96]
  • In Konoha Shinden, Kakashi and Guy share a room and sleep next to each other. When Guy was in a panic because of the apparent ghost, the sound of Kakashi's breathing beside him calmed him down somewhat.[97]
  • They sleep in futons that are pushed all the way together, so close that their blankets overlap.[98] This is how intimate married couples often sleep. Because of the way the blankets and futons are arranged, it is heavily implied that Kakashi is the one who pushed his futon to be closer to Guy's.
  • Kakashi and Guy bathe together.[99]
  • When Guy sleeps, he seems to be a very active sleeper, moving around a lot, turning upside-down, and throwing the blankets off in his sleep[100], except when he sleeps next to Kakashi, where he seems completely calm and in deep sleep.[101] Kakashi also seems to sleep more soundly when he's next to Guy than he used to sleep before.[102]
  • In the Boruto anime adaptation of Konoha Shinden, Kakashi is consistently the only person to push Guy in his wheelchair whenever he is not pushing himself.[103]
  • In Konoha Shinden, Mirai repeatedly feels like a third wheel to Kakashi and Guy, especially when other couples are around too.[104]
  • He and Guy travel around the ninja world, visiting places that hold special importance to each other and relaxing at hot spring because Kakashi wanted to take it easy in his retirement.[105] It is implied that these hot spring vacations are a regular occurrence, to the point where characters such as Shikamaru and Boruto are surprised to see him in the village instead of relaxing in a hot spring.[106]
  • In Konoha Shinden, Kakashi sincerely says that his desire to heal Guy's legs is as strong as Mirai's desire to see her deceased father, and Kakashi would be willing to do anything for that, even if it meant trusting a shady deal like the Jashinists'. Guy responds that Guy's just happy to be alive and with Kakashi, so Kakashi doesn't need to worry about things like Guy's leg anymore. Guy's only desire is to continue staying beside Kakashi.[107]
  • Mirai notes that they're very close and wonders if her own parents, an established couple, had a similar relationship to the one Kakashi and Guy have. Mirai also likens Kakashi and Guy to an elderly senile couple, a young couple on a date, and to Kiba and Tamaki.[108] Similarly, Sakura has described them as very "intimate",[109] Tenten and Lee trust Kakashi to have their sensei's back during the war[110], and Minato trusts Guy to have Kakashi's back and look out for him.[111]

Unofficial Evidence

  • In a Shippuden Filler, as a child, Guy was shocked by the size of Kakashi's penis in contrast to his own, which Kakashi described as "like an acorn." In the same episode, Kakashi states that the size of Guy's penis is a secret that only Kakashi would know.[112]
  • In the filler episode Naruto Shippuden 241, Kakashi strongly implies that Guy is the person that he most implicitly trusts to watch his back.[113]
  • Guy has an SoS tortoise which is automatically set to hone in on Kakashi.[114]
  • In one of the video games, Guy refers to Kakashi as "the rival I know and love."[115]
  • In Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Tribes, Guy describes his feelings for Kakashi as a "subtle ardor".
  • In a filler, Guy refers to Kakashi as "his man of destiny," which is the exact same thing Kushina referred to her partner Minato as.[116] He also refers to himself as "Kakashi's partner" (using the English word for "partner").[117]
  • On Naruto Online, when talking to Guy he says “I don’t want to lose to anybody- especially not Kakashi,” which you can then respond to with “You guys are a really good pair.” After saying this, you get 10+ bond points which shows that Guy had no issue with the statement.


Guy to Team 7 - Chapter 38:

  • Guy: "You guys... How's Kakashi-sensei?"
  • Sasuke: "You know Kakashi...?"
  • Guy: "I know him all too well. People call us... eternal rivals."

Kakashi to Guy - Chapter 39:

  • Kakashi: "They may not be perfect, but... They will surpass your team in no time."
  • Guy: "Ugh..."
  • Kakashi: "Well! Don't pour cold water on this..."

Kakashi, after Sasuke's match - Naruto episode 39:

  • "Before that Lion’s Barrage, your movements were that of Guy’s taijutsu…"

Guy, after Sasuke's match - Naruto episode 39:

  • "Kakashi… this boy reminds me of when you were a kid…"

Kakashi, to Naruto - Naruto episode 41:

  • Kakashi, glancing at Guy: "Well, a rival is a mysterious thing, is the point."
  • Guy: "Hm?"
  • Kakashi, laughing and waving: "Oh, hi..."
  • Guy (thinking): "My rival from youth, Kakashi... Oh, how hip and galling that nonsensical reaction is."

Kakashi - Naruto episode 43:

  • "This Lee kid, he's just like Guy was in the past..."

During Neji vs Hinata - Naruto episode 46:

  • Guy: "The Hyuga has a particular taijutsu passed down through generations. It's not like the kind of taijutsu that Lee and I are good at... Our way of fighting, Strong Fist, is mainly to inflict external damage on our enemy, like broken bones and surface wounds. In contrast, the Hyuga's taijutsu inflicts damage on the chakra network through which chakra flows through the body, and damaging the insides, namely, it destroys internal organs. They possess the Gentle Fist. It's not spectacular to watch... but later it slowly takes effect."
  • Kakashi: "Well, you can't train the internal organs... Even if you were really robust, one hit from it would be a deadly blow..."

Kakashi and Guy seeing Lee - Naruto episode 49:

  • Guy: "So that's the hot-blooded loser everyone's been talking about."
  • Kakashi: "Doesn't he look like someone we know?"
  • Guy: "Huh?"
  • Kakashi: "In particular... his eyebrows."

Kakashi to Guy - chapter 87:

  • "I said some really arrogant things to you earlier, but when I really think about it... If I were in your circumstances, I probably wouldn't have been able to stop my student either... ...Guy, we're in the way for the next match. Come on, let's go upstairs."

Guy describing Chidori - chapter 113-114:

  • "A simple stab. But it is... the leaf's number one technician, copy ninja Kakashi's sole original technique. [...] That is Kakashi's chidori, or as it's also known, lightning edge. The lightning edge is... a nickname earned when Kakashi cut a bolt of lightning with that technique."

After sending off Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Pakkun - Naruto episode 69:

  • Guy: "Will it be okay with just them?"
  • Kakashi: "They'll be okay. Pakkun is with them. As long as they don't pursue too far..."

Guy and Kakashi defending the stadium - Naruto episode 76:

  • Guy: "How many did you take down, Kakashi?"
  • Kakashi: "22."
  • Guy: "Huh, it seems I win again! That was my 23rd."
  • Kakashi: "Yeah, yeah, alright..."
  • Guy: "That poser attitude of yours still makes you cool! That's the reason you are my rival!"
  • Kakashi: "Let's go!"
  • Guy: "Yeah!"

Guy protecting Kakashi from Itachi and Kisame - chapter 143:

  • "You did this to Kakashi...?"

Guy to Jiraiya and Naruto - chapter 148:

  • "Kakashi has also come down with the same Jutsu... We don't know when he will regain consciousness."

Kakashi going to Guy for advice about fighting Kakashi - Naruto Shippuden episode 13:

  • "Guy, how did you fight with Itachi?"

Guy to Kakashi - Chapter 278:

  • "I'd expect nothing less from my rival..."

After Gaara's rescue mission has concluded - Naruto Shippuden episode 32:

  • Kakashi, leaning on Guy for support: "If the Akatsuki have begun to attack villages, I feel uneasy being away from the Leaf Village too."
  • Baki: "That's why you want to get back as soon as possible, right..."
  • Kakashi: "Yes, that's exactly right."
  • Baki: "But in that physical condition..."
  • Kakashi, casting a glance towards Guy: "Not to worry... I have comrades I can rely on."
  • Guy, winking: "Yeah! Leave it to me!"

Sakura, seeing Guy giving Kakashi a piggyback ride - Chapter 281:

  • "Grown men playing piggyback... They're more intimate than I thought... They look even more intimate when they're moving..."

Guy to Lee after they get back to Konoha - Naruto Shippuden episode 33:

  • "Lee, you are not second place! You are third place! Second place is Kakashi, whom I am carrying. Kakashi, you are too lucky! No need to thank me."

On the night of the Kyuubi's attack - Naruto Shippuden episode 250:

  • Kakashi: "Can't we just have another game of Rock-Paper-Scissors?"
  • Guy: "Not that again! Think of something more exciting! And you call yourself my rival!"
  • Kakashi: "We have an early start tomorrow. So let's pass for tonight."
  • Guy: "Don't use a mission as an excuse! Right now, the burning flames of passion are overflowing from within us. There's no better time to throw ourselves into training! That diligent effort will stack over time, paving the path to future mission successes, and-- Are you even listening?! You've been so cold ever since you joined ANBU! I've heard the gossip! They're calling you cold-blooded!"
  • Kakashi: "..."
  • Guy: "Well, I know I'm not supposed to talk about your being in ANBU. Still, that's no reason to forget about our friendship! Youth is short!"
  • Kakashi: "Say, Guy... Do you sense anything weird? There's been a chill in the air."
  • Guy: "It's your attitude that's causing it! We're only young once!"

After the Nine-Tails attacks - Naruto Shippuden episode 250:

  • Guy: "Listen up, Nine-Tails! This is the moment I release all my pent-up energy!"
  • Kakashi: "Don't be hasty, Guy!"
  • Guy: "Come! I'll be your opponent!"
  • Guard: "Wait! Go to the guardroom, now! It's the Third Hokage's orders!"
  • Guy: "Lord Hiruzen...?"
  • Kakashi: "It's settled, then. Let's go, Guy!"

Guy and Kakashi - Chapter 566:

  • Kakashi: "We have a sharingan as well."
  • Guy: "And we have Konoha’s Noble Green Beast of the Leaf, too!"

Guy to Kakashi - Chapter 567:

  • "That's my Kakashi, sharp as always!"

Kakashi and Guy holding their own against the tailed beasts - Chapter 568:

  • Kakashi: "Guy, here's the plan. We focus on the enemies in front, and leave our backs to each other. Any objections?!"
  • Guy: "None!!"

Guy and Kakashi fighting the Tailed Beasts - Chapter 571:

  • Kakashi: "Guy, don't move! I'll use the Kamui in my left eye!"
  • Guy: "Your eye powers are useless against such a number of opponents! In this case, I have to use the eighth gate—"
  • Kakashi: "You idiot, you'll die after that!!"
  • Guy: "But...!!"

Kakashi to Guy - Chapter 573:

  • Guy: "Seeing Naruto having grown this much... makes me feel really old."
  • Kakashi: "...What’s the matter? That’s not like you...! It may sound funny coming from me... but let's agree that out springtimes of youth aren't over yet, alright? ...The fact that we're here means..."
  • Guy: "Don't say anymore! You're going to make me even sadder!"
  • Kakashi: "Now that's the Guy I know."

Kakashi and Guy to Tobi - Chapter 594:

  • Guy: "Even if you never want your youth to end... at some point, you have to stop dreaming!"
  • Kakashi: "Yeah... Dreams are things that come true."

Guy admiring Kakashi while they fight Tobi - Chapter 595:

  • "Cutting through the rocks with Raikiri... Nice, Kakashi!!"

Guy after Kakashi figures out Tobi's jutsu - Chapter 597:

  • "There's no one better than you when it comes to analyzing."

When Kakashi freezes up after realizing Tobi's identity - Chapter 598:

  • Guy: "I can guess what you're thinking about now! It's the same for me... But leave it be for a while! It's no time to indulge in feelings! Naruto is your subordinate and he went ahead before you! You're always ahead of me in our battles. You surely won't grow senile because of this, right?! Kakashi."
  • Kakashi: "Let's go... Guy!"
  • Guy: "My rival!! That's the spirit!!"

Guy to Tenten and Lee - Chapter 664:

  • "Kakashi hasn't passed us yet, has he? The Nine-Tails Chakra from Naruto has disappeared... And now Sakura, our medic, is on the move... I get the feeling something must be happening back with Kakashi... We're turning back, Lee! Tenten!! My blood is boiling in my veins!"

Guy on his way back to Kakashi - Episode 414:

  • "Wait for me! I'll be there as fast as I can, Kakashi!"

Kakashi to Guy after being saved again - Chapter 666:

  • "For once, you have perfect timing."

Guy and Kakashi - Chapter 667:

  • Kakashi: "If even taijutsu doesn't work, then... what... can we do? He's... too strong."
  • Guy: "Wait, Kakashi... It's too early to decide taijutsu doesn't work."
  • Kakashi: "But..."
  • Guy: "Our youth isn't finished yet! Don't throw away hope! Indeed, it's not always possible to do what we wish to do... However, it's important to believe in something before you actually do it. That was my spirit when I challenged you. This isn't a bluff."
  • Kakashi: "You mean that...!?"
  • Guy: "It's the end of the blue beast of the leaf. The time has come for me to become the red beast."
  • Kakashi: "Do you want... to open the last gate...?!"

Young Guy to Kakashi after Kakashi looked down on him - Chapter 672:

  • "You're Kakashi Hatake, right? Thank you for cheering me on!"

Kakashi recalled his father's warning - Chapter 672:

  • Sakumo: "Kakashi, don't let your guard down just because you entered the academy."
  • Kakashi: "Eh?"
  • Sakumo: "At this rate, that boy will become stronger than you. They still haven't announced the vacancies. The academy isn't stupid... You should ask him his name. He'll become a good rival."
  • Kakashi: "...Hey, you! What's your name?"
  • Guy: "...Might Guy! I'm going to become stronger than anyone around!"
  • Kakashi (in present): "It was just as my father said... Guy!"

Kakashi after seeing Night Guy - Chapter 672:

  • "That was Guy's final attack! What happened?"

Kakashi and Guy - Chapter 700 epilogue:

  • Kakashi: "Us old-timers shouldn't stick our noses in unnecessarily... Having stepped down from my position as hokage... Now I'd just like to go and see all the places I have fond memories in again... What about you?"
  • Guy: "...Do you remember the first place we fought? If I recall, that was—"

Kakashi - Shikamaru Hiden: A Cloud Drifting in Silent Darkkness, epilogue:

  • "That thing called youth, huh?"

Kakashi thinking about how Guy wanted a mission on the flying ship - Kakashi Hiden, chapter 1:

  • "Which reminds me, didn’t Guy say that he wanted to do this mission?…With that sort of leg, he shouldn’t say such things. As usual for Guy, he only wants to see a flying ship. If it’s Guy, he might just depart for Wave Country in his wheelchair."

Kakashi about Guy - Kakashi Hiden, chapter 3:

  • "Honestly, your ridiculous stubbornness makes me feel better, Guy."

Kakashi remembering when Guy was discharged from the hospital (narration) - Kakashi Hiden, chapter 5:

"It was a rainy day. It was also a windy day, wasn’t it?…Kakashi recalled Guy's discharge from the hospital. He was watching the figure of a zealous Guy who was training all alone. Irritated at his right leg that would not move as he wished, and where no one could see him, Guy was howling over and over again. Over and over again, shedding tears of vexation. Nevertheless, he never stopped training. When he was beside Lee, he was always grinning and laughing with a ‘Nice Guy Smile’, firmly giving him a thumbs-up.

'Listen up, Lee. A leg is only one component of the body,' Guy had said. 'As for the other components for the essence of health itself, just because the leg has broken, doesn't mean the test of the body should be compromised to match it. Especially the heart. It must not be deluded by such circumstances. Even if the right leg is useless, there is a left leg. If the left leg is also useless, there are still two arms.'

I had underestimated you a little, Guy."

When Guy comes to rescue Kakashi - Kakashi Hiden, chapter 6:

  • "Might Guy here knows only toooo well how you're feeling. No matter how hard you work, someone always comes along from the side and snatches up the juicy bits. And on top of that, the guy who does it ends up being called a genius." Guy glanced at Kakashi meaningfully, and further insisted, "But look at me! I can only use one leg, but I don't go to pieces over a thing like that! You keep trying and work hard to develop the skills you can, you'll be able to stand up on your own two feet again like me. And then one day those stinking geniuses'll come to me looking for help. This guy here's a great example!" He snapped a finger out at Kakashi.

As Kakashi and Guy are dangling out of a ship - Kakashi Hiden, chapter 7:

  • Guy: "Kakashi, let go of my hand! As it is, you’ll fall too!"
  • Kakashi: "Ah…don’t be hasty, Guy…"
  • Guy: "No, let go! I’ll be alright! At such a height, if it’s through the Power of Youth, it won’t matter at all!"
  • Kakashi: "Tha- that’s nonsense….That’s probably something you’d say out of being nonsensical."

Kakashi's resolve to protect his loved ones (Kakashi lists off several specific names, including Guy) - Kakashi Hiden, chapter 13:

  • "If these guys need me to, I’ll gather up all of their sadness and take it into myself. Right, like it’s the most natural thing. And I’ll struggle together with them and that sadness. That’s what it means to be Hokage."

Guy, to Lee about Kakashi - Kakashi Hiden, epilogue:

  • "I often said, my student! Even if a man like that ends up hokage, I still intend to properly advise him!"

Kakashi's lighthearted banter - Sakura Hiden, chapter 8:

  • "Oh, I'm not going to get all worked up just for the sake of it. That's more Guy's style."

Guy explaining why he is still pushing himself to overcome his limits - Konoha Hiden, chapter 1:

  • "Everyone in the village, Kakashi and Ebisu and Genma too, they still treat me like a shinobi. That makes me happy. Even though I should’ve retired long ago... So, because of that, I’ve decided to keep on proving the impossible to be possible, and show my usual self to you guys! That’s my youth, after all!"

Narration about Kakashi and Guy - Konoha Shinden, prologue:

  • "There's something pleasant about being two people alone, completely and carefreely submerged in hotsprings in various places while having a tour in a missed place."

Guy and Kakashi - Konoha Shinden, chapter 1:

  • Guy: "Oh, a bird's singing..."
  • Kakashi: "Yeah, that's a shrike."
  • Guy: "Speaking of shrikes, they're famous for impaling their prey on twigs."
  • Kakashi: "You mean, the fact that they stab the insects they've captured with twigs, right? Come to think of it, didn't you drive some stake into the ground in four places once, and dare to do push-ups above them?"
  • Guy: "Yeah, I miss those times. It had turned into good training... Because I was far from the ground. If I had used up all my strength, I'd have fallen. If I had fallen, it'd have been really painful. That's why it was nice training, because I had to do my best not to fall at any cost!"
  • Kakashi: "About that, when was it, that you had started talking about doing push-ups standing on your hands only, after you did ordinary push-ups above the stakes?"
  • Guy: "Now that you mention it, it might have happened... It might have not... If I remember correctly, I had gotten rather irritated because no matter how many times I asked you to join me in my training with stakes, you were carefreely reading books in the shade of a tree. And I said, 'Look at me, Kakashi!'"
  • Kakashi: "Was it that time when you let your hand slip and knocked your stomach on a stake and vomited? I saw you fell senseless on top of the stake, you body completely bent over, and even now I remember well that I thought you looked like the prey of a shrike impaled on a twig. Since then, whenever I hear a shrike singing, I remember your senseless figure..."
  • Guy, blushing: "Hey, don't remember a thing like that! Forget it!"

Mirai, watching Kakashi and Guy - Konoha Shinden, chapter 1:

  • "As expected, I couldn’t tell the Sixth, who had retired from active duty, and Guy-san, who was in a wheelchair, to move as fast as a young person, but when I looked at their extremely slow pace, I felt rather irritated. That was merely taking a stroll. It looked like I was watching an elderly couple taking a stroll."

Mirai feeling like a third wheel to Kakashi and Guy - Konoha Shinden, chapter 1:

The Sixth passed under the curtain of the shop with the hit-the-target stand, while laughing lightly with a hahaha. I looked at him silently.

Since those two were always in that kind of mood, I didn't feel like we were on a mission. I looked around my surroundings with the umpteeth sigh today.

The post town was crowded with people. It was very trafficked. And why did I feel like it was oddly full of young people? Or rather, except for us, there were almost only young people. Guessing from the atmosphere, they were probably couples, but why like this...? Mixed with the young people, the Sixth and Guy-san were chattering in high spirits. Even though they were old enough to know better, the two men were switching from sadness to joy as they threw wooden kunai and rubber balls.

To be honest, I felt awfully out of place.

Guy to Kakashi, when Kakashi wishes for a way to heal Guy's leg - Konoha Shinden, epilogue:

  • Kakashi: "The man called Ryuki was arrested, but it seems that whenever he saw a person who had lost a loved one or suffered from an incurable disease, he took their money with deceiving promises."
  • Guy: "Such an atrocious thing... and even Mirai..."
  • Kakashi: "Maybe... However, if I had been told that there was a hot spring that could cure any kind of injury, my heart would have trembled too, I think..."
  • Guy: "Are you still worrying about me? How many years have passed since then?"
  • Kakashi: "But if there was a hot spring that could heal your leg, I..."
  • Guy: "Kakashi, cut it out. I'm alive. I can still talk with you like this. That's enough for me. What's one or two legs, after all? And you're always by my side, aren't you? That's what I want more than anything."

Kakashi and Mirai after he noticed her watching his dinner with Guy - Boruto, episode 106:

  • Kakashi: "I can't enjoy my meal while you're out here doing this."
  • Mirai: "B-but you didn't even notice when your tempura got stolen."
  • Kakashi: "Tempura? Oh! I've never been a fan of it. Guy always eats it for me. Even though, at his age, he's always complaining about indigestion. He's nice, isn't he?"

Kakashi and Guy, on hallowed ground - Boruto, episode 106:

  • Kakashi: "My long-cherished dream has been realized!"
  • Guy: "You've always said you've wanted to come here for a long, long time, Kakashi!"

At the Cat and Dog/Dog and Cat festival - Boruto, episode 107:

  • Guy: "This festival is a fighting festival. Burly men draped in loincloths, raising a war cry as they crash shrines of dogs and cats into each other."
  • Kakashi: "If you're from the Land of Fire, you probably would have heard of it."
  • Guy: "Fate must have brought us here, on the day of the festival. What do you think? Let's stay and watch the shrine fight from some box seats!"
  • Kakashi: "You've loved this sort of thing since you were little, huh?"

Guy to Mirai, after having a disagreement with Kakashi earlier - Boruto, episode 107:

  • "You don't always have to see eye-to-eye when you're in love. That, too, is part of youth."

After breaking into Ryuki's hideout, Boruto episode 111:

  • Guy: "That makes five! Kakashi, you got two."
  • Kakashi: "What? Is this a contest?"
  • Guy: "Damn right, it is! We're rivals because we compete!"
  • Kakashi: "Well, alright. Guess I'll get serious."

After the mission has ended, Boruto episode 111:

  • Kakashi: "Case closed, huh?"
  • Guy: "Yeah, thank goodness!"
  • Kakashi: "But if there's a hot spring that can heal your leg, I'd..."
  • Guy: "You're still worried about me? You know... it's been over 10 years since then. Kakashi, it's okay. I'm alive. I can talk to you like this. And that's all that matters. I mean, who cares about a leg or two? Also because of that, you're always by my side. What more can I ask for? The King we swore to protect has been passed on to the next generation. The future is brimming with hope. We've been through so much together, haven't we, Kakashi? As the Hokage and as a person, you've put your all into the village. I'm happy to have been by your side."
  • Kakashi: "...Thank you."


Databook 1 (Might Guy's profile):

  • "The Village Hidden in the Leaves' most hot-blooded man, the taijutsu specialist that's acknowledged as Kakashi's rival, that's Guy!!"
  • "He overpowers the enemy with a terrific strength and speed!! You can catch a glimpse of his ability, which is comparable to Kakashi's."

Databook 1 (Eternal rivals!? Kakashi & Guy):

  • "Kakashi is considered the greatest elite ninja in the Village Hidden in the Leaves by everyone. And similarly, Guy is considered the greatest hot-blooded ninja! It's unknown how exactly these two, who are exact opposite for both combat type and personality, became rivals, but their true strengths are thought to be extremely near. Guy says that currently they are at '50 wins - 49 losses", but is it true!? At any rate, from now on we won't take our eyes off them."
  • "Guy saw his young self, who aimed at Kakashi, in Lee, who had lost the strength to believe."
  • "Guy considers Kakashi a rival also as a teacher! Whereas, Kakashi..."

Databook 1 (Jutsu Files):

  • "The one who is said to have copied over 1000 jutsu, Kakashi’s single original technique, this is Raikiri! Gai says that the true nature of this technique is a regular stab, but the amazing time when you see this huge amount of chakra is gathered in the hand, Kakashi’s arm becomes a famous blade that can cut through anything."

Databook 2 (Might Guy's profile):

  • "Would like to fight: Kakashi!"
  • "It might be that the reason behind his self rivalry with Kakashi is to further develop himself. People achieve rapid growth through the establishment of a rival. Gai, who puts his life at risk for everything he does, has chosen the highest ‘mountain to overcome’ imaginable. This vision that he has passed down to Lee (self rules) also endlessly develops the body through restrictions placed on the self. A promise must be kept to the death. This is one of his ‘self rules.’"
  • "A sparring with Kakashi is what makes his flesh and bone. The result of this growth is seen in places such as this!"

Databook 3 (Dictionary):

  • "Piggyback: A childlike act that's a little disturbing when performed by two men who are not so young like Kakashi and Guy."

Databook 4 (Might Guy's Profile):

  • "His competition with Kakashi from long ago continues. He puts his full strength into any competition. Guy is still in the springtime of youth!"

Databook 4 (Sakumo Hatake's Profile):

  • "He has a keen insight that saw through people's disposition. He predicted that Guy would become his beloved son's future rival."

Kakashi and Guy artbook.jpg

Naruto Anime Profiles, Vol. 2 (Guy and Kakashi. Major rivals of the Hidden Leaf Village talk face to face!):

  • "The most famous of the many competitive relationships in the Hidden Leaf Village is probably Kakashi and Guy's. According to Guy, in matches they have a record of 50 to 49, with Guy being one up! Will this competition ever see an end?!"
    • Guy: Heh-heh... a debate?! Looks like our hardy rivalry will take center stage!
    • Kakashi: A rivalry is good to have. I think it's a good, manly relationship ♥.
    • Guy: It's a hot-blooded relationship, like the one between my adorable Lee and Neji! But this time I would like to put a clear end to our...
    • Kakashi: You and me wanna make some fireworks, too. Fireworks of passion... This story's heating up... Mmm, hm.
    • Guy: Yes, it sure is heating... hey, Kakashi! Close that dirty book of yours right this minute!

Among the Fans

Commonly shipped as a friends to lovers relationship, KakaGai is Guy's most popular pairing. It has become more popular over the years, due to the abundance of relevance and time Kakashi have together in canon material. Kakashi is usually depicted as the dominant one in the relationship, with Guy being the submissive. It is supported by the fans because of how much they care about each other, how long they have known each other, and how their personalities balance out.

Rival Ships include KakaObi, KakaRin, KakaIru, KakaHana and KakaAnko.


  • Kakashi and Guy's X-cards in the manga and anime.

    It was revealed that Masashi Kishimoto had originally planned for Guy to be Kakashi's rival from another village, which is why they weren't introduced with the other rookies and teachers. Ultimately, they decided it was better for Kakashi to have a rival from inside the village, so they went with this instead and introduced Team Guy as being from Konoha.[118]
  • In the non-canon Naruto SD spin-off, in a retelling of a classic Japanese folkloric Tanabata tale about the star-crossed couple Hikoboshi and Orihime, Kakashi and Guy fall in love, get married, and go on a honeymoon together, making them neglect their duties. In the main series, they do eventually retire from active duty together and travel together on nostalgic vacations for the two of them.
  • In the First Official Fanbook, Kakashi vs Guy was the #1 most popular choice for the matchup that Naruto fans wanted to see. Some readers predicted that Kakashi's vast moveset would put him at an advantage, while others predicted that Guy's speed and power would give him the edge.
  • To promote Boruto episode 106, omametti, one of the animators of the show, drew a picture of Kakashi and Guy together. The caption included the statement that "Kakashi and Guy are on very good terms~"
  • The first DVD covers for Naruto SD feature a single character's head each. Most of the characters are looking forward. Only Kakashi and Guy, DVDs 6 and 7, are looking off to the side at an angle in opposite direction, as if facing each other when the DVD covers are lined up.
  • The bouquet of flowers Kakashi gives Guy in Naruto Shippuden episode 219 seem to resemble a type of periwinkle. In the language of flowers, periwinkles can mean "beautifully blossoming friendship" or "a recollection of a pleasant shared memory," but they can also be tied to legends about eternal love, and are given as a gift to newlyweds to wish them a long marriage.
  • Kakashi is a sluggish recluse who has a habit of being late and keeping things to himself. Guy is an outspoken, excitable extrovert who is always full of energy. Their summons are dogs and tortoises, respectively.
  • Guy posing as Kakashi.

    Kakashi and Guy both keep a houseplant in the windowsill of their apartments. Kakashi has Mr. Ukki, while Guy has a potted sunflower.
  • There is a character in the war arc and in Naruto SD whose design seems to be based on a mixture of Kakashi and Guy's, with a black bowlcut, thick eyebrows, and a face mask.[119]
  • Lee has implied that Guy has told him that being gay or loving others in general is "part of the springtime of youth," and Lee mentions this specifically when he thinks Kakashi himself is gay.[120] Guy also says that little arguments like Kiba's and Tamaki's are part of love and springtime, a statement he makes in the same episode where he and Kakashi had been having an argument earlier. In general, Guy sometimes implies that experience with love and romance is part of his traditional view of the springtime of youth, juxtaposed with what a large part of his springtime of youth Kakashi makes up.
  • Kakashi has always been shown to have an interest in books. As of the New Era, Guy is a published author, and Kakashi has apparently read at least one of his books.[121]
  • In Tento's collection of R+ X-cards, the Kakashi card and the Guy card can be seen right next to each other, both in the anime and in the manga.[122]
  • For Naruto SD, there was official art that was callbacks to the volume covers of Naruto, featuring Team Guy instead. In this art, Guy mimicks Kakashi's poses from the originals.
  • Guy is always commonly associated with the color green, and in merchandise with alternate outfit designs, Kakashi is, too. Kakashi has several merch lines where he wears green yukata, green scarf, etc.
  • Kakashi and Guy are the only two people from their generation who have not shown significant signs of aging as of the New Era. Shift in artstyle notwithstanding, they both look about as youthful as they did during Shippuden, especially compared to their peers.

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