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KawaHima (カワヒマ KawaHima) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kawaki and Himawari Uzumaki.

Their Relationship

Kawaki Arc

When Team 7 returned from their mission with kawaki, Naruto decided to keep Kawaki as a guest to the village and let him live at the Uzumaki's residence.

Himawari sees Kawaki for the first time.

While Naruto introduced Kawaki to their house and spoke with him in the kitchen, Kawaki could hear the sound of Himawari's small footsteps as she peeked in to watch him curiously from the next room. Paranoid, Kawaki assumed the presence watching him is a vigilant enemy, and began to plan his escape. Kawaki flipped the table over onto Naruto as a distraction to buy himself time to run away, unwittingly knocking over a floral vase that had been on the table in the process. The vase crashes to the ground and shatters. Naruto flared his Nine-Tails chakra to demonstrate his power and made it clear to Kawaki that fleeing was not an option. Kawaki quickly gave up on that plan.

Kawaki sees how sad Himawari is over the broken vase.

Once Kawaki had stopped, Himawari wandered into the room timidly and asked her dad what was wrong. Naruto assured Himawari that it was fine, and Kawaki stared at the small girl. His negative attitude made Himawari keep her distance. Shortly thereafter, Boruto returned home and Himawari greeted him. Boruto was immediately shocked to see Kawaki in his house, but listens to Naruto's explanation of the situation. When Boruto noticed the broken remains of the vase on floor, however, his temper flared again. Himawari noticed the vase at that moment as well, saddened to see the remains of the vase that she had made herself.

When Boruto asked Kawaki if he was the one who broke the vase, Kawaki answered flippantly and told Boruto to stop being noisy. Boruto grabbed Kawaki by the collar and berated him for being so rude to the people who were being generous enough to house him. Kawaki's expression didn't change and he had no reaction, until Boruto told him that the vase he had broken was actually a birthday present for Hinata that Himawari had made by herself. When Boruto said that, Kawaki glanced over to the broken vase and watched as Himawari sadly tried to put the shattered pieces together by herself. Unlike the rest of Boruto's arguments, this one got a reaction from Kawaki. As Himawari began to clean up, Kawaki finally apologized for his recklessness insisted that he didn't have any malicious intent when he accidentally broke Himawari's vase. His apology for Himawari is markedly more polite than Kawaki's speech usually was. Kawaki finally introduced himself at this point, revealing his name. Himawari looked up from her vase and stared at Kawaki.

Kawaki and Himawari stare at each other.

The next day, Himawari and Hinata gathered up all the pieces of the broken vase into a garbage bag and throw them out, and even though Hinata insisted that the thought behind the gift still made her very happy, Himawari was still sad about the broken vase. Later, the family sat together at the table to eat breakfast together. Himawari sat right beside Kawaki. Kawaki silently stared as Himawari teased Boruto about how happy he was to have Naruto eating with them.

Kawaki stares at Himawari's broken vase in the trash.

After breakfast, Kawaki asked Boruto to work together with him to find some way to get rid of both of their Karmas. Boruto refused to do so unless Kawaki would agree to make it up to Himawari for breaking her vase. Kawaki reiterated that it was a mistake to break the vase, but offered to get Himawari a new vase. Boruto told him that that wouldn't be enough to fix it. Kawaki went to stare at the garbage bag where the broken vase pieces were gathered. Naruto told Kawaki that Himawari wasn't really concerned about it. Kawaki decided that he would still get Himawari a new vase, implying that he planned to steal one. Naruto took Kawaki to Ino's flower shop and told him that he would pay for the vase as long as Kawaki picked it out.

Kawaki watches Himawari tease Boruto again.

Kawaki returned home and showed Boruto the vase he picked out, and Boruto told him again that that wouldn't be enough to fix the problem. Boruto gave Kawaki a tube of glue, and Kawaki understood what he was being told to do. Later, Kawaki looked from the new vase to the tube of glue, deep in thought, until he looked over to watch Himawari tease her brother about how happy he was to have Naruto home again. Naruto offered to take Boruto out for some training and invited Kawaki and Himawari to come along with them.

Himawari and Kawaki talk during Boruto's spar against Naruto.

Himawari and Kawaki took up Naruto on his offer, sitting next to each other on a nearby rock and watching Naruto and Boruto sparring. Himawari cheers for Boruto to do his best. During the match, Himawari explains more about Boruto's ninjutsu to Kawaki, smiling at him and bragging about how the Shadow Clone technique was Boruto's specialty as well. They continued to watch the spar until Kawaki called out to Boruto to ask why he wasn't activating his Karma to help him fight.

Kawaki explained that in order for him and Boruto to understand how to get rid of the Karma, they would first need to be able to understand what they were and how to manipulate them, so Boruto needed to practice actually putting the Karma to use. Himawari watched in surprise as Kawaki activated Boruto's Karma for him. With the Karma now active, Naruto and Boruto resumed their match. Kawaki called out advice, and Himawari stared in silent awe.

Himawari explained the Seal of Reconciliation to Kawaki.

After the match concluded, Naruto and Boruto brought their fingers together in the Seal of Reconciliation. Kawaki asked Himawari what they were doing, and she explained that it was customary for shinobi to do it after a friendly spar, like a ritual or a salute, as a sign of goodwill between the two. Kawaki is surprised, since all of his fights with Jigen had been brutal and completely free of anything resembling good will. After a talk between Naruto and Kawaki about the transformative power of bonds between people, Kawaki finally decided to get the trash back full of broken vase pieces and piece it back together with the glue for her.

Himawari thanks kawaki for trying.

Himawari sat at the table across from him and stared curiously, arms crossed and head tilted to the side while Kawaki tried unsuccessfully to glue her vase back together. Kawaki looked up from the broken pieces and asked Himawari why she was staring at him. Himawari asked Kawaki if he really planned to glue all the pieces of her vase back together for her. Frustrated, Kawaki dropped the piece he was holding and admitted to Himawari that even though he really wanted to try to fix her vase, this task seemed like it was impossible for him. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn't see this being anything but a waste of their time. With a sad but sympathetic smile, Himawari told Kawaki that it was alright. Since Kawaki even went out and bought her a new flower vase, she said that it was more than enough, and thanked him for all that he was doing for her.

Himawari watches Kawaki try and fix the vase.

Boruto stood by in the hallway and eavesdropped on the conversation for a little while before walking in to interrupt. Kawaki stared at him silently and Himawari greeted him in confusion. Boruto scolded Kawaki for wanting for give up so easily just because this task seemed like it would be a little hard for him to complete. Kawaki said that this whole thing was stupid and irrational to even try. Boruto held up a hand and suddenly offered to help Kawaki practice with Karma like Kawaki had asked him to earlier. Himawari stared at them as they decided to practice their skills. The three of them, along with Naruto, went out to the field again to practice. Himawari sat to the side again to watch, but this time, Himawari cheered for both Boruto and Kawaki to do their best. She and Naruto watched the fight. Himawari was surprised to see Kawaki's arm extend and morph and asked Naruto how he did that. Naruto explained that Kawaki's body was partially made up of scientific ninja tools.

Delta grabbing Hima

When Kawaki and Boruto stopped to argue in the middle of the fight, Himawari sweatdropped. She and Naruto got up and walked to the two boys, saying that since the fight was over, it was time for them to form the Seal of Reconciliation properly. They tried to bring their hands together, but their Karma reacted suddenly, and Boruto dropped to his knees in shock. Himawari ran over to the two of them in concern.

Delta located Kawaki's whereabouts then and flew over to close in on their location, so Naruto told Boruto to take Himawari and run away from there right now. Delta arrived before any of them had to chance to get away to safety. Himawari frowned in fear and hid behind Boruto. Naruto ordered Boruto to focus on protecting Himawari and Kawaki to focus on protecting himself.

Kawaki saves Hima and Naruto

Boruto, Kawaki, and Himawari stand back and watch while Naruto fights Delta. They were worried at first, since it seemed like Delta was overpowering him, but it was revealed that Naruto was only pretended to lose to force Delta into a false sense of security in hopes she would slip up and admit something about her organization and their goal. Enraged by that, Delta got more serious about her fight. Kawaki ordered Himawari and Boruto to get back farther away, because they were dangerously close to the fight.

Boruto as well got angry that Kawaki said Himawari to move further back and Himawari apologised to Kawaki saying "Sorry" "Thank you for worrying about me"

When Boruto tried to hit Delta with a sneak attack, she absorbed it and retaliated by grabbing Himawari, throwing her in the air, as Delta threw Himawari in the air Kawaki was in shook his eyes were filled with fear focused on Himawari as Naruto run to save his daughter. Delta aiming her regeneration-proof laser beam attack at Himawari and Naruto who jumped and grabbed Hima as Delta attacked them Kawaki jumped and took the hit with his arm to protect both Himawari and Naruto from the attack. Delta was shocked that Kawaki would go that far to protect these people he just met, thinking it was uncharacteristic of him.

Himawari and Naruto worrying about Kawaki

Himawari held on tightly to Naruto and scrunched her eyebrows in concern at Kawaki when she noticed that he took the brunt of the attack. Naruto was stunned to see that Kawaki sacrificed his own body in order to protect Naruto and Himawari. Boruto ran over and apologized for putting them all in danger, and Kawaki said that he couldn't let the Hokage die. When Himawari called out in concern to Kawaki, he glanced away from her. Kawaki looked to Boruto and said that with this, he had finally managed to make up for breaking Himawari's flower vase. Boruto grinned at that. Delta yelled at Kawaki for letting his body get hurt, since he was a "vessel" and that body wasn't his to break.

Naruto leaves Kawaki and Himawari in Boruto's care.

Furious that Delta had threatened Kawaki and Himawari, Naruto got up, telling Boruto to take care of the two of them. For laying a hand on the children, Naruto began to get more serious and take down Delta in a one-sided beatdown. Himawari and Kawaki were amazed by how angry Naruto looked. When it was over, the children all celebrated Naruto's victory. Himawari was overjoyed when Naruto successfully defeats Delta, and Kawaki was quieter in his elation, but still smirked in relief.

When Delta's body blew up in its self-destruct mechanism, Naruto leapt up to pull Kawaki, Boruto, and Himawari out of the way of the blast and out of harm's way.

Once he recovered and received a prosthetic arm from Naruto, Kawaki continued in his attempts to fix Himawari's vase properly. He tested it out by pouring water in it, but when the water all leaked out, he realized he was still missing a piece to the vase. Naruto insisted that Kawaki did just fine and that the vase was pretty much completed as it was, but Kawaki argued that there was nothing fine about a vase that still leaked water. Kawaki said that was a careless thing for Naruto to say.

When he can't find the missing piece, Kawaki considered if he could fill the hole with enough glue to make the vase work properly again. Himawari went out shopping and waved bye to Naruto and Kawaki, happily telling them that she would see them later. In episode 209; Himawari was looking for Kawaki everywhere in the house, she begin to worried, and ask Boruto to look for him. Boruto find him up on top roof, he told him: that Himawari worried him. After a breakfast dine, Himawari was sneaking in the kitchen, and grabbed a few sauces and went out of the glass door, Kawaki suspiciously following and spook her ,and asking her (what she up to?).

KawaHima 20210801.jpg

While walking to the forest, Himawari explains to Kawaki, that she took the sauces to feed a wolf, who’s she named Jaggy, because of his bitten ear, they spotted him, and Himawari went up to the wolf, the wolf has his guard up and being edged. Kawaki getting worried and telling Himawari be careful, but she kept her distance and feed Jaggy and pet him.Himawari explain to Kawaki, that she was playing in the forest, she finds Jaggy passed out of hunger and taking care of him and saying his a sweetie, and Kawaki think his pretty for ferocious.

KawaHima 105104.jpg

After feeding Jaggy, Himawari want look for more food, Kawaki told her, let the wolf to search his own food, but she refuse and assisted to help Jaggy feel better. Kawaki has no choice but to help, during so they find some berrie’s trees. Himawari gotta lot think in her mind, that she want to tell her parents about Jaggy but she might think his behavor of keeping guard up to the other. They speculate on why Jaggy is the way he is. Kawaki relates to the wolf. When they return, other wolves are snarling at Jaggy, but leave as they approach.

The next day, Kawaki and Himawari leave together again, and he helps her get food for Jaggy. They Jaggy isn't in his cave, and Kawaki finds bear tracks near it. Himawari finds Jaggy dead, and Kawaki comforts her. She thinks that if he had been with his pack he could have survived, but Kawaki instead points that his white fur makes him stand out to other predators, and that by being alone, he protected his pack from danger. They bury Jaggy, and Kawaki tells her he has to do something alone. After having a arugment with shiksmaru despite trusting him in villiage, he told that naruto make a descion that he can stay as a member of the leaf, Kawaki returns to find Himawari still on Jaggy's grave, and they decide to visit once in a while so he's not alone.


  • Kawaki apologizes to Himawari for breaking her vase.[1]
  • Kawaki refuses to give his name or react to Boruto's anger until he notices how sad he made Himawari by breaking her vase.[2]
  • Kawaki's never been rude to Himawari.
  • Although Himawari was wary at first, she quickly warmed up to Kawaki, and vice versa.
  • Kawaki is very considerate of Himawari's feelings.[3]
  • Kawaki seems to have a soft spot for Himawari, since he treats her differently than he treats others, and talks to her more politely.
  • Kawaki tries to fix the broken vase for Himawari and is determined to keep at it until all the pieces have been put back together for her.[4]
  • Himawari thanked Kawaki for buying her a new vase and for trying to fix her old one, even if her couldn't succeed in the latter.[5]
  • Himawari cheered for Kawaki during his match against Boruto.[6]
  • Kawaki sacrificed his arm to save Himawari and Naruto from Delta's destructive beams.
  • kawaki told himawari not to cry
  • Himawari was the first person to cry for Kawaki
  • Himawari prefer him kawaki-kun
  • kawaki said to himawari; she an unusual kid
  • kawaki smiles at her twice


  • Himawari is shown to be one of the few people Kawaki is nice towards early on such as never calling her an asshole
  • Kawaki seiyuu (Yuma Uchida) and Himawari seiyuu (Saori Hayami) are from the same agency, I'm Entreprise


Kawaki gave the flower vase he bought to Himawari

Kawaki, apologizing after he sees how sad Himawari is about her vase - Boruto chapter 26

  • "...My bad. There wasn't any malice to it."

While Kawaki is trying to fix Himawari's broken vase - Boruto chapter 30

  • Kawaki: "...Oi. What are you looking at?"
  • Himawari: "Um... Well... Are you really planning on fixing this entire thing...?"
  • Kawaki: "...I thought I would, but... This is impossible. No matter how I think about it, this is unreasonable. It'll be a waste of time..."
  • Himawari: "...You even went out to buy a new flower vase for me... That's more than enough... Thank you."

Himawari cheering for their fight - Boruto chapter 30

  • "Do your best, big brother! You, too, Kawaki!!"

Kawaki warning Himawari and Boruto to get to safter - Boruto chapter 31

  • "Oi...! Get further away, you guys! We're too close right here...!"

Naruto, after Kawaki took the hit from Delta - Boruto chapter 32

  • "Kawaki!! Kawaki!! ...You...!! You sacrificed your own body for me and Himawari...?!"

Himawari fter Kawaki sacrificed his arm for her - Boruto chapter 32

  • "Kawaki...!!"

Kawaki after losing his arm to protect Himawari - Boruto chapter 32

  • "Anyways, regarding that flower vase... With this, we're even..."

Among the Fans

KawaHima is a relatively popular ship. Despite the ship being controversial for some of the fandom due to their age difference and being adopted siblings, their fans ship it because of the contrast in Kawaki's and Himawari's personalities, and because Kawaki seems to have a soft spot for Himawari. Kawaki's ease of interaction with Himawari and the way he sacrificed an arm to save her life also contributed to the ship gaining support.

It is sometimes a companion ship to BoruSara, and a rival ship to KawaSara, KawaSumi, and InoHima.

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