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MitsuSara (ミツサラ MitsuSara) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Mitsuki and Sarada Uchiha.

Their Relationship

Academy Entrance Arc

When Mitsuki transfers to the Academy, Sarada is not interested in meeting him or interacting with him, especially when he immediately befriends Boruto. Mitsuki doesn't pay much attention to Sarada but praises her for her skills in shurikenjutsu.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring

"Mitsuki. And you must be Uchiha-san, huh."

Meeting inside the cafe, Mitsuki introduces himself to Sarada (respectfully calling her Uchiha-san) and talks about girls who become afflicted because of their lack of self-awareness, which indirectly refers to her.

Genin Mission Arc

Mitsuki decides to trust Boruto and Sarada (episode 39).

At first, Mitsuki's fundamental policy is to follow Boruto because Boruto is his "sun". Then later on the show, in episode 39, when they start working as a team, Mitsuki said that he decided to trust both Boruto and Sarada without a doubt. It easy to understand why he trusts Boruto because he's the "sun" to Mitsuki, but to Sarada, there's no specific reason for Mitsuki to trust Sarada at the moment. This can be considered as their relationship has been developed. Besides Boruto, Sarada is the second person he decided to trust. They also shared a little chat when the two were waiting for Boruto. Sarada asked Mitsuki's personal opinion about his choice in doing mission. This is also the first time for a character to show some interest in Mitsuki's feelings.

Mitsuki agrees with Sarada.

It's very clear that Mitsuki always follows and agrees with whatever Boruto does in the series but since team 7 worked together, instead of supporting Boruto, Mitsuki supported Sarada's judgment several times. In episode 40, when team 7 starts their first mission, Konohamaru sensei reminds them not to take action on their own, and Sarada says it refers to Boruto because he's the most reckless one in the team. When Boruto gets angry at Sarada, Mitsuki says he also agrees with what Sarada said, which surprises Boruto a lot because usually Mitsuki only agrees with Boruto.

Mitsuki and Sarada reply at the same time.

When Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada separate with Konohamaru sensei, they have to hide on the tree and make a plan to attack Ashimaru. While hiding on the tree, Kiri talks about how her dad always works independently so hard to protect the villagers and how hard she tries to protect the village just because she's his daughter. Sarada realizes that Kiri and the village head have the same kind of situation as Boruto and his father, so she mentions about it with Boruto. When Boruto negates with Sarada about what she says, Mitsuki joins Sarada by teasing Boruto and says to her: "I think you hit the bull's eye..", which makes Boruto even angrier.

Later on, when Ashimaru appears, Boruto wants to attack alone immediately but Sarada stops him and talks about how reckless and stupid he is when he tried to attack without any plan. Then she comes up with a plan and says three of them should engage Ashimaru right there to take the advantage. Once again, Mitsuki smiles and supports with Sarada immediately. He says: "I'd like to try out our teamwork that Konohamaru sensei mentioned." which makes Boruto surprised again. Lastly, when Kiri tells them to show her their teamwork, Boruto replies: "Then I'll show you just what teamwork is!". When Mitsuki and Sarada heard that, they turn back together and reply at the same time: "We will show you, okay?" When Team 7 finished their mission, Kiri thanks them because they taught her about what is the meaning of teamwork and rescued her. Then Boruto says she should hang in there and do her best. Sarada asks Boruto since when he has the right to act so high and mighty. Hearing that, Mitsuki smiles and says he couldn't agree more about what Sarada said and they make Boruto gets angry again.

In episode 42, when Boruto complains about how easy and boring their missions are when all they can do is dealing with neighborhood problems, Sarada disapproves and reminds him that it's a part of their jobs as genin so he needs to take it seriously. Boruto says their missions aren't worthy at all, then he asks Mitsuki if he feels the same way as him, but far from Boruto's expectation, Mitsuki says he enjoys them.

Byakuya Gang Arc

"Something must've happened."

In episode 46, the citizens are being controlled by the enemies to protest against the Kaminarimon company. Boruto, Mitsuki, and Sarada have to stop the protesters without hurting them. While waiting for the protesters and Byakuya gang, Boruto sees Shikadai runs pass by. He decides to go and check out immediately, leave Mitsuki and Sarada behind. Sensing something dangerous, Mitsuki stops Sarada when she plans to chase after Boruto. Later on, Mitsuki and Sarada decide to stop the protesters by themselves instead of chasing Boruto.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

Chūnin Exams Arc

Mitsuki looks at Sarada and smiles.

After finishing the mission, Team 7 goes to Thunder Burger. While having their food, they watch the Genin documentary on the TV, which is about the promotion of Denki, Metal Lee, and Iwabe. Mitsuki says they look cool and Sarada thinks team 5 has done a pretty great show, but Boruto feels annoyed by what Sarada said and thinks their team should have been in it instead of team 5. When Sarada says: " we can't afford to lose", only Mitsuki turns to Sarada, looks at her and smiles, agrees with her commitment.

Mitsuki protects Sarada from White Zetsu.

In episode 52, Team 7 stumbles across a White Zetsu. Konohamaru decides to come up with the strategy carefully to attack White Zetsu. Before the second fight, he tells everyone not to overestimate their strength and they need to follow the plan until the end. In the battle, everything goes smoothly at first, the plan seems to success, until Boruto tries to finish White Zetsu by himself since he believed in his ability. Unfortunately, the plan fails, White Zetsu attacks Boruto and catches him. Sarada tries to attack White Zetsu but it doesn't work. Understanding the situation is too dangerous, Mitsuki tells Sarada to stop attacking as he stands in front of her, uses himself to cover and protect her from White Zetsu.

Boruto: Naruto The Movie

Mitsuki and Sarada High Five.

In Boruto: Naruto the Movie, Mitsuki, and Sarada go on ahead to capture the enemy's flag while Boruto stays behind to protect theirs. But when they hear Boruto being overwhelmed by the Mist nin, Mitsuki rushes back to go assist him. Because Boruto cheats using the scientific ninja tools, he defeats them before Mitsuki even gets to him. Thanks to that Sarada captures the flag, successfully winning the match and moving on to the next round. Happy to have been successful in the Chūnin Exam's first phase, the two talented ninjas, Mitsuki and Sarada high five.

Mitsuki smiles in relief at Sarada.

When Momoshiki attacks Konoha during the Exams, Sarada leaves to Mitsuki a little girl to check if there was no one left. Before almost being crushed by a piece of rubble, Mitsuki exclaimed her name, thinking she was crushed. However, Sarada is rescued by her father. Relieved, Mitsuki smiles at the two before bringing the young child to safety.

After Naruto was captured by Momoshiki & Kinshiki, Mitsuki alongside Sarada watched Boruto leave the village with the remaining four Kage and Sasuke to rescue him. Before leaving, Boruto asked Mitsuki and Sarada to take care of the village while he was gone.

84479764 515408262513456 1284504815898648637 n.jpg

In the anime, they shared a moment while Mitsuki was in the hospital after being attacked by Urashiki. Mitsuki tries to get out of bed but is too weak and collapses. Sarada finds him on the floor and runs over in concern to help him up. Mitsuki, worried about Boruto, asks her where he was and she reassures him with a gentle smile that he was okay and helps him back to bed. Both of them were in concern of Boruto's safety and Mitsuki comforted Sarada by saying Boruto would be alright. After that, she grabs his feet, tucked him back in his bed, and told him that he needs some resting. Mitsuki's reaction to this gesture was amusing.

November 2016 Jump Special Anime Festa Boruto OVA

Mitsuki rescues Sarada.

In this Jump Special Anime Festa Boruto OVA, the Team 7 and Team 10 are in a mission, Akimichi Chōbee repelled Sarada's chakra enhanced punch, what ejected her violently against a rock. Seeing that, Mitsuki was instantly worried about her and run rescue her, screaming her name. Boruto shot a Rasengan towards Chobee, but it instead hit a box behind them. The box burst open and lots of potato chips flew in air, which Mitsuki and Sarada were seeing in amusement, holding each other. After throwing one more Rasengan, Choji Akimichi came forward in his Expanded form. The Rasengan hit him, and he reverted back to his normal form. Everyone looked surprised, including MItsuki and Sarada, who were also surprised, still holding each other.

Chocho Arc

When Mitsuki noticed Chocho's rudeness towards Sarada, he decided to teach her a lesson through the means of potato chips. Mitsuki explains to Chocho that it is the true essence of the chips that matters and not the flavour, of which Chocho couldn't undestand a word. He further explains that what matters to him is from what type of potato it is made and also questions her if her true essence is rotten or pure. His question caught her off guard and she looked at Sarada guiltily, finding Mitsuki's words true and relatable.

As Chocho talks to Tomaru after all the problems ended, Sarada can be seen holding Mitsuki's shoulder, peeking at their direction.

Mitsuki Disappearance Arc

Mitsuki and Sarada look at each other sadly

As Kū began pressuring the genin with his renewed power, Mitsuki unleashed his Sage Mode to push the fabrication back. While Sarada and Boruto were trapped under rubble, they were saved by the aid of Sekki, who was accompanied by Ōnoki. Having a change of heart after seeing what became of his work, Ōnoki wished to help the genin stop Kū. They brought him to face Kū, who tried to reason again on how far Kū strayed from his original path, ignoring his words, Kū attacked the group with his Dust Release. Sarada saved everyone by breaking through the ground. As Kū caught up to finish the battle, the combined effort of Team 7 managed to seriously damage Kū. Kū attempted a final Dust Release on the group, only for Ōnoki to counter it with a much stronger one, determined to not face his late grandson again without atoning. Ōnoki ultimately destroyed Kū. Afterwards, the genin approached the drained Tsuchikage, who spoke to them about the importance of keeping one's will strong before collapsing. Team 7 was then found by their allies from Konohagakure and they welcomed Mitsuki back.

Juugo Arc

Mitsuki grabs Sarada's hand and holds it above her head, preventing her from throwing the bombs on the birds.

Mitsuki and Sarada holding ducks

Upon arriving, the group was attacked by strange-looking birds. At the village, they learned that many people attacked by the mutated birds quickly became sick and were covered in Cursed Seals. The villagers also found an unconscious Jūgo, who Mitsuki and Sarada recognized. He questioned him until one of the sick villagers when on a rampage. Jūgo subdued him, causing the villager's Cursed Seal to disappear, and retreated into the forest, and warned people to stay away. Konohamaru speculated that Orochimaru was involved in this and split the team up to investigate, pairing himself with Mitsuki. When Sarada was about to throw paper bombs on the birds in an intention to kill them, Mitsuki held her wrist tightly above her head, assuring her that he will take care of it.

Mujina Bandits Arc

Mitsuki worried about Sarada's safety

Once team 7 and Kokuri set a plan to break from Hozuki castle, Sarada didn't send out a sign they have promised. Mitsuki got worried and wondered if something happened to Sarada. Then he asks Boruto about canceling the plan. Boruto answered that he believed in Sarada that she would succeed, Mitsuki smiled and replied that he thought Boruto would said that.

Mitsuki and Sarada save Boruto from Shojoji.

After they returned safely to Konoha village, the team 7 gets B-rank mission. However, on the day of the mission, Boruto visited Sarada and told her that he couldn't join B-rank mission. When Sarada met up with Mitsuki, she explained why Boruto didn't come. After hearing what happened, Mitsuki asked her opinion about what they would do. He also added that it's too late to back out of the B-rank mission. They arrived in time to save the paralyzed Boruto from Shojoji, quickly subduing and defeating the bandit. Later, while applauded for saving Tentō and capturing the Mujina Bandits, Konohamaru also said they would have to be punished for abandoning their official mission.They arrived in time to save the paralyzed Boruto from Shojoji, quickly subduing and defeating the bandit. Later, while applauded for saving Tentō and capturing the Mujina Bandits, Konohamaru also said they would have to be punished for abandoning their official mission.

Kara Actuation Arc

Along the way, Mitsuki became ill and collapsed after fighting with Anato. Mugino brought them to Yubina, a former medical-nin. Sarada aided her in treating Mitsuki, calling out his name worridly when he let out a moan. Yubina determined that during the fight with Anato, Mitsuki was infected by some of the Hashirama cells. Yubina also revealed that other cases like this have shown up, and rumors that the black market was harvesting the late Hokage's cells for sale. It was decided that while Mitsuki would stay behind to recover, the rest would go the source in the Land of Silence. Mitsuki showed up after sometime, Boruto and Sarada was very happy to see him back.

Sarada protects Mitsuki

While they fought with a ninja who used a forbidden jutsu and turned himself a monster, Sarada checks Mitsuki first whether he was hurt or not. On the second attempt to take the monster down, Mitsuki stands quite motionless in front of the monster because he used all of his chakra. Sarada lunged herself in front of Mitsuki to prevent him from getting hurt. After Mujino, Konohamaru, and Boruto took down a monster, Sarada helps Mitsuki to stand. Continueing their persuit after stolen hashirama cell, they met up with Deepa, a Kara member. The team 7 lost, and Deepa made a attempt to kill Boruto. Then Mitsuki intervened, using the full sage mode and attacked Deepa. He took Sarada and Boruto in his arms saying he won't let them die, even it broke him. He took his injured comrades to Yubina.

Ao Arc

Mitsuki and Sarada watch the sparring match between Boruto and Naruto together.

Post the sparring match, Team 7 was assigned to escort Naruto's prosthetic arm to the Scientific Ninja Weapons Lab at Ryutan. Boruto angrily refused to do the C-Rank mission and walks away. Naruto requests Sarada and Mitsuki to have an eye on him and his seal. Mitsuki meets up with Boruto and explains that while he's always tied his choices to Boruto's, he'll be part of this mission even if Boruto isn't, and that this isn't any tool, it's Naruto's hand, which plays a part in protecting the village and everyone in it. He adds that with Kara making moves, he can't afford to let Sarada face the danger alone. Boruto finally accepts.

As they escort Ao to the lab, they meet up with Sumire, who was working there. As they escorted the hand and Katasuke, Boruto was ready to leave but others stop him, saying that there is much more to the mission. Team 7 have a sparring match between them, with Sarada on one side and Boruto with Mitsuki on the other side. Sarada eventually won the match, holding kunai knives around both Mitsuki and Boruto's neck, constricting them in her hold.

Mitsuki holds Sarada.

After a call from Naruto saying that they lost track of Konohamaru and Mugino, Team 7 leave the lab along with Katasuke and Chamaru. After eventually finding Konohamaru and Mugino, Ao appears and the cave starts crumbling, leading to Ao and Mugino being trapped inside. After they came outside, Mitsuki believed that Ao isn't following them, who soon catches up with them and an intense battle occurs between Ao and Team 7. Soon enough, the battle was between Ao and Boruto, while Mitsuki and Sarada stayed back, protecting an unconcious Konohamaru. Ao grabbed Boruto's neck and Sarada, fearing for Boruto, rushed forward to help him, but was held back by Mitsuki, who snaked his arms around her, to safety.

After defeating Ao, Koji Kashin appears, and Boruto's Karma activated, causing him to faint due to immense pain. Sarada rushed towards him and confronts Koji, and was about to follow him but Mitsuki grabbed her, with one arm around her waist and other holding her shoulder, holding her back. He warned her to not follow him, as it might put Boruto's and Konohamaru's life in danger.

Kawaki Arc

Mitsuki and Sarada watching Kawaki training

When Naruto was training Kawaki, Sarada and Mitsuki were watching from a higher place. Sarada admitted she was a litttle jealous since Kawaki is having special care from Naruto. Mitsuki told her it's just natural, since Naruto sees the whole village as his family. Sarada smiled at him and told that it's sounds really convincing coming from him.

In the manga, ChoCho is the one that cheer ups Sarada.

Boro Fight

When they started fighting with the Kara member Boro (who was guarding over Naruto), Mitsuki told Sarada to analyze the black dust that Boro was

Mitsuki call Sarada captain with a gentle smile on his face

using. He apparently knew about the Sharingan's ability very well. Mitsuki even tells Sarada while grinning, to be careful not to absorb dust. After analyzing that black dust was the virus, Mitsuki tells the whole team that he has an idea to ease the situation.


But before that, Mitsuki suggests that the team needed a commander. Also, he points out that if Sarada hadn't made them retreat, they would have been killed.

Mitsuki then recommended Sarada as a team leader before anyone did. Boruto argued as to why Sarada has to be the commander, to which Kawaki told him off that he is not suitable for the job. Boruto reluctantly agrees to it, saying that they don't have time to argue. Mitsuki turns to Sarada with a warm smile and calls her "Captain Sarada" once more. He was the only one who referred to her that way during the whole fight with Boro.


While fighting with Boro, Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kawaki stall for time for Sarada to find the core inside Boro which was the key to defeating him. When Mitsuki gets hurt, Sarada calls out to him in concern but Kawaki tells her to stay focused on finding the core, which she eventually does and successfully destroys it, preventing him from regenerating anymore. Once the four of them rescue Naruto and are overjoyed seeing him alright, Mitsuki abruptly gets crushed by Boro, devastating Sarada. After everyone was nearly killed by Boro going berserk and were saved just in time by Momoshiki taking over Boruto and killing Boro, the four of them return home where Naruto, Kawaki, and Sarada are all hospitalized recovering from the fight.


Mitsuki holding Sarada’s wheelchair

While in the hospital, Mitsuki is the only one besides Sarada's parents by her bedside, the same way Sarada was the only one there for him when he was recovering after Momoshiki's attack. The anime adds Mitsuki rolling Sarada around in a wheelchair from Naruto’s hospital room and back.

Post Kawaki Arc

Team 7 begin with their training but all does not go on well as the conversations ended up in verbal spats. Sarada comments that she is surrounded by idiots when Boruto and Kawaki order her to not interrupt their fight, forgetting that she is the leader of the team. Mitsuki can be seen giving her a stare.


  • Mitsuki expressed concern about the safety of Sarada at various instances.
  • Since Mitsuki and Sarada are from the same team, they seem to work a lot together as serious ninja students, we can also a lot see them walk together.
  • In an interview, the director of Boruto told that even though Mitsuki and Sarada start off as classmates, they are bound to have a well developed relationship than Boruto and Sarada.
  • Both of them respect each other greatly.
  • They both often gang up on Boruto, pissing him off.
  • Mitsuki admires Sarada's knowledge.
  • Most of the time Mitsuki follows Boruto and agrees with what he does, but since Mitsuki and Sarada worked together, Mitsuki seems to agree and support Sarada's ideas and opinions more than with Boruto.
  • Mitsuki treats Sarada better than any other member of Team 7 and vice versa.
  • Mitsuki trusts Sarada as much as he trusts Boruto.
  • Sarada was the first one that expressed concern about Mitsuki's feelings.
  • Both of them shared a connection with Orochimaru and were born in his hideouts.
  • Many times in the series, Mitsuki has been saving Sarada in dangerous situations and stopping her from making decisions that she would regret doing.
  • Sarada is the one person besides Boruto Mitsuki's had the most physical contact with.
  • Unlike Boruto, Sarada had no problem accepting Mitsuki as her teammate.
  • When fighting Boro, Mitsuki suggested naming a commander for their team and thought Sarada was best suited for that role.
  • Mitsuki was the only one who referred to her as "Captain Sarada" during the whole fight with Boro.
  • While Sarada is in the hospital recovering from their fight with Boro, Mitsuki was the one by her bedside.
  • Twice Boruto has disregarded Sarada's dream, once in the movie and again later on in the manga even after his declaration to be her right-hand man and support her. In both of these instances, Mitsuki came to her defense and convinced Boruto to join the Chunin exams and to go on the mission with Sarada. Showing that Mitsuki supports her dream and will even go against Boruto and manipulate him into giving in so she doesn't fail.
  • In Episode 166, Mitsuki says that he won't let Sarada die (as well as Boruto), even if it breaks him.
  • While training with Sasuke, exhausted, Sarada looked at the moon and has a flashback of Mitsuki getting hurt. When asked if she wanted to rest, she didn't give up and was determined to keep training.
  • In Episode 201 Mitsuki and Sarada are seen watching Kawaki training when Sarada mentions she’s jealous of the attention lord seventh is giving him and Mitsuki says “Lord seventh thinks of everyone in the village as his family” to which Sarada responds “That sounds convincing coming from you” with both of them exchanging warm gazes towards each other.
  • In episode 208 Mitsuki was see wheeling Sarada in a wheelchair throughout the episode which means he had visited Sarada before hand and wheeled her to Naruto’s hospital room.
  • At the hospital where Sarada, Kawaki and Naruto are admitted, Sarada can be seen giving Mitsuki a worried look to which he looks at her and nods letting her know he acknowledges and understands her worries.
  • Once Mitsuki and Sasuke make it back to Sarada’s hospital room they all discuss what happened to Boruto when he turned into Borushiki, Sarada tells her father it was as if Boruto was a whole other person, then turns and asks “Right Mitsuki?” To which Mitsuki nods in affirmation.


A reason why MitsuSara is also known as '3236'. Because the names of Mitsuki and Sarada begin with "Mi" (kun'yomi) and "Sa" (on'yomi) (just as Sasuke and Sakura) which are number "3 (三 san in Japanese)".

  • Despite popular belief that KawaSara resembles SasuSaku, MitsuSara shares even more similarities to SasuSaku.
  • Sasuke was born on July 23rd, Mitsuki was born on July 25th. Sakura was born on March 28th, Sarada was born on March 31st.
  • Mitsuki is a Leo like Sasuke and Sarada is an Aries like Sakura.
  • Sarada is older to Mitsuki by 4 months, the same month gap as Sasuke and Sakura.
  • Mitsuki's primary color is blue like Sasuke while Sarada's is red just like Sakura as a genin.
  • They are both the smart level headed ones of the team.
  • Mitsuki often protects Sarada from danger much like Sasuke did Sakura.
  • Mitsuki and Sasuke both have a connection to Orochimaru and snakes while Sarada is taking an interest in medical ninjutsu like her mom.
  • Mitsuki and Sarada are often seen together in official work and several endings, just like Sasuke and Sakura were.


  • Mitsuki trusts Sarada's judgment more than Boruto's and has confidence in her skills, much like Sasuke did in Sakura's.
  • Sarada noticed Mitsuki's change in attitude before anyone else did, the same way Sakura noticed the curse marks influence on Sasuke and knew he would leave the village.
  • Sarada and Mitsuki have looked after each other several times when the other was badly injured, even staying by their side till the other woke up, just like Sasuke and Sakura did for each other in the past.
  • Mitsuki and Sarada can often be seen standing or sitting next to each other, same as Sasuke and Sakura were in the past.
  • Mitsuki and Sarada work really well together in battle just as Sasuke and Sakura did.
  • Mitsuki and Sarada both have a fondness for animals and get along well with them, just as Sakura and Sasuke were shown to be.
  • Same as Sakura, Mitsuki isn't from any known clan while both Sarada and Sasuke are from the Uchiha clan.
  • Mitsuki and Sarada's birth are both connected to Orochimaru, Mitsuki was created by Orochimaru at his hideout while Sarada was delivered by Karin at Orochimaru's hideout. They also share a connection with snakes, Sarada befriending Aoda and Mitsuki often incorporating them in his fighting style.
  • Both Mitsuki and Sarada's hobbies are reading.
  • In their character trivia, both Sarada and Mitsuki have 4 stars in Espionage.
  • They are both classified as Medical-nin.
  • Sarada and Mitsuki tend to combine their attacks frequently in combat, such as Sarada's fire release and Mitsuki's snake lightning.
  • MitsuSara also has a few similarities to NaruSaku.
  • Mitsuki and Naruto are classified as Sages and sensors, while Sarada and Sakura are medical-nin.

  • Mitsuki supported Sarada and her dream before anyone else just as Naruto supported Sakura.
  • Mitsuki often takes Sarada's side over Boruto, just as Naruto would side with Sakura over Sasuke.
  • Mitsuki often defends Sarada against Boruto, often guilt-tripping him into going on missions or doing tasks he otherwise would not do to support Sarada, just as Naruto would often defend Sakura against Sasuke for being rude to her.


Mitsuki to Boruto and Sarada (Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring Arc)

  • "Sasuke is the only shinobi who could rival the Seventh Hokage; that's according to my parent, who's even more awesome than both of your dads."

Mitsuki and Sarada replying to Boruto at the same time (Genin Mission Arc)

  • "We will show you, okay?"

Mitsuki to Boruto and Sarada

  • "It would be nice if you showed some respect for my parent, too."

Sarada to Mitsuki in the hospital (Versus Momoshiki Arc)

  • "Hey, you need to rest more"

Mitsuki to Sarada in the hospital (Versus Momoshiki Arc)

  • "This is kind of fun"

Sarada to Mitsuki (Mitsuki Retrieval Arc)

  • "You're so honest, Mitsuki."

Mitsuki too Team 7 (Kawaki Arc - Boro Fight)

  • "We all need to obey the decisions of the commander in a pinch, without arguing. The decisions of captain Sarada."

Mitsuki to Sarada (Kawaki Arc - Boro Fight)

  • "Then it's decided. We are in your hands... Captain Sarada."

Sasuke’s story star pupil-chapter 2 page 69

  • Mitsuki stretched his arm toward the second floor seats and grabbed hold of the railing. Still holding Sarada , he contracted his arm and the two of them swung upward like Tarzan and Jane.

Sarada to Mitsuki (Kawaki Arc)

  • "It's sounds really convincing coming from you"


Both Mitsuki and Sarada are shown to have hobbies in reading. They are also the most skilled in espionage. Along with Shikadai, they make up the 3 most intelligent children in the Konoha 12.

Among the Fans

MitsuSara x NaruSaku

Upon Mitsuki being introduced, it quickly gained the liking of both Sarada and SasuSaku fans. It is a very well-known pairing and is also shipped because of how the two character's appearance seem to compliment one another and is compared with SasuSaku because of Sasuke/Mitsuki's representation as the moon and Sakura/Sarada as the Earth or because Mitsuki and Sarada are the main character's teammate like Sasuke and Sakura who married each other. Its rival pairings are BoruSara, KawaSara, MitsuSumi, MitsuCho, SaraSumi, and BoruMitsu and are a companion to KawaSumi and BoruSumi.

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