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SasuNaru / NaruSasu (Japanese サスナル SasuNaru) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki.

Their Relationship

Part I

Prologue — Land of Waves Arc

The infamous kiss.

Before Team 7 was assigned, Sasuke was known for his popularity over the girls and his skills as a ninja to which Naruto envied. At one point of being annoyed of Sasuke, Naruto stepped up to him and the two glared at one another in disgust. The boy in front of them, not noticing the two, accidentally bumps Naruto into Sasuke and the two share a 'kiss', much to everyone's disgust and later resulting in Naruto getting beat up by the female classmates. Later, when Iruka Umino begins announcing the team members for Team 7, Naruto was shown to be disheartened when he found that he was going to be teammates with Sasuke.

After the team was formed, Naruto disguised himself as Sasuke after tying him up and locking him in one of the buildings. Later revealed, he only did so, so he could find out what Sakura thought about him. However, in the end Naruto had to excuse himself for a minor interruption of going to the bathroom. Just as Naruto left, the real Sasuke walks by and questions Sakura about Naruto's whereabouts. Being clueless, Sakura tells Sasuke to just ignore Naruto, ranting on about Naruto's stupidity and how he didn't have parents. Angered by her choice of words, Sasuke calls her annoying, telling her that she has no idea how it feels to not have a family nor dealing with loneliness.

Sasuke offers Naruto his lunch

During the bell test, Sasuke and Sakura are shown hiding in the bushes while Naruto tries attacking Kakashi with his shadow clones. During the fight, Sasuke was amazed with Naruto's skills, but this quickly dies down once Naruto's clones began attacking one another. As time runs out, the group fails the exam due to not getting the bells. However, Kakashi decides to later give the team a second chance. Instructing Sasuke and Sakura to not feed Naruto while Naruto was tied up, they were warned to be failed if they did not follow his instructions. This was due to Naruto being caught stealing the food earlier during the first test. Once Kakashi left, Sasuke and Sakura begin eating their lunches. Turning around after hearing Naruto's stomach growl, Sasuke began offering Naruto his food. Sakura, who tries to persuade Sasuke to leave Naruto hungry, is reassured that Kakashi wasn't near and that a hungry Naruto would only hold the team down later. Agreeing to this, the two began feeding Naruto but is quickly stopped by Kakashi's dramatic appearance. Preparing for punishment, the team is shocked to hear that they passed.

Sasuke saves Naruto

Team 7's first major mission was escorting the bridge builder, Tazuna to his home in the poverty-stricken Land of Waves. Soon after setting out, they were attacked by the Demon Brothers. Sasuke, who showed exceptional skill, saved Naruto and protected both Sakura and Tazuna when fighting the Demon Brothers. After the fight, Sasuke taunted Naruto for being useless during this encounter by asking Naruto if he was okay and calling him a "scaredy-cat". Naruto then started to get jealous of Sasuke. They soon suggested quitting the mission once Kakashi pointed out that Naruto's wound was poisoned. However, Naruto refuses and takes out a kunai and stabs his hand in order to remove the poison. He then makes an oath that he will never run away or back down from any mission, threat, or enemy and he would not lose to Sasuke.

When Kakashi suspected that Zabuza was still alive, he gave Team 7 a Tree Climbing Practice to improve their chakra control. Sasuke managed to stay ahead of Naruto for a good length of time, but as Naruto began to catch up, the two began to push each other's limits. Developing a competition over the exercise, each was determined to complete the competition first and subsequently motivated the other to do better.

Sasuke protects Naruto

During the battle against Haku, Sasuke reawakened the legacy of his clan: the Sharingan, and, for the first time, he worked together with Naruto in combat. He came up with a plan to have Naruto use shadow clones to fight Haku while Sasuke tried to use his fire jutsu to hit Haku. This ultimately failed and left Naruto unconscious and Sasuke had no choice but to protect him. He even selflessly pushed himself in the way of Haku's attacks on Naruto to protect him. When Haku tried to use a volley of needles to kill Naruto, Sasuke stepped in to protect him.

"Naruto...don't let your dream die"

Naruto wakes up and sees Sasuke standing in front of him, struck by many senbon. Naruto then questions Sasuke's motives and why he was sacrificing himself for Naruto. Sasuke begins to think of their relationship, starting from when he hated Naruto and replies that he, himself doesn't even know the reason why he saved him and claims that his body had moved on its own. A shocked Naruto catches Sasuke as he collapses. Sasuke then tells Naruto his goal of killing his brother and with final words, tells Naruto to not let his dream of becoming Hokage die.

Believing his teammate had died in his arms, Naruto cries for him and becomes enraged and unconsciously taps into the chakra of the Nine-Tailed Fox within him. After the fight, it was revealed that Sasuke was merely put into a temporary death state. Naruto and the rest of Team 7 are relieved to discover that Sasuke is still alive.

Chūnin Exam Arc

Naruto saves Sasuke

Team 7 is sent into the Forest of Death for the second chunnin exam. Soon after entering the forest, they are attacked by Orochimaru who disguised himself first as Naruto and then as Shiore. Sasuke was able to deduce that it wasn't Naruto when Orochimaru correctly stated the password the team made up, stating Naruto was too dumb to remember the password. Along this process, he had also immobilized both Sasuke and Sakura. Despite Naruto's timely appearance, Sasuke decides to relinquish their scroll to Orochimaru to ensure their team's survival. However, Naruto intervenes by stopping the deal and punches Sasuke in the face; refusing to accept Sasuke's mindset. Naruto berates him for easily giving up like a coward and that is not the kind of person Sasuke really is. Naruto takes the scroll from him and begins fighting Orochimaru by tapping into the Nine-Tails' chakra. While temporarily occupied, Orochimaru uses a snake to attack Sasuke, who tries desperately to get away from him. However, Naruto saves him in time; asking him if he was okay and calling him a "scaredy-cat", like how Sasuke did in the Land of Waves. Naruto's courageous efforts soon inspire Sasuke to fight in his place. Naruto urging Sasuke not to surrender to the stronger ninja causes Sasuke to prepare to battle with Orochimaru. 

Sasuke acknowledges Naruto for the first time

Before the preliminary matches, Sasuke shows his acknowledgment to Naruto for the first time by telling Naruto, "I also want to fight you".

During the final rounds of the chuunin exam, Naruto is shown worried over Sasuke who had not arrived yet, but is later relieved when the match is delayed. When Sasuke finally arrives, Naruto is shown smiling at him, confirming that Sasuke had to win this match because he also wanted to fight him. During Sasuke's match with Gaara, Naruto remembers what Gaara had told him and Shikamaru about him living to kill people. Worried that Gaara might kill Sasuke, Naruto tries to talk to Kakashi to stop the match but is quickly reassured when Sasuke reveals his Chidori. Realizing Sasuke's new strength, Naruto begins to envy him.

Konoha Crush Arc

With the start of the invasion, Naruto was put to sleep but is awakened by Sakura so that they could go after Sasuke who was pursuing Gaara in order to continue their fight. Catching up just in time to stop Gaara from killing Sasuke, Naruto takes his place. Words later inspired by Sasuke who was struggling with his cursed mark, Naruto commends himself in defeating the jinchūrikin.

Once the invasion was over, the group attended the Third Hokage's funeral.

Search for Tsunade Arc

Finding out that Itachi had returned to the village in search of Naruto, Sasuke hunts him down in order to track his brother. When finally being able to find Naruto, the brothers reunite and quickly clash. However, during the fight, Sasuke is left tormented both physically and mentally. Thrown into a Tsukuyomi and later in a coma, Naruto tries to help, but is stopped by Jiraiya. Later, Sasuke is rescued by Guy and is sent back to Konoha while Naruto and Jiraiya finds Tsunade so she can heal Sasuke.

Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc

Naruto and Sasuke's battle

After finding Tsunade, the trio returns back to Konoha to which the woman would heal Sasuke. Relieved that Sasuke had finally recovered, Naruto returns to his training. Noticing a change in Naruto's strength, Sasuke becomes envious and starts to feel seriously threatened by the possibility of naruto getting stronger than him. He starts to treat Naruto and Sakura with contempt and demands a fight with Naruto, which he refuses. Eventually, pressured by Sasuke, Naruto excitedly agrees to fight him. However, Sasuke refuses to wear his headband protector because he doesn't recognize Naruto as an equal and berates him for acting "all high and mighty". In the fight, Sasuke tries to force Naruto to take the fight seriously and Naruto, after realizing how serious Sasuke is, decides to use stronger force. Clashing towards one another with Rasengan and Chidori at the hospital roof, they are stopped by both Sakura and Kakashi. Being sent to two separate water towers, Naruto is shown to unknowingly do more damage than Sasuke, much to his anger.

Sasuke admits that Naruto is his closest friend

Kakashi gives Sasuke a lecture about how revenge will benefit him nothing but emptiness, and when Sasuke refuses to listen and asks Kakashi how would he feel if Sasuke killed the people he loved, Kakashi shocked him by replying all of his loved ones are already dead. With this in mind, Sasuke starts to think about the times he had with Naruto and Sakura, and becomes conflicted between his bond with them versus his desire for revenge. Ultimately, due to the Sound Four, he decides to defect, concluding his friends have made him weak. When Naruto finds out, he is shown disappointed, but promises that he'd bring Sasuke back no matter what.

When Naruto finally catches up to Sasuke, he asks Sasuke if he was willing to turn his back on all his friends and Konoha for a simple matter of getting stronger. Replied with a yes, Naruto becomes more enraged and determined to bring Sasuke back to his senses. Grabbing hold of him, he gives Sasuke an echoing punch. However, Sasuke is shown to appear no pain and only reacts by spitting his blood in Naruto's face. The two engage into battle and after some fighting, Naruto asks Sasuke if everything they did as a team meant nothing to him. With a confession, Sasuke states that everything they did together as a team did hold meaning to him, even stating that Naruto had also become one of his closest friends. However, he resolves that Naruto being his closest friend would also allow for him to get the Mangekyo Sharingan. The two then engaged in battle with different goals; Naruto to bring Sasuke back, and Sasuke to kill Naruto.

During the fight, Naruto has brief flashbacks about how happy he was when he met Sasuke, how they became rivals and questions if they ever truly had a bond. When Sasuke is about to kill Naruto by using his Chidori to pierce through Naruto's heart, it is deflected and goes clean through Naruto's right lung. Thinking he had won the battle, the Nine-Tails' chakra begins to envelop Naruto. Watching as the inflicted wound begins to heal, Sasuke questions Naruto's being and what he really was. In tears, Naruto screams that he was his friend and was not going to allow him to defect to Orochimaru, even if it meant breaking his arms and legs to stop him.

Naruto pins Sasuke against the rock wall

After a severe beating, Naruto pins Sasuke against a rock wall and asks him if he had come to senses yet. An enraged Sasuke tells Naruto that he wouldn't be able to understand him, stating that Naruto never had a family to start with and wouldn't understand how it felt to lose one.

Admiting that he didn't know anything about having parents nor a sibling, Naruto confesses that despite so, he thinks of Iruka as a father and him[Sasuke] as his own brother. Finishing it off, Naruto states that to protect that bond, he was willing to stop Sasuke no matter what. Sasuke resists Naruto's appeals and confirms that it was already too late for him to go back. Putting his forehead protector on, Sasuke declares that he would break their bond and by using the headband, it was to acknowledge Naruto as his equal, causing Naruto to become shocked.

Naruto and Sasuke form the reconciliation seal.

During the fight between Naruto in his Nine-Tailed Fox form, forming a Demon Fox Rasengan using only one hand and Sasuke in his Cursed Seal of Heaven level 2 form, forming a a Flapping Chidori, they collide in an explosion of blue and red chakra that forms a swirling black sphere of energy. At the last moment, Sasuke chooses to punch Naruto in the chest rather than impale him with the Chidori. Likewise, Naruto only scratches Sasuke's headband, disproving the boy's earlier taunt and minimizing the effects of the Rasengan. Naruto and Sasuke are left hovering within the sphere, gazing sadly at each other. A vision of a younger Naruto and Sasuke shows both of them form a reconciliation seal and they both smile to each other.

Sasuke leaning over an unconscious Naruto

The bright light slowly dissipates, revealing an unconscious Naruto with Sasuke standing above him. Sun light breaks through the clouds, illuminating the two boys, and focuses to a point on Naruto's face. Sasuke stares down at Naruto while his headband loosens and falls to the ground. It begins to rain. Sasuke is wracked by a sharp pain in his arm and falls to his hands and knees, looking at Naruto straight in the face. Choosing to not kill Naruto, Sasuke leaves him there and continues his journey to Orochimaru.

When Naruto finally regains his consciousness, he grew upset when he found that Sasuke had gotten away. Making a vow to himself, he promises to bring Sasuke back to the village one day. While in the hospital, Naruto receives an unexpected arrival from Jiriaya who tells him to train with him for three years prior as well as give up on Sasuke; stating that Sasuke was no different from Orochimaru. Accepting the training, Naruto however rejects on giving up on Sasuke. 

Part II

Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission Arc

During the new Team Kakashi head out to the Tenchi Bridge, Naruto and Sakura are very angry at Sai for insulting Sasuke as a traitor of Konoha. Naruto defends Sasuke by saying to Sai that he knows nothing about Sasuke. Seeing the tension in the team, Yamato decided that they need to improve on teamwork and uses the Wood Release technique to create a wooden cage, threatening to lock the trio up unless they behave.

During at the Tenchi Bridge, Yamato signals Naruto, Sakura and Sai to appear on the bridge to fight Orochimaru and Kabuto. On seeing Naruto, Orochimaru begins mocking Naruto by comparing Naruto to Sasuke and said as if Sasuke belonged to Orochimaru. This makes Naruto very angry which causes the Nine-Tails' chakra to leak from an enraged Naruto's body and turns him into the three-tailed form. While a fair match, Orochimaru was able to evade Naruto's attacks. Later, Naruto advanced to his four-tailed form, losing his sense of self in his anger.

Naruto's response to Sai about Sasuke.

When Sai told Naruto and Sakura that Sasuke no longer cared about them, Naruto stated in response that he also used to hate Sasuke, but over time he had formed a bond with Sasuke through their shared experiences, and as such he would do whatever it takes to bring Sasuke home. Naruto's dedication to retrieving Sasuke struck a chord with Sai, who was left without words as a result.

Sasuke draws his blade on Naruto.

In Orochimaru's hideout, when Sai finally locates Sasuke, Sasuke explodes his room in rage of being disturbed. Reacting to the explosion, Naruto and Sakura runs to the location. When Naruto, Sakura and Yamato arrive to where Sasuke and Sai is, they meet Sasuke for the first time in three years. Sasuke denounced any bond with Naruto and Sakura, despite Yamato's assertion they never gave up on him. Enraged, Naruto demanded to know why Sasuke didn't kill him back when they fought in the Valley of the End, and Sasuke replied he wanted to gain power in a way unlike his brother and he spared Naruto simply on a whim. However, he gets next to Naruto and decides to kill Naruto for real this time, pointing out Naruto's dream of becoming Hokage and Naruto tells Sasuke a he couldn't become Hokage if he can't save one friend. Yamato and Sai come to Naruto's defense but Sasuke easily defeats them. With his Sharingan, he enters in Naruto's conscience and meets with Kurama, who tells him not to kill Naruto or else he will regret it before Sasuke surpasses his chakra. In the end, Orochimaru and Kabuto convince Sasuke to withdraw with them and they disappear, leaving a weeping Naruto, who confesses his failure of not being strong enough to bring Sasuke back to Konoha. However, instead of getting discouraged, Naruto vows to get stronger and still strived to bring him back home.

Akatsuki Suppression Mission Arc

After the encounter with Sasuke, Naruto realizes that Sasuke is far too strong for him to possibly defeat, so he decides to train with Kakashi and Yamato. After witnessing a shooting star during his rest from his training, Naruto thought of Sasuke, which enabled him to clear the second stage of his training.

Itachi Pursuit Mission Arc

When news finally reached Konoha that Sasuke had killed Orochimaru, Team 7 and Team 8 decide to group up and find Itachi to allow access to also find Sasuke.

Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant

During the search, Naruto used a number of shadow clones to search the area faster and one of his clones encounters Sasuke. When one of his clones neared what he thought was Sasuke's location, he found Itachi there instead. Itachi repelled all of Naruto's attempts to attack him, insisting that he only wanted to talk. He trapped Naruto in a genjutsu and, as was later revealed, questioned him on his dedication to Sasuke and to Konoha. When Naruto insisted that he would protect both at any cost and he thinks of Sasuke as a brother, Itachi gave Naruto some of his power sealed inside a crow in case he ever needed it. Itachi left, and Naruto continued his search, eventually finding Sasuke.

Fated Battle Between Brothers

Sasuke destroyed one of Naruto's shadow clone with his Chidori Current and he and his team continue to the Uchiha hideout where Itachi is waiting. Naruto figures out where Sasuke is, so Naruto's Team goes in pursuit of him. Unfortunately, Naruto's Team was stopped by Tobi and they were force to fight him to continue the pursuit but none of their attacks worked. After word reached them that Sasuke had killed Itachi, they were allowed to continue but however, Tobi reached Sasuke first. Having lost the trail of Sasuke, Naruto became angry when he realized that they were too late and they were forced to give up on the search.

Pain's Assault Arc

Naruto started to understand Sasuke's pain of losing a bond.

After the failed mission of bring Sasuke back, Naruto learned that his teacher, Jiraiya had died in his battle with the leader of the Akatsuki, Pain. After hearing this, Naruto is saddened and thinks about the time he used to spend with Jiraiya. Naruto use to think that he understands Sasuke very well but now having these feeling of sadness and pain of losing Jiraiya, Naruto started to understands the pain of losing bonds and he concludes that he finally understands how Sasuke feels.

As the Invasion of Pain rages on in Konoha, Team Taka is sent to capture the Eight-Tails. When the members is Taka are shown struggling, Sasuke Uchiha has a flashback of Team 7. Remembering his former team, he rushes back into the battlefield to save his team members. Meanwhile in Konoha, Naruto fights with Pain. In his battle with Pain, Naruto had come to understand the nature of cycle of hatred and also started to understands the reason of Sasuke's malice which makes his desire on bringing Sasuke back to Konoha and to save him from his darkness had grew even more.

When Tazuna and Inari left after having a long conversation with Team 7 (excluding Sai), Naruto remember the flashback of Sasuke telling him about the feeling of losing a bond when he fight Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Naruto then told Sakura and Kakashi that he now understands what revenge is and how Sasuke felt. Naruto continue telling Sakura and Kakashi that he always thought he understood Sasuke but actually he didn't and he wants to fight Sasuke seriously this time because he want team 7 to laugh together again, including Sasuke.

Five Kage Summit Arc

Naruto is beaten up by Karui when he refuses to sell out Sasuke

When Omoi and Karui confronts Naruto and Sakura about Sasuke's crime as well as informing them that Sasuke had joined the Akatsuki, Naruto and Sakura was shocked after hearing it. Later, Karui beats Naruto when he refuses to tell her about Sasuke. Naruto was willing to take physical abuse from Karui rather than sell Sasuke out. While Naruto recovered from his injuries, he asked Yamato and Kakashi to take him to the Land of Iron so that he could pleas the Fourth Raikage to forgive Sasuke.

At the land of Iron, the Raikage refused Naruto's request and berated him for standing up a criminal when Naruto pleas the Raikage to forgive Sasuke. Naruto then bow down his head on the ground and pleading with the Fourth Raikage to pardon Sasuke for his crimes against his village but the Raikage still refused his request. When Gaara told Naruto about what happened at the Kage Summit, including the actions of Sasuke, Naruto was shocked and heartbroken. Gaara elaborated that he saw no hope for Sasuke and asked Naruto to consider his village above Sasuke, to which Naruto remained silent and later started hyperventilating that he may not be able to save Sasuke. Tobi later visited with him to tell him the truth about the Uchiha clan downfall in order to justify Sasuke's actions. This and learning from Kakashi that Sakura was planning to kill Sasuke herself, prompted Naruto to search for her and confront Sasuke himself.

Naruto and Sasuke about to clash

During the team 7 reunited, Naruto saved Sakura from being killed by Sasuke and asked him why he would attack Sakura. Sasuke denounced any connection to them and only saw each and every one of them as part of the village he blamed for the demise of his clan. He further tells Naruto to shut up because Naruto never had a family or siblings to understand his feelings and called him an "outsider". Naruto sympathized with Sasuke and admitted he knew the truth about the Uchiha clan, but Sasuke refused to listen and announced his intent to kill every Konoha resident and destroy the village to avenge his clan. Kakashi decided to kill Sasuke and asked Naruto and Sakura to leave because he didn't want them to witness it. Naruto stopped Kakashi from killing Sasuke and fought Sasuke head-on; matching his Rasengan with the latter's Chidori. In the fight, Naruto says he and Sasuke's roles could've been reversed; Naruto had once thought about getting revenge on the village after years of ostracism but his friends, including Sasuke, saved him. Both survived the clash, with Tobi and Zetsu coming to Sasuke's aid. Naruto requested to speak to Sasuke before departing and started off by saying they've become high-ranking shinobis and are now able to read each other's mind, and Naruto believes Sasuke's hatred will go away once he and Naruto reach an understanding. Angry, Sasuke asked why he cared so much about him, to which Naruto replied they're friends but he will fight Sasuke if he attacks Konoha, and when they have their final clash, they will both die. Naruto offers to bear the burden of Sasuke's hatred and said to Kakashi, "How can I be Hokage when I can't even save one friend". In answer, Sasuke declared that he had no intention to die, and said Naruto can either kill him and be a hero or let be killed by him. Naruto rejected both and said he had a third option. Before he left, Sasuke vowed to never turn back on the path he walks and promised to kill Naruto first. Sasuke then left with Tobi. Naruto claims that he still consider him as a friend and will bring him back to Konoha no matter what.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Arc

Young Naruto and Sasuke refused to form the reconciliation seal

Naruto and the Konoha 11 gathered to discuss the matter on what to do with Sasuke. Most still opted to kill him for his betrayal, but Naruto vowed he would deal with Sasuke on his own. Despite everyone's protests, he still insists he should be the one to deal with Sasuke alone.

Naruto and the nine-tail fox have a conversation and the fox tells him to stop being naive as there is no way he could shoulder the hatred of an entire war and Sasuke. Naruto then remembers his flashback of him and Sasuke in their academy days. In the flashback, Naruto and Sasuke were paired to spar against each other. Though excited at the chance to achieve popularity by beating Sasuke, Naruto was easily beaten. By looking at Sasuke's eyes, Naruto realized that they were filled with hatred. When Iruka told them to make the reconciliation seal, they both refused. After the flashback, Naruto walks into the Nine-Tails' cage and brings down the torii to pin the fox down. Naruto then stares dead into the Nine-Tails' eye and brimming with confidence, telling the fox that he will do something about the war and Sasuke.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax Arc

The Reborn Team 7

During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke arrived on the battlefield and ignored Naruto's comment on Sasuke being late. After some dispute between the original Rookie Nine, Sasuke declaring to everyone that he would change the village and become Hokage. Naruto stood beside Sasuke and said that it was he who would actually become Hokage. Naruto and Sasuke moved to the battlefield, followed by Sakura, and the reborn Team 7 prepared to face the Ten-Tails. As the trio stood together, back to back, Naruto examined Sasuke's Amaterasu and his Mangekyo Sharingan, while Sasuke examined Naruto's tailed beast form.

After Sai informed Naruto of how to reach the Ten-Tails' real body, Team 7 simultaneously used the Summoning Technique. Naruto summoned Gamakichi, Sasuke summoned Aoda and Sakura summoned Katsuyu, as each had the solution to one problem. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, due to their summonings were noted by onlookers to be the new Three-Way Deadlock as each used their summoning for a purpose. Gamakichi leaped high into the air and used his tantō to protect him and Naruto from the attacks of the guards while Sasuke used Aoda to slide past the clones of the Ten-Tails and fending off their attacks using a more enhanced version of his Chidori-infused sword. After two clones managed to put up a barrier in his way, Sasuke manifested his Susanoo and broke through it with his Susanoo Sword. Naruto created an Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, and threw it at the Ten-Tails. Sasuke then used the Susanoo to fire an Amaterasu flame-enhanced arrow towards the Ten-Tails, which was combined with Naruto's Wind Release: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken, to do even more damage to the beast. Naruto then asked Sasuke to extinguish the flames when the Ten-Tails was weak enough to rip the tailed beasts out of its body so he and Kurama could pull the other tailed beasts out of the Ten-Tails' body. Wanting to end the twisted system and create a new one, Sasuke refused to do so, which angered Naruto.

Sasuke protects Naruto from Obito's attack

When Naruto worries about protecting the Hokages, Sasuke notes that they were using their immortal bodies to gain a sense of Obito's abilities so they could find a way to defeat him which led Sasuke to tell Naruto to stop worrying about them. While Minato prepares to use the Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Participate Formula, Obito makes a play to attack Naruto, but Sasuke protect Naruto by intercepted Obito's attack on Naruto with his Susanoo. However, as Sasuke attempts to attack Obito, Obito managed to break through the Susanoo and attack both Sasuke and Naruto. With Minato unable to teleport to their aid, Naruto, remembering his father's words about how the Flying Thunder God Technique worked, he created two chakra arms and grabbed onto Sasuke and attached the other to his father allowing Minato to teleport them to safety. When Minato was attacked by Obito, a worried Naruto was reprimanded by Sasuke who reminded him that they needed to stay focus and prepare to strike.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki Arc

Naruto's emotion and memories

As countless shinobi began being drained of their chakra, leaving everyone else filled with despair, Hashirama had Ino link everyone telepathically so that he could pass on the info that his original had heard about the Shinju and the Eye of the Moon Plan and to try and rally them to continue fighting. While Hashirama's words fail to inspire anyone, Sasuke continued to battle without fear or doubt, donning his Susanoo and cutting down a limb of the enormous tree, which shocked everyone. Calling out to Naruto, Sasuke asked Naruto if he was done, as he himself had just begun. Through Ino's telepathic link, Naruto's emotions and memories were conveyed to everyone, leading the young Uchiha to sympathize with the loss of his brother, Itachi. Shocked at Naruto's refusal to give up despite of his hard life, the Allied Forces quickly begin to regain their will to fight as Sasuke, in his complete Susanoo, joins Naruto in an assault.

After Naruto informs Sasuke not to forget that only senjutsu will work against Obito, Sasuke tells him that he is not quick to forget, unlike Naruto. With this statement, Sasuke has Jūgo use the senjutsu chakra from his Sage Transformation on his Susanoo, which covers Sasuke's Susanoo with the Cursed Seal of Heaven markings. Naruto and Sasuke proceed to attack Obito, who once again used the Ten-Tails Malleable Chakra to aid in protecting himself from their assault. In unison with Naruto's senjustsu-enhanced Tailed Beast Ball, Sasuke fires a senjutsu-enhanced arrow at Obito. Naruto and Sasuke were unhappy to see that their combined technique did not harm Obito, due to him surrounding himself in a sphere formed from the Ten-Tails' malleable chakra. The battle continued resulting in Sasuke's Susanoo and Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode form being destroyed.

However, Naruto and Sasuke got up on their feet again, their resolves untouched. Standing alongside his comrade, Sasuke noted that they would end the battle with their next attack, to which Naruto agrees. With this, Sasuke manifests his final Susanoo which begins to encase Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode mantle. After Sasuke's Susanoo fully encased Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode mantle, Sasuke manifested his Susanoo sword. Noticing their powerful combination, Obito manifested a huge shield and the Sword of Nunoboko, preparing to engage Naruto and Sasuke. After agreeing that they had one opportunity to take down Obito, Naruto and Sasuke charged into battle. While the Konoha 11 destroyed the shield, Sasuke's Susanoo sword managed to shatter Obito's legendary weapon. With his sword destroyed, Naruto and Sasuke managed to slash through Obito with the Susanoo's senjutsu-enhanced sword. Due to the success of Naruto and Sasuke's attack, Obito began losing control of the tailed beasts and Naruto began pulling the chakra of the tailed beasts out of Obito. Sasuke and the rest of the Allied Shinobi Forces later assisted Naruto in the great chakra tug-of-war against Obito, eventually succeeding in extracting the tailed beasts from him.

Two brothers

Upon waking up and encountering the Hermit of the Six Paths, Naruto finds out that he is the reincarnation of Ashura while Sasuke is to Indra, the two sons of the Hermit. Confessing during the Five Kage summit of why Naruto could not kill Sasuke, the Uzumaki confessed of feeling the presence of the older brother. Knowing what they had to do to break the 'cycle of hatred', both Sasuke and Naruto agree to work together.

Sasuke arrived next to Naruto

When Naruto attacked Madara, Tobirama used his Flying Thunder God Technique to send Sasuke to the main battlefield, as he teleported him to Minato's kunai that Naruto had taken with him. When facing Madara, Naruto remarks to Madara that he will not be defeating him alone.

Naruto and Sasuke attack Madara

During the battle, Madara launches his counterattack on Naruto and Sasuke, which they were able to deflect while they evade it entirely. After his analysis on Madara, Sasuke explained his analysis and his strategy to Naruto, telling him to use Hagoromo's power in his next technique to bind Madara. Though reluctant to take orders from his rival, Naruto readies himself to attack once more as the two proceeded to assault Madara. Naruto, forming the Sage Art: Magnet Release Rasengan using Shukaku's chakra and Sasuke, forming a black Chidori, land a simultaneous attack on Madara only to find out that it was the projection from his Rinbo technique.

Sasuke stops Naruto

When Madara performs the Chibaku Tensei, Sasuke unleashes his fully formed Susanoo to repel the massive stones. As Madara starts the Infinite Tsukuyomi, Naruto fires Continuous Tailed Beast Ball Rasenshuriken at the numerous meteors that were careening towards them. Sasuke, noticing the Infinite Tsukuyomi's start, rushes to the ground, angering Naruto who had been trying not to hit him with his technique, though Sasuke quickly protected Naruto (along with Kakashi and Sakura) from being caught in the genjutsu with his Susanoo. Sensing the misery of the situation, Naruto tries to help the others outside who had been caught in the genjutsu, but Sasuke halts him, telling him to be patient.

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Arc

Naruto reminding Sasuke of the bridge scene

As the group is released and met up with Madara, both Sasuke and Naruto strike towards a now-transformed Kaguya, but is quickly tangled within her hair. However, they are saved by their sun and moon symbols. Once Kaguya transforms the landscape into a flowing stream of lava, Sasuke quickly goes towards Naruto and catches him as he summons his hawk. Sasuke is scolded by Naruto to why he didn't save Sakura and Kakashi, but later looks back and was relieved to see them still 'hanging'. Turning his attention back to Kaguya and Sasuke, the Uchiha confirms to Naruto that if they die, the whole world would be in ruins, quickly afterwards claiming that he only saved Kakashi and Sakura due to them standing beside Naruto. However, Naruto quickly reconfirms this by reminding Sasuke that he also 'unintentionally' saved him on the bridge, 'claiming' that he gets what Sasuke was talking about.

Sasuke teleports himself to Naruto's location

Soon, the scroll that Kakashi and Sakura were hanging on to burns off and is saved by one of the hands of Naruto as well as Naruto also catching Sasuke who had fallen off the hawk. Quickly after regaining themselves, Naruto and Kaguya charge at one another, soon after with Naruto calling Sasuke to summon his Susanoo. Naruto and Sasuke are sent reeling by Kaguya's attack, causing them to fall down to the lava again. As Sasuke's Susanoo's blade is destroyed by the lava, Sasuke manages to teleport himself to Naruto's location and he receives a platform to stand on from Naruto. Angry that his Susanoo has no effect on Kaguya, Sasuke and Naruto did not notice Kaguya as she creates a portal and reappears behind them and begins to absorb their chakra.

Naruto and Sasuke in Kaguya's trap

Naruto and Sasuke are able to free themselves from Kaguya and Black Zetsu and concur that it was now more important than ever to seal her away. Naruto then tells Sasuke to use his plan to create an opening for them to use the sealing technique. Putting their plan into action, Sasuke attacks Kaguya with his Amaterasu, allowing Naruto to jump in front of her and use his Sexy: Reverse Harem Technique, much to everyone's shock. Naruto's technique successfully distracted Kaguya long enough for Naruto to punch her. Sasuke teleports himself and Naruto around Kaguya, but just when they were about to seal her, she transforms the landscape into a vast frozen mountainside and encased all of them inside a giant block of ice, which she easily escaped from. Kaguya prepares to use Black Zetsu to drain Naruto and Sasuke's chakra once again, but Sasuke uses his Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi to free himself and Naruto from the ice. After thanking Sasuke for freeing him from the ice, Naruto apologizes to Sasuke about his failed plan. As Sasuke tells Naruto they will be using his tactic to seal Kaguya, Black Zetsu recommends to Kaguya to fight them one at a time. Following Black Zetsu's advice, Kaguya suddenly grabs Sasuke and teleports him into another dimension, Naruto calling out his name.

After Sasuke's forced departure, Naruto continues to battle Kaguya. Meanwhile, Naruto's clone successfully resuscitates Obito. When awakened, Obito immediately inquiries the situation. Once informed, Obito along with Sakura, Kakashi and Naruto's Clone return to Naruto's original. Obito witnesses Kaguya's teleportation technique and deduces that he may be able to synchronize his Kamui with her teleportation and find Sasuke. However, he explains that should he run out of chakra while with Sasuke, he would not be able to return to his original location. Naruto's clone immediately offers his chakra, but Obito tells him it will not be enough. Hearing this, Sakura offers her own chakra as well. Obito agrees to their offers and the plan is decided. When the group returns back to Naruto, Naruto deliberately asks Sasuke if he thanked both Obito and Sakura to which Sasuke refuses to answer. Only answering to focus on the enemy.

Naruto and Sasuke's final battle

After sealing Kaguya, Sasuke announces his intent to kill the current five Kage and take control of the tailed beasts, starting a revolution to create a new ninja system. Sasuke turns to Naruto and tells him to follow him to where they first fought and Naruto, wanting to end the cycle of hate, agrees. He then berates Sasuke for putting Sakura under a genjutsu when she pleaded for Sasuke to return home. Naruto and Sasuke later face off at the Valley of the End. Sasuke explains his view on the Hokage, and also says he needs to kill Naruto because he is the only one who can stop him from killing the Kage as Naruto listens. Sasuke further explains he will become the sole enemy to the world so the nations will not fight each other and, once Naruto is gone, he will be alone and become the world's darkness. Naruto exclaims that not all can be done alone and tries to tell Sasuke the error in his judgment, but his words fall on deaf ears. After remembering their meetings with the Six Paths, Naruto and Sasuke clash.

As they clash together during their battle, the duo reflect on past memories of similar hardships faced in their youth. Taking a moment, Sasuke claims Naruto will die if he continues to fight at his current pace, but Naruto refuses to kill Sasuke. When Sasuke charges a Chidori with his Susanoo, while Naruto forms a Tailed Beast Ball mixed with senjutsu to counter, Naruto notes that he will never leave Sasuke alone as the two technique clash. Inside the blast, Sasuke tells Naruto that they are no longer children, and that despite their differing opinions, they truly understand each other at this point.

Remembering Sasuke's words about two high class shinobi being able to convey their feelings through their fists, Naruto tries to convince Sasuke to stop fighting, but Sasuke is obstinate to kill Naruto. Before they continue their fight, Naruto asks how Sasuke's revolution will guarantee that the shinobi world does not turn out the same as before to which Sasuke answers he will watch over it eternally through his reincarnations. During the fight, before they exchange attacks again, Naruto tells himself that he always wanted to fight Sasuke in the past, but not the Sasuke that exists now.

Sasuke prepares to end Naruto's life

The aftermath of Naruto and Sasuke's attacks collide in the air. Completely drained of chakra, the two continue to fight on, clashing with a long battle of taijutsu for an entire day, while remembering their time in the Academy practicing Traditional Shinobi Sparring. Upon nightfall, Naruto and Sasuke continue to fight with their strong wills, as the two are both completely exhausted. Kurama gives Naruto more chakra to use for one final attack but Sasuke is able to absorb it by using his Rinnegan's Preta Path. When Sasuke prepares to end Naruto's life, Sasuke declares that he will finally be alone once his one and only best friend is dead and he then utters Naruto farewell. However, Naruto is able to counter with a punch, sending Sasuke into the mountain side. This angers Sasuke about it going on over and over, and asks Naruto to let him kill him. Naruto refuses and reminds him of his vow to bring him back to Konoha.

Blood-loss formed which looks like hands holding each other

Both of their attacks collides with each other when Sasuke creates a Blaze Release-enhanced Chidori and Naruto forming a Rasengan. Out of chakra and pained all over, they both fall to the ground next to each other and have a conversation about their past. After the two regaining consciousness, Sasuke asks Naruto why he cares so much about him even though he showed him hatred. Naruo responds it is because Sasuke is his "friend" but Sasuke is not satisfied and says Naruto has told him that before and asks him what exactly that means to him. Naruto continues on to say that when Sasuke talked about bearing the burden of everyone's hatred that he could feel the pain too. After hearing this, Sasuke remembers his time with Naruto in the academy and in Team 7. Sasuke reveals that he always the one who envy Naruto and says he is much like his older brother and that when he saw Naruto hurting he too would feel pain. The next morning, Naruto is angry at still not being able to move and Sasuke is amused Naruto still wants to fight him despite his injuries. As Naruto tries to defend himself, Sasuke finally admits defeat. They talk further; Sasuke asks Naruto what will happen if the others still don't accept him and if he decides to come after Naruto again. Naruto replies he will stop Sasuke again and doubts Sasuke will do that again. Sasuke tells Naruto to take his Rinnegan and give it to Kakashi to release the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and allow him to die. Naruto tells him no matter what happens he would not let him die and declares he will never abandon his friend, bringing Sasuke to tears. Sasuke calls Naruto "usuratonkachi" a term that is similar to a pet name for Naruto. It is shown they both lost an arm from their clash and the blood symbolizes the reconciliation seal. Kishimoto would say in an interview later on they were originally going to be holding hands but he changed it to them loosing an arm for a more "glory" ending.

Naruto and Sasuke release everyone from the Infinite Tsukuyomi

When Sakura and Kakashi arrives at the Valley of the End, they saw Naruto and Sasuke both lying next to each other. Sakura quickly comes to both Sasuke and Narutos' aid. As Sakura begins to heal them, Naruto thanks Sakura while Sasuke apologizes to her for everything he had done as she tearfully accepts his apology and comments he is so much trouble. Seeing Team 7 is finally smiling and laughing together, Kakashi happily comments that they have finally returned. As the duo are both invigorated, Naruto and Sasuke form a special hand sign to release everyone from the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Blank Period Arc

Naruto and Sasuke smile at each other

After some time, Sasuke is pardoned for his crimes by Kakashi, who had become the Sixth Hokage, based on his service in ending the war and a good word from Naruto. Wanting to see the world in clearer eyes, Sasuke again begins to leave Konoha on a journey of redemption. As Sasuke departs, he meets with Naruto. Naruto returns Sasuke's forehead protector during their battle years ago. Sasuke then stated he will keep it until they really settle things between them. They both smile at each other as Sasuke takes the forehead protector as a sign of true reconcile.


Academy Entrance Arc

In the anime, after a remnant of Root failed to destroy the village, Naruto sends a shadow clone to meet up with Sasuke and hands him a scroll about the research of Gozu Tennō. Realising the true nature behind it, Sasuke was amazed at how close Danzō came to replicating Kaguya's technique. After noting that it would help in his investigation and believes will make it easier to reach her dimension, Naruto suggested that Sasuke return to the village for a while. Before Sasuke departs, he asks Naruto to apologize to Sakura for his continued absence, leading to Naruto feeling responsible for.

Sarada Uchiha Arc

A shinobi greater than no other..

Receiving Sasuke's hawk, Naruto receives his message but comments to Shikamaru on how old-fashioned Sasuke was using ink and paper instead of the latest technology to communicate. In the letter, Sasuke warns Naruto about his encounter of a possible test subject of Orochimaru's with a Sharingan. Naruto decides to secretly meet with Sasuke to resolve the situation.

When Naruto meets Sarada, who had followed him to meet with her father, the two talk about Sasuke, and Naruto goes on about how Sasuke was popular and smart when they were kids but Sarada was disappointed to hear how aloof her father was. Naruto cheers her up by pointing out how much she resembles Sasuke while having an attitude that mirrors Sakura's. After Naruto and Sarada meet with Sasuke, Sarada asked him questions about her parentage to Sakura and where he had been for so long, only for Sasuke to refuse to answer. Naruto comforted a distraught Sarada by saying Sasuke has a lot to learn as a father but he is a powerful shinobi and a good man. Naruto remembers when Sasuke called a meeting with the five Kage to inform them he uncovered evidence of a new White Zetsu army forming and Sasuke asked for them to let him continue with his investigation. Naruto offered to join him, but Sasuke told Naruto that, as Hokage, he needed to stay in the village. When they are attacked by Shin and Sasuke fights with him. Sarada comments how amazing her father is and Naruto says Sasuke is fighting with half of his powers.

When they arrived at Orochimaru's hideout to get information on Shin after he kidnapped Sakura, Naruto overheard Suigetsu tells Sarada a DNA test seemingly confirmed Karin, not Sakura, as her mother. Naruto reacted to this with anger, at Sasuke for possibly being unfaithful to Sakura and at Suigetsu for his involvement. Naruto comforted Sarada by telling her that all that mattered in a family was love rather than blood, but told Sasuke they needed to talk once everything was over, much to Sasuke's confusion. When Sasuke used Susanoo to teleport everyone to Shin's location, Naruto berated him for scaring Sarada but Sasuke retorted that Naruto was the one scared. Once the fighting was over, Naruto watched Sarada learn that Sakura was really her mother and she reconciled with both of her parents. Sasuke asked what to do with the Shin clones and Naruto suggested they be dropped off at the Konoha Orphanage, which Sasuke considered too soft but relented after seeing how unique their Sharingans are and the clones are just kids.

Versus Momoshiki Arc

One-Tail Escort Arc

Time Slip Arc

Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher's Star Pupil

Mujina Bandits Arc

Kara Actuation Arc

Ao Arc

Kawaki Arc

Boruto: Naruto the Movie

Naruto calms down after seeing Sasuke is okay.

Naruto and Sasuke meet in Naruto's Hokage office and Sasuke informed Naruto he found a scroll in Kaguya's abandoned castle that he needs help deciphering. Sasuke also tells him that he meet Boruto, whom he says reminds him of Naruto, and Naruto says Boruto reminds him of Sasuke. Sasuke and Naruto have become genuine best friends, to the point where they crack jokes with one another and are very friendly with each other. They talked about their childhood days, the new generation, and Sasuke comments how the nature of a shinobi will never change, to which Naruto says it has in regards to Boruto, and they make a bet over this. As Sasuke trained Boruto, the boy asked about Naruto's weaknesses and Sasuke elaborated on the hardships Naruto endured in his life to become the Hokage he is now.

Sasuke visits with a shadow clone Naruto to ask if the scroll is deciphered and Naruto expresses his sadness that Sasuke is training Boruto. Sasuke simply tells him the nature of a shinobi will never change. When Momoshiki and Kinshiki attack, Naruto and Sasuke save their children and Sasuke tells him about the scroll detailing the existence of the two enemies. They combine Kurama and Susanoo to shield themselves and their children from the attacks. Naruto asks Sasuke to take care of the kids, which he agrees and Naruto tries to defend them before he decides to let himself be taken by the enemies.

Sasuke quickly formed a rescue mission with the four other Kage to save Naruto and allowed Boruto to join him. Naruto and Sasuke fight Momoshiki after he absorbs Kinshiki and they initially have the upper hand until Naruto is briefly knocked unconscious and Sasuke is badly burned by Momoshiki's Lava Release. Naruto comes to Sasuke's aid and reacts with anger to see him hurt, but Sasuke shows him that he is okay and still able to fight after being healed by Kurama's chakra. They combine Kurama and Susanoo to briefly defeat Momoshiki, but he tries once more to kill them before Boruto uses a Parent and Child Rasengan to destroy Momoshiki. After the battle, Naruto and Sasuke sit together and Sasuke declares he won their bet, and Naruto agrees. They later pose for a photograph with Boruto and the other Kage.


  • Naruto and Sasuke accidentally shared their first kiss during their first meeting.[1]
  • When Naruto first met with Sasuke back in the Academy days, Naruto wanted to befriend Sasuke.[2]
  • Naruto and Sasuke understood each others pains of being an orphan.[3]
  • Naruto wanted Sasuke to acknowledge him as an equal.[4]
  • Sasuke defended Naruto from Sakura after saying about his stupidity personality due to not having parents which angered Sasuke and called her annoying.
  • During their battle with Haku, Sasuke did all he could to protect Naruto, even to the point of nearly dying.[5]
  • Before his supposed death, he thought about his relationship with Naruto (including their kiss) and told Naruto that he didn't know the reason he'd saved him; his body had just moved on its own.[6]
  • Seeing Sasuke "die" upset Naruto to the point where part of the Kyuubi's power temporarily overcame him.[7]
  • At the end of Part I, Sasuke did not kill Naruto liked he'd intended.[8]
  • Naruto was so intent on bringing Sasuke back to the village that he unleashed his Nine-Tailed form during their fight. This was the second time he used the Kyuubi's power for Sasuke's sake.[9]
  • Naruto unleashed the three-tailed and is later advanced to his four-tailed form when Orochimaru angered him by comparing him to Sasuke and said as if Sasuke belonged to Orochimaru.[10]
  • Naruto repeatedly says he is unworthy to be Hokage if he can't save Sasuke.
  • Naruto said to Sakura that his promise to bring Sasuke back is no longer just a promise to her but a personal goal for Naruto out of care and concern for Sasuke walking down the wrong path.
  • Naruto never gives up on taking Sasuke back to Konoha.
  • When Naruto came to understand the reason of Sasuke's malice, his desire to save Sasuke from his darkness had grown even more.[11]
  • Naruto willing being beaten up by Karui rather than sell Sasuke out.[12]
  • Naruto was willing to bow down his head on the ground, pleading the Fourth Raikage to pardon Sasuke for his crimes against his village.[13]
  • Naruto is willing to risk dying in a future clash with Sasuke, if it meant freeing Sasuke from his Curse of Hatred and so that Sasuke wouldn't be alone.
  • It was announced that the bond Naruto and Sasuke share is yin and yang as well as Heaven and Earth.[14]
  • Naruto and Sasuke have worked together fighting Obito and Madara.[15]
  • Sasuke says he and Naruto were the only ones capable to saving the world, and constantly protected him.[16]
  • Naruto tells Sasuke that their bond has gotten to the point where Naruto feels pain whenever Sasuke is going through a tough time[17]
  • Naruto lost an arm, along with Sasuke, in their final clash as Naruto tried once more to get Sasuke to come to his senses and return to Konoha.[18]
  • It was because of Naruto giving a good word that Sasuke was pardoned of his crimes and forgiven by their friends and comrades[19]
  • After being freed by his Curse of Hatred, Sasuke showed great appreciation towards Naruto for teaching him the true meaning of a shinobi and saving him from himself.[20]
  • Naruto returned Sasuke's former headband protector and Sasuke accepted it as a sign of reconcile.[21]
  • They have been told they where soulmates.


Sasuke to Naruto - Chapter 225:

  • "It wasn't meaningless. To me, you have become my closest friend."

Naruto about Sasuke - Chapter 227:

  • "Sasuke, I knew you were always alone. In the beginning, I realized that there was someone like me, I felt reassured and happy. The truth is, I wanted to speak out to you right away but I couldn't... You were able to do anything. On top of that, everyone always praised you. Because you and I were too different, I felt so jealous. I decided all on my own that you were my rival. I didn't want to lose. I was called a loser, which made me feel that way even more. Even after we became Team 7, I always felt the same. I was obstinate... I stubbornly continued to lie, but what I really wanted was to be like you. I always aspired to be like you. You were the person I admired."

Naruto to Jiraiya about becoming stronger to save Sasuke and defeat Akatsuki by himself without Jiraiya's assistance - Chapter 237:

  • "I understand... if that's what it means to be wise, I will be an idiot all my life...! I will invent greater jutsu by myself and save Sasuke for sure! And then... And then... I will beat Akatsuki!!"

Naruto to Sai about saving Sasuke from Orochimaru - Chapter 303:

  • "I don't care who I have to fight! If he rips my arms out, I'll kick him to death! If he rips my legs off, I'll bite him to death! If he rips my head off, I'll stare him to death! And if he gouges out my eyes, I'll curse him from the grave! Even if I'm torn to shreds, I'm taking Sasuke back from Orochimaru!"

Naruto to Sakura and Kakashi about him now understanding Sasuke's pain - Chapter 451:

  • "I understand now how Sasuke felt... I know what revenge is. I thought I understood him...but really I didn't. No wonder nothing I said to him got through... if I can't understand his pain, I can't laugh with wonder he wouldn't even fight me. It might hurt a lot...but I want to fight with him for real this time... because I want Team 7 to laugh together again, Sasuke included."

Naruto to Sasuke - Chapter 486:

  • "If you attack Konoha, I will have to fight you… So save up your hatred and take it all on me, I'm the only one who can take it! It's the only thing I can do! I will shoulder your hatred and die with you! Because I'm your friend!"

Naruto about Sasuke in Naruto's memories through Ino's telepathic link - Chapter 647:

  • "That time... I should have... called out to him... I thought about it over and over."

Naruto to the Hermit of the Six Paths about Sasuke - Chapter 671:

  • "Sasuke and I aren't exactly real siblings. But I think we can make peace. We're great friends you know."

Naruto to Sasuke - Chapter 698:

  • "If you want me to explain it I'm not sure how to put it... it's just that when I hear you blabbering about carrying everything on your shoulders... I can kinda... feel the pain too. It really hurts. There is no way I can just ignore it!"

Sasuke about Naruto - Chapter 698:

  • "Naruto... I knew that in the past you were always alone. Like me, the last Uchiha left, you were cast out. You acted like an idiot on purpose so that people would scold you... because you wanted them to pay attention to you...At first I thought you weren't worth considering at all. That you were just a weakling playing around. But after seeing you do stupid things and get scolded every time... for some reason I started to keep my eyes on you. That time I also realized... that your weakness had started to sink into me too. I couldn't stop paying attention to you. When I saw you doing everything you could to create bonds with others... it reminded me of my family. For some reason... I felt relieved. However... I also thought it was a weakness. I trained hard to escape from that weakness... and to become stronger than my brother, to take revenge on him. But then you ended up in the same team as me... and I got reminded of my family again. After clearing missions with you, who wanted to become Hokage... I could feel clearly that we were both getting stronger... and I realized that I wanted to fight with you. I started... to see Team 7 somewhat like a family... and that's why when I saw you suffer... I would... feel pain too. When I understood your pain, for the first time I considered you my comrade. But at the same time... I couldn't just let you become stronger. When I saw how strong you had become, I... it's the opposite... I was the one envious of you. You had a kind of strength I was missing. You always walked in front of me... much like my brother used to... and today too."

Sasuke about Naruto - Chapter 699:

  • "Naruto...I now remember those words you once said to me. That when you're with me, you finally understand what it's like to have a brother...and when I think of it that way...that feeling...I finally get it now. I've been travelling around the world and...I seem to recall those memories a lot. We were alone and starved of love. Kids that lived in a world full of hate. And from that point on, we went our separate ways...and fought. But time has passed and now I'm thinking...could it be that...just like how the hope and pain from my father, mother and my brother, Itachi flowed into me...I'd understand your pain and hopes too, Naruto? You never abandoned me, no matter what. And you never gave up on me, coming closer when I pulled away. It wouldn't have surprised me if you hated me, but you didn' kept insisting that we were friends. And even that, I nearly destroyed.You fought to stop the point you lost an arm. All because you were my friend. You saved me. The us that fought and quarreled over the smallest things...are now able to share the pain in each other's hearts. On my journey around the world, I noticed...that all these feelings of mine aren't just about us, I'm sure it's the same for everything else. But...there aren't a lot of people like you. And things won't always go as planned, look at us. It's especially true when it comes to bigger things. I think it's the same as praying. And until I can do it, I'll stay strong. The beings that have been entrusted with hopes...that's us. That's what makes us ninjas."

Naruto about Sasuke to Sarada - Naruto 700+4

  • "Back in the academy, he was really popular with all the kunoichi.. just like me. And he was really good looking and cool.. just like me too. And in the academy, his ninjutsu grades were the very top of the class... exactly like me.. However, he was a total loner with a bad attitude who always talked shit to other people and was an absolute smart ass!!! Totally unlike me!! ..In other words, he was my rival. Even now, that hasn't changed."

Naruto about Sasuke to Sarada - Naruto 700+5

  • "Trust me when I say this, but.. your father, is a ninja greater than no other."

Sasuke to Boruto abuut Naruto - Boruto anime ep. 55

  • When Naruto was a kid, all he did was talk about being Hokage, and he was a total loser. A damned stubborn.

Sasuke to Boruto about Naruto - Boruto anime ep. 55

  • I don't have enough fingers on my hand to count. He was the stereotypical loser, full of weaknesses. But he overcame them with his own strength, and became the Hokage. Maybe instead of the Naruto of today, you should study who Naruto was in the past.

Sasuke to Naruto about his choice to make him leave - Boruto chapter 38

  • there has to be a way to defeat him but... that's going to be completely useless without you!

Sasuke to himself after leaving - Boruto chapter 38

  • Don't die... Naruto...

Among the Fans

SasuNaru is one of the most popular pairings in the fandom as well as one of the most well-known, rivaled only by KakaIru in terms of their respective fandom sizes. It is supported due to the relationship between both Naruto and Sasuke and their known rivalry throughout the series, as well as Naruto being seen as one of Sasuke's most important bonds, along with Itachi. Their rival couples are NaruHina, and SasuSaku and it's a companion to SakuHina.


The Sun (Yang) and the Moon (Yin)

  • It was announced in the cover of chapter 671, that the bond Naruto and Sasuke share is heaven and hell as well as yin and yang. Their placement in Naruto Shippuden Opening 3 and Naruto Shippuden Ending 21 might also refer to it (Naruto as Yang and Sasuke as Yin). In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are concepts used to describe how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent giving rise to each other as they interrelate. Many tangible dualities (such as light and dark, fire and water, and male and female) are thought of as physical manifestations of the duality of yin and yang. This duality lies at the origins of many branches of classical Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine, and a central principle of different forms of Chinese martial arts and exercise.
    • Yin is the negative/passive/female principle in nature, and may allude to many other concepts such as the moon, shaded orientation, something covert or concealed, "of the netherworld", overcast or sinister.
    • Yang is the positive/active/male principle in nature, and may allude to many other concepts such as the sun, open, overt, and "belonging to this world".
  • According to an interview with Kishimoto, Kishimoto states after being asked why Naruto and Sasuke kissed and if it added a special dimension to their rivalry "I didn't have any particular reason for it, other than to surprise the readers. I mainly did it because I don't think there has ever been a manga where two rivals have kissed. Also, by having this encounter, it was easier to set up the love triangle: Sakura, who had intended to be the first one to kiss Sasuke, has it stolen by her rival Naruto. Sasuke and Naruto are rivals, so there's added tension there. And so on and so fourth." [22]

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